Patsy and I met on holiday and we’d been visiting back and forth between her home here in Canada and mine in the UK. I’m retired and so we decided that since Patsy had more roots here than I did back home, we would make Canada our home base (when we’re not off travelling). I’m a laid back kind of guy and my Patsy is more detail oriented – it’s what makes us a good match I think. However, neither of us wanted to spend our time mucking around with our immigration paperwork. I knew I didn’t have enough care about the details needed and I didn’t want to put all that work and pressure on Patsy to do our paperwork while she’s still working a full time demanding job. We decided that hiring Jennifer and her team was the way to make sure it was done right. We would recommend them. It’s not cheap, and it’s still a lot of work, but the pressure to be on top of everything is gone.

The ladies in the office are very friendly and efficient. When we came in for an appointment, we were greeted by our first names and made to feel welcome and known. We weren’t just a faceless client, but someone they cared about. Those sorts of details helped us to be comfortable even though it is a bit nerve-wracking to discuss all your personal bits with a law office. They were very quick to respond to any concerns we had and they earned our trust.

When the office called us to say that my landing papers had come in, we were actually caught off guard. We’re at this point much sooner than we expected and now I don’t have to leave the country as I’m no longer a ‘visitor’ but I’m a permanent resident of Canada. This is my home and Jennifer and her team certainly helped me get here. Thank you.

— Dennis & Patsy