We had such a good experience with Jennifer Roggemann’s office. All of the staff there are welcoming and helpful, but most importantly patient. We were undertaking a permanent residency which, let me tell you, is daunting. In these matters it’s important to realize that a misfiled document or a form filled out incorrectly could delay things immeasurably or indeed, can be cause for denial. That being said you should definitely consider seeking professional help.

Jennifer Roggemann and her team have the knowledge and the patience to take you from start to finish. You have to put effort into the process. But that is to say that their assistance will make it seem less like a chore. I am sitting here writing this review having recently been awarded permanent residency. There are no guarantees, but I feel that this is largely the case because of Jennifer Roggemann and her team of professionals. We will be forever grateful for their help. Their expertise are invaluable.

— Benjamin