I had a complicated work history and I wasn’t sure how to even go about the process of becoming a permanent resident here in Canada. I am an American whose partner was here in Canada but I traveled so much for work that we didn’t meet the requirements for the family class. I knew that I didn’t have the time or the desire to take care of this process on my own and so I did what many people do, I did a Google search. I really liked Jennifer’s site and that she was an immigrant herself and so I sent her an email from her website. I didn’t expect a reply over the holidays but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked that their office felt very personal and not corporate and I trusted them right from the beginning. Everyone I spoke with was very straightforward and honest. I didn’t bother contacting any other firm, I knew I’d found the people that could help me.

They were very competent and helpful but also kind and patient. They were very understanding of our less than stereotypical situation and never made us feel embarrassed with anything we shared with them. They were very realistic in laying out various options and gave us scenarios from other clients where they had done similar things. I felt that I asked a lot of questions – especially at the beginning but was never made to feel ‘less than’ for not knowing something. They explained complicated issues in a straightforward manner and I would tell anyone who was going through this process that they can have confidence that Jennifer and her team will get you though, no matter how long it takes.

Did they provide value for us? Oh my gosh yes! We were supported through every stage of the process and it felt like the team was cheering every milestone achieved right along with me. That simple encouragement made a long process feel like we were accomplishing goals along the way and I can’t overstate the value of that as a client.

Now that I have my permanent residency I can live my life in Canada with freedom and peace of mind. I still travel a lot and now I don’t have to worry that I will be stopped from coming home to my family. Thank you Jennifer and team for making that dream come true.

— Erika