Danielle met Kevin online. Kevin is an American who has some criminal charges in the US. He has been turned back at the border and refused entry into Canada. He states that “I never realized how much the old crap in my life would hold up my future.” He starts to smile, “I never thought I would get married, let alone to a ‘foreigner’”.

Danielle was searching online for immigration lawyers in the area and was attracted by the testimonials she saw on Jennifer’s website. When asked if, knowing what they know now of the immigration process, would they make the decision to hire Jennifer all over again, Kevin is quick to respond “oh, yeah, in a heartbeat; without Jennifer and her staff, I would have given up the fight a long time ago”. “We interviewed two immigration lawyers at the beginning of this; one didn’t want to speak with us until we’d gotten all of our fingerprints, filled out all the forms and given them $2000.00. Jennifer met with us and walked us through the initial steps to getting fingerprints, the forms we needed – basically how to get started. We knew she really cared and it wasn’t about the money with her.”

Danielle and Kevin have already recommended Jennifer to their friends who are thinking about starting the immigration process. When asked what made her want to give that recommendation, Danielle states: “When you start this process and you go to the website [CIC] they tell you to submit these forms and words like “proof that you have a real relationship” – you don’t know what that means or how to go about it” . She relays “when I met with Jennifer, she said ‘ok, here are the documents we need from you and this is why they are needed’. The list was a whole lot longer than what was on the website”. She goes on to say “because we had a full list of documents, our application was processed faster”. “Yes, you’re paying someone for something you could technically do on your own but, you don’t know what you don’t know”. “Going with Jennifer speeds up the process because she knows what you need to do”. Kevin interjects “and it is not such a headache!”; “Why would I stress about this when I can get help from the experts?”

When asked if they thought they had received value for their investment, immediately they both said “Yes!” Kevin added “every penny paid has at least been worth it”. Kevin relates a small example of the value he sees in hiring our office. “Sometime early on in the process, I had to draft a letter to be sent to Immigration. I forwarded it to Jennifer’s staff for her to review to make sure it said all I needed to say. She not only reviewed the letter but she edited it and when I got it back from her I said “OK, THIS is why we hired them!””

When asked to describe in 5 words or less the service they received they replied, “thorough – sometimes to the point of overwhelming in the moment but when you looked back on it, you were glad you had all the information”. “ Responses to phone calls or emails were always prompt and informative, often answering questions before I could remember to ask them”.

Danielle and Kevin are still working through the system, there is still some uncertainty and unknown waters ahead of them. When asked about how they are feeling at the moment, Danielle states; “I feel like things are finally starting to clear up. Whenever I meet with Jennifer she’s positive and upbeat tells me ‘there’s still a reason to keep fighting’”.

 — Danielle and Kevin