My situation was a bit unusual because the main reason I was moving to Canada was to follow my teenage son who was attending University classes. I felt really overwhelmed by the immigration process and had no idea what to do or how to even approach it. I did not even know what questions to ask.

Deciding to consult Jennifer was paramount in helping me establish what to do for my family with Immigration Canada. I am so glad I made that decision early on. The caring and kindness of the entire staff helped me through what would otherwise have been a very confusing process. Their compassion and devotion to the needs of their clients really stood out to me. It was clear that it was not just an immigration case to them, but that they truly cared about each of us as people. Jennifer is genuinely concerned about the families she is serving and takes the time to ensure that her clients are cared for and feel good in a foreign country while learning many new things. One day my car had broken down in her parking lot and I will never forget seeing her come out of her office and grab a pair of jumper cables! That was amazing to me and something that shows how much she truly tries to help and serve her clients even in unexpected ways.

I have shared a lot of laughter and tears in Jennifer’s office. I just felt at home and I think the entire staff try very hard to bring a piece of home to people at a time in their lives when home is needed the most! Jennifer made sure that she addressed anything that would worry me- often taking care of these things before I was even aware of them. If I had to tell someone about her, I would simply say…”Just go there! They will take care of you and you will love them!

— Kristine