I was in trouble when I came to Jennifer the first time. I hadn’t told Immigration Canada that I was married when I came to Canada as a live-in-caregiver – as a result when I added him to my PR application, they sent me a letter asking for more information. I didn’t know what to do; but I knew I needed someone to help me sort things out. I didn’t want to have to give up on our dream of a better life here in Canada, but I didn’t know if I had options.

My former employer Googled immigration lawyers and Jennifer came up first. I read everything. She sounded like the best person to help me and so we called for an appointment. I felt like no one would be able to help me, but I had to at least try. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this financially, but this was more important than money.

Since working with Jennifer and her team, my nerves are gone. It’s a nice place that calms my nerves. I trust them. I’m not organized and so they would follow up with me and keep me on track. I was able to cry with them, and be honest with them, and then they could really represent me to Immigration Canada. They never stopped fighting for my husband and me. They’re on top of things and didn’t forget about me.

When I got a call from the office telling me the date I was going to become a permanent resident, I just started to cry. I couldn’t believe that it was finally my turn. When I looked at the landing paperwork and saw my husband’s name there as my accompanying spouse, I finally felt it was real. I sent him a photo of the paper and told him ‘ you’re next in line – I’ll see you soon’. It’s such a relief. I felt like there has been a bone stuck in my heart for years and now it’s gone. I haven’t seen my husband in five years because I wanted to save for our future. Now I’m going back to get him. This time when I leave the Philippines, I’ll be happy to return home because my family is coming with me.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for making that happen.

— Alona