We first decided to try Jennifer’s office when we were referred by a mutual friend of ours. My husband’s family was overseas and we were desperate to find some way to bring them to Canada as their home country was experiencing some issues and we were worried about them being so far away, especially given our inability to travel during COVID-19. After receiving the referral from our friend, we checked out Jennifer’s office and read the reviews and thought we would give her a shot.

We were a bit skeptical at first, as the program that our family qualified for was a pilot project and some of our family didn’t quite fit the parameters of the program in the way we would have liked them to. My husband and I thought it might be a bit of a long shot, but Jennifer felt confident in our case and we decided to proceed – and we are so happy we did! Despite our skepticism, Jennifer and her team’s legal arguments worked and our family’s visas were issued!

While preparing our application and after it’s filing, Jennifer and her team were positive, efficient, straightforward and dependable.  Our questions and concerns were handled and were never ignored or pushed aside. I appreciated how they did everything they could to get the job done and worked hard to make sure our file was successful.

We also really appreciated how Jennifer’s office made us feel like more than a file number when we got a personalized Christmas card from them, it was warm and touching and made us feel truly cared for.

The only thing that concerned us through the process was the final bill – however, Jennifer provides a breakdown for every item that was done on our file and what the fee for each item was, so it was clear to see how the time was spent, which we appreciated.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all their help and a special shoutout to Taryn – she was always a delight to speak to!