My spouse and I had been exploring our options to obtain permanent residence in Canada and were experiencing some confusion surrounding how the process would work and were having some issues with certain parts of our file that we were not sure how to address. Because of this, we decided to look into speaking with an immigration lawyer to help us.

We looked on Google and found Jennifer’s office which was located relatively close to where we live and decided we would give it a try. I also thought that I remembered seeing her name on a Brazilian community group on Facebook so we thought we would give her a try.

When we first met Jennifer, we were a bit intimidated – she was intense and to the point, which ended up being a good thing for us. After overcoming the initial shock, we could tell Jennifer was professional, confident and would give us information in black and white – even if it wasn’t the best-case scenario.  We had opportunities to work with other lawyers, but despite the fact that Jennifer was far more expensive, we trusted her and could tell she cared about us so we decided to hire her to help us.

While working with her office and her team, we noticed they always reply very quickly which we felt showed us that they care. Jennifer’s team were very warm, friendly, welcoming and helpful, and were willing to put in the hard work to address the problems with our case head on. They were always honest with us about what was going on and, in the end, we got the result we wanted – permanent residence!

Having our application process through the pandemic was hard and the waiting was tough. At times we felt a bit lost, and would have appreciated a bit more correspondence about the status of our file, but we appreciated their patience with us through the waiting process and the fact that they were mindful of the fact that emails and follow-ups would cost us money.

I would recommend Jennifer’s office to anyone looking for immigration assistance – they found methods to work around the hard problems in order to get results. In fact, if my parents are interested in coming in the future, we would like to work with Jennifer again!

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for their support and patience!

– Beatriz and Dominique