I had come to Canada as a caregiver in the spring of 2018.  When I was eligible to apply for permanent residency, I knew I needed a lawyer to help me.  I googled ‘immigration lawyers in Kitchener’ and Jennifer’s website popped up.  I saw that they were close by and, as I didn’t have a lot of time (or ability to take long breaks from work to travel to Toronto), I gave them a call.

I was grateful that I met with one of Jennifer’s senior staff the first time I came in.  She had just learned about a new temporary program that would work for me.  Since she was the expert, they wanted her to meet with me personally.  I felt like she was honest and would tell me the truth. She, and everyone I met since, was very professional and friendly.  They explained everything clearly from the beginning.

I agreed to hire Jennifer’s office, even before I met Jennifer herself. When I met with her to sign my retainer agreement, I liked that she said she’d reviewed my case and was convinced that I was eligible for the program they wanted to use to apply for my PR. Her confidence gave me confidence.

I liked that everyone was very prompt with their responses – and that they used email so that I could read them again or when it was convenient for me. I didn’t have a lot of time to apply as I just became  eligible for the
program at the end of May and the program closed in June.  However, they made all the deadlines and I’m a PR five months after I signed my retainer agreement (and just over three months since we filed my PR application).

I would recommend anyone to go to Jennifer’s office for help.  They will tell you honestly, after looking at your specific situation, what the best options are for you and the chance you have for success.  I felt just like family there.

Now that I’m a PR, I am looking forward to getting married to my Canadian fiancé and starting our lives together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your help.