My husband Adrian first introduced himself to me in a tea shop while I was in Canada on a study permit. Our relationship is a modern fairytale and we married a few years later. We knew that we wanted to stay in Canada together and knew that it would be a complicated process. We looked up some information online and decided that we had no clue what we were doing. Adrian’s family found Jennifer on Google, we decided to get some help.

When Adrian and I initially came to Jennifer’s office it was like taking a deep breath for the first time. After meeting with her, we decided that it was easier than doing it yourself – she was very professional and would take care of the details. We both found her really trustworthy and reliable. She was on top of things whether it was deadlines with Immigration Canada or meeting times with us. We felt she really provided us with value. Jennifer’s staff spoke to us so nicely and had such great patience in dealing with my bad grammar and poor English. Everyone answered our questions with patience and clarity.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada and I look forward to coming back for some help to become a citizen in a few years.

 — Adrian and Xiaoxi