I had married my Canadian husband many years ago but had never gotten around to becoming a Canadian myself. I had been thinking about getting it done when I attended a business workshop. Jennifer was also attending and introduced herself and said that she was an immigration lawyer – I knew that God was telling me it was time. When I found out she was also a Christian, I went up and introduced myself and got her contact information. I sent her an email and ended up coming in for a consultation.

I saw how thorough and well laid out their plan was and I realized that I didn’t need to approach any other lawyers; I was comfortable hiring Jennifer. I’m glad I made that decision and would make it again. Everyone that I dealt with was kind, patient and generous with their time and knowledge. Every time I called or came into the office, I was welcomed and they knew my name.

They work as a team on the files so I saw several different people over the course of my time with Jennifer’s office; however, each person I met with was up to date on my file and I never had to repeat information that I’d given to another person.

When I went to my citizenship ceremony, I realized how grateful I was to have someone who had guided me through this process. I had been given all the information I needed; documents to get and where to get them, where to go and what to have ready for appointments. As we checked in the day of our Citizenship Ceremony, it was very evident which candidates were well prepared. I felt sorry for those who chose to go through the process without someone on their side guiding them. Everything for me was done properly and efficiently and I would certainly recommend them to others needing help.

The team provides good quality, efficient service with high character. We had some bumps along the way, but they were very gracious and truly lived out their Christian values. Now I’m a Canadian and it’s great to realize that I no longer have to keep track of my entries and exits from Canada every five years!

Now my husband and I can retire, travel as we please and enjoy our life together. Thank you, Jennifer and team, for helping us get there.

— Debi