I met Anna, the love of my life, online a few years ago.  Although we were only a few hours apart, geographically the Canada/US border was between us.  Neither of us had any idea of how to arrange for me to move to Canada and were overwhelmed at the idea, so Anna asked her friends if they could recommend anyone.  Two lawyer friends in the area independently gave us Jennifer’s name and so we arranged a consultation with Jennifer Roggemann’s office.

When we arrived, we had no real expectations of what we would find, but we were pleasantly surprised at how welcome we felt.  After our consultation with Jennifer we were very comfortable and confident that Jennifer and her team knew what they were doing.  We are so glad we made the decision to hire Jennifer to represent us with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Our interactions with Jennifer and her staff were very smooth and they made a very bureaucratic process very pleasant.  They were responsive to our concerns or questions and got back to us very quickly, typically within 24 hours.  There were a few hiccups in our file and one of the things we appreciated most was the communication from Jennifer and her team during what would have otherwise been very hectic moments.  They were always able to match the type of communication needed to the information they had to tell us.  If it was something that we were going to have a lot of questions about, they would speak with us in person, if it was great news, like telling Anna that I could become a permanent resident, they shared the joy with us over the phone.  We really appreciated those personal and thoughtful touches.  Even when there was a problem with our file, we never felt like it was ‘our problem’.  We felt taken care of and that the steps to solve the issue were already underway before we even knew about them.

The most valuable thing that Jennifer and her team gave us through this process was time.  Having them be on top of things allowed Anna and I to focus on our lives and not worry about all the paperwork.  Money comes and goes, but you can’t get back time.  Every dollar spent on Jennifer and her team was money well spent and an investment on us being together permanently. You can’t put a price on that.

Both Anna and I have and will continue to recommend friends to go and see Jennifer.  They’re convinced when we tell them that we felt like we were in capable hands and we were provided guidance for things that we would have otherwise been lost trying to figure out on our own.

A well informed advocate on your side is essential through this process and that is exactly what we had.  When it is time for me to consider Canadian citizenship, Anna and I will be back with Jennifer and her team.

— Joe & Anna