We initially came to Jennifer because my mother-in-law heard an ad on the radio. We knew that Canada was where we wanted to call home. My wife was really pregnant with our daughter and we needed help to figure out how to apply for permanent residence and allow me to work during the process.

We came for a consultation and were pretty much sold after Jennifer explained the process to us. We went with a lawyer because we didn’t want to be the ones having to talk with the government and figure things out while we were starting our family. The office was very friendly and professional. It’s not the sort of place that you need to wear a suit and tie to fit in – we felt comfortable there. All the staff that we dealt with were wonderful. They’re patient, thorough and really know their stuff; they work for their money.

That being said, it was expensive and ended up being more than we were expecting. We had some complications that involved extra work that we didn’t account for originally. We would still recommend people to go to Jennifer, but know that it is a significant investment in your future. However, you can be guaranteed that they will do the work they promise; you will get value for your investment.

All the steps along the way, such as getting my work permit, happened as they were supposed to and the process was really smooth. Now I’m a permanent resident here and we can plan our future. We’re excited to go for a visit to my home country to introduce our daughter to my family; but Canada is now my home.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your work for us.

— Akeim and Jacquelyn