I met my Canadian husband while he was working out of the country in my home town.  We fell in love and knew that we wanted to be together forever.  We knew that my husband would eventually be returning to Canada to take over the family business and so we looked into how to get me to come to Canada. As we were both in Texas at the time, the fact that Jennifer’s office was able to consult with us over skype made a big difference.  We felt more comfortable with a tech savvy firm, especially since my husband is in the IT world.  We liked the fact that they were exclusively immigration law and liked their tag line ‘we’re here to help’ – and that is exactly what they did for us.

We knew that with us being out of the country, it would be much easier to be able to upload all of our documents online and to communicate via the web. We didn’t realize when we started this process, how detailed and involved it
is.  I don’t know that we could have done this on our own – especially with some of the life challenges that we faced during the processing of our application.  We had a planned return date to Canada but then my husband’s father became ill and we had to change our plans.  One thing that we didn’t have to worry about was my immigration paperwork.  Jennifer and her staff were very thoughtful and sensitive during a difficult time and we really felt like they cared for us individually.  We learned that they know what they’re doing and what things are important to highlight and basically how the system works.

When my father-in-law passed away, the entire office sent a really sweet card.  I told them later that ‘y ‘all are personable and really care about us’.  They always had time for us and we never felt like an interruption in their day.

We especially enjoyed the meeting where they got all of our relationship history. Yes, it was a long meeting but it was kind of fun and lighthearted. It was easy to talk to Jennifer’s team and share our quirky sense of humor with them.

Both Hank and I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone looking for assistance in coming to Canada.  They were on top of things and while I know that they don’t have control over processing times with Immigration Canada, I’m convinced that because of how thorough an application they put in for us, our file was processed very quickly (less than 8 months) as there were no questions left to ask. I’m now a permanent resident of Canada and look forward to spending the rest of my life with my husband here on our family farm.

— Lauren & Hank