I had become a permanent resident shortly after marrying my Canadian sweetheart back in the 1970’s. However, he soon started a career in the USA and so I never physically lived in Canada that long. We always knew that we wanted to move back to Canada when Mark retired. When that time was coming closer, we knew that we needed help getting my status confirmed. I’d never applied for a PR Card before, as it didn’t exist back when I landed here. We did a google search and found Jennifer’s office close to Mark’s family where we’d be living. It was just an extra confirmation that she has our daughter’s name. We were coming up to visit and so we emailed and arranged a meeting.

From the first time we met with Jennifer, it was like we were having a conversation with a friend. She was so easy to talk to and not a stereotypical lawyer. We didn’t know what to do or where to start, but she put us at ease right away. We were very glad that we hired her to help us out. They worked with us to get our records together showing how I’d been accompanying my husband and so still was a permanent resident. They’re down to earth and professional. They are quite cost effective. They go the extra mile and took the worry out for us. There was a bit of sticker shock initially, but they were worth every penny. We couldn’t do it by ourselves and they were very flexible to accommodate our distance and do things over Skype as much as possible.

We liked that everyone in the office had a personal experience with the immigration process and so could relate to us. They get the job done and know what they’re doing. They even coached us on how to present our documents to pick up my first ever permanent resident card. Even the immigration officer said that Jennifer was a good lawyer to use.

I’m looking forward to living here with my husband and being able to travel without worry now that I’ve got my status sorted out and official.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for making that happen.

— Carol & Mark