I came to Jennifer because we needed help.  We had tried a couple of times to get my then girlfriend to come for a visit to Canada.  We’d been refused both times, and we found the IRCC website confusing.  We wanted someone to assist us with figuring out the system.  One of the most valuable things that Jennifer gave us was insight into how the system works, and doesn’t work.  I thought I had educated myself, but I learned about Immigration’s perspective from Jennifer and her team.

I came in for a consultation, as Diana was overseas, and Jennifer gave me options.  Originally we were going to try to have Diana come on her own through the economic stream but; by then, our relationship had progressed to where we knew we wanted to be together and decided to get married.  Jennifer then recommended that we go the spousal sponsorship route and that it would be about 12 months.  They succeeded in that time frame!

They are expensive; but I realized that my remaining life span is shorter than my wife’s and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.  Therefore, we went with the experts.  Everyone in the office was good to me – and to Diana overseas.  We would have liked a bit more regular communication during the waiting period because we were anxious about how our file was progressing. However; they were always available by phone or email and got back to us quickly with answers to our questions.

Would I recommend Jennifer to others – of course.  I’d tell them ‘you want success?  Look at our case’.  They operated within the time frame they set out and it’s now a reality.

For Diana and me, our life started on May 3, 2019.  That’s the day she became a permanent resident.  We’re so happy together.  Now our lives can truly be shared, no more quick visits and long separations.  She’s making my house a home again.  It’s fantastic; there’s laughter, music and life again.  I’ve gained not only a wife, but a whole extended family overseas.

We were prepared to sell all our asset in Canada and moved to the Philippine where we would live together. We are now privileged to have a vacation home there if we visit Diana’s parents and family.  Now we know that we can always come home together.

Thanks Jennifer and team for your help to make this life a reality.

Gary & Diana