I met and married my wife a long time ago – before you even needed PR cards here in Canada.  I never left this country I’d adopted, but; I hadn’t applied for Citizenship either.  On the recommendation of my accountant, my wife and I went to see Jennifer to sort out my becoming a Canadian citizen.  We knew that there were some estate / tax issues between Canada and the USA where I’m from and so we wanted to have all our options figured out as to how to pass our farm on to our family.

We went for a consultation with Jennifer and were favorably impressed with her.  We knew we needed someone to help us with all the paperwork and so we hired her to do the job.  The process was simple and we’re completely satisfied with the service we received.  Everyone that we dealt with in the office was very nice.  We know that they have to make a living as well, and so it cost a fair bit.  However, we’re happy with the results.

They prepared me for every step in the process and it was an unexpected treat that my citizenship ceremony was part of a high school civics project.  It was a real special memory to leave the auditorium after the ceremony and find the halls lined with hundreds of high school students cheering for us new Canadians.  I really felt welcome.

A big ‘Thank you’ Jennifer and her staff.  You got the job done.  If you need help, go see them and they’ll straighten you out.