My Great Aunt is quite elderly and could no longer manage on her own.  She was alone here in Canada and so I needed to figure out a way to build my life here so that I could support myself while I was taking care of her.  My friend has contact with a lot of judges in the Waterloo Region and she asked them who they would recommend to help me.  They all said Jennifer.  One of my neighbours is a former client as well and he also had good things to say about the process he had to bringing his wife to Canada using Jennifer’s services.

I’d met with other lawyers and they said, “maybe the law will change and there will be a way to have you get PR”.  I didn’t have too much hope that Jennifer’s answers would be different but I had nothing to lose.  However, when I went to see Jennifer, she came up with a plan.  It was a bit outside of the box – but it worked.  We worked together to build up a business that would get me to my goal of permanent residency.   It was a lot of work, and it was a bit expensive (both with the business and Jennifer’s fees) but it was worth it – I would hire them again.

Everyone in the office is nice.  They are good people who answered my questions quickly.  I am happy to recommend them to others as they provided a valuable service for me.  They know how the system works and their ability to guide me through the process was really helpful.  Jennifer is always learning and keeps on top of the changing rules.  You’ll be in good hands with them.

Now I have a home here in Canada.  I am free to explore all the options I want for my future. Now I’m looking forward to being able to be a citizen as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping me get here.