We had no idea of the minefield that is immigration, and so when it came time to do our application for my wife to sponsor me, we knew that we needed an expert. Sam looked online and called various people in the area. She eventually settled on Jennifer as the one to go for a consultation based of her YouTube videos and the reception we got on the phone when we called. She went for one consultation, then we had another one where I joined from the UK on Skype.

I liked the confidence that Jennifer knew what she was talking about. She said that our case was straightforward and that we would be successful. She also said that, if we were looking for the cheapest option, to go elsewhere. I liked that they knew what they were talking about. Looking back, we would make the same decision today. Now that we know more about the process and could probably do it on our own, I still wouldn’t want to. We both liked that we gave them the stuff they needed and then there were no further hassles on our end. There were no issues – they took care of things.

Unfortunately, we filed two days before they decreased the processing time, so our file took longer than some others. However, I look at it as I now have more time to count towards my citizenship dates. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable. Any questions we had were dealt with pretty quickly. For ourselves, we would have liked a periodic no-news-is-still-good-news email, as we went through the long process. They were glad to have that feedback for future clients.

They certainly provided a valuable service. There was no hassle or stress; we haven’t have to do anything while we waited for the process to be completed. We had two years of worry free marriage because we hired the experts. If we’d done this on our own, we would have been worrying all the time that we had missed something.

If you have a straightforward case, you can go other places for less cost, but if you want hassle-free, go to Jennifer and her team. If you have a tricky case, 100% go see these guys for sure.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and my wife and I can live our normal lives. My parents are coming for a visit and I’m thinking about becoming a citizen in the country I now call home.

Thanks, Jennifer!

— James & Sam