24th drawWe’re not sure if this is technically numbered #24 since the official site did not use the number 24th draw, like they have numbered previous draws. So either this is #1 of 2016 or the 24th draw to date. Either way, here it is:

Number of invitations 1,463.

Required rank 461

Previous rounds of invitations

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4 Responses to Express Entry Draw #24

  1. Philip says:

    My score is 417. Will I ever be invited. I am in the express entry pool for 5 months now. Job bank is not helping. What do in do to increase my score? Please suggest.

  2. Franklin says:

    Hi, my Current Score is 447 and i have been in the pool Since September 1st, Please what help would you recommend to me to enable me boast my score? Thanks

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