I was recommended to come to see Jennifer when I wanted to sponsor my husband to come to Canada.  I knew that there were some challenges in my situation and I wanted to have a lawyer representing me to make sure things went correctly.  I looked her up online and read through her website to get a sense of who she was before I made a call to come and see her.   She has a good reputation in the community and it is well deserved.  She only does immigration law and she’s an expert. 

When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted warmly and I really got a sense that this was a team, almost a family.  During my initial consultation with Jennifer, I got an impression that this was a serious business woman who knew her stuff.  She has a commitment to the law and to her team.  She also makes sure that she has a commitment from her potential clients that they know what they are getting into.  After that first meeting, I felt comfortable to move forward with Jennifer and her team behind me. 

I love the team environment that they have – everyone working on the part of the file that is their strength.  I felt very empowered as part of the process and yet relaxed that I wasn’t on my own.  I knew I could trust them.  Whether it was a team member speaking in Spanish to my husband so that he could be clear on what he had to do, to getting a list of documents that we had to pull together, we knew that help or guidance was always there if we needed it.  I would caution you that this is a business and there are costs involved but at least with Jennifer and her team, you do get what you pay for!

Jennifer is in the right niche for her and she has pulled the right team together to make things happen.  She’s done what a true business person should do – she’s very direct and confident and knows her stuff.  She brings her family into her business and she manages her team well.  It’s obvious that she cares about not only her clients but her team as well.  The team members that I dealt with were passionate about what they do and very good at their jobs.  They were able to walk me through a very difficult process and ground me and keep me on track.  Even their Christmas card reflects their team atmosphere and  I enjoyed the personal messages from the team.

Jennifer didn’t give me false expectations but she did do a fabulous job for me.  Thank you and I wish each one of them all the best as they continue to serve future clients as well as they have served me.