Kirsty and I met in Scotland when she was working there for a short time. We decided that we wanted to be close to Kirsty’s family here in Canada so I came to Canada on a working holiday. While I was here, we met with Jennifer because her office was local for us but that’s not why we decided to hire her. We didn’t really have any idea of how we should go about this process and she offered us a plan right up front – and gave us the deadlines and options for maintaining that plan. It’s not often people can say that a lawyer helped us commit to each other! The uncertainty in the future and how the whole immigration process would work was the biggest stress in our lives. I don’t know if we could have handled doing all the paperwork on top of life – getting married, Kirsty going back to school and both of us working full time.

Having Jennifer in our corner helped us to relax and to trust in the plan. Trust takes time to build – but Jennifer and her staff earned ours. They were very clear about what and when we had to do things and took time to answer our questions. Because they are very friendly and approachable, it was always very easy to call or email with a question and not feel silly.

They presented various options within the overall goal of getting me my permanent residency and allowed us to choose the path that made the most sense for us. We had the peace of mind that experts were looking after things and we didn’t have to worry about keeping on top of all the changes in immigration law that have been coming out in the last year.

think we could have done this on our own but it would have led to a lot more fights and not nearly as pleasant a first year of marriage. They took away the stress and let us just live our daily lives. Our file was finished faster than we expected (7 months from filing to landing). I am now a permanent resident of Canada and thoroughly enjoying my life here. The trust that Jennifer and her staff are able to build with their clients is a rare thing and I have already recommended their services to others.

Thanks Jennifer.

 — Euan and Kirsty