My husband and I needed some help getting my immigration status solidified.  Both Tea and I are originally from China, where we met in high school.  Tea came to Canada with his family and is now a Canadian citizen.  I followed him to North America and eventually we got married here with a big celebration back in China.  We knew that we needed some help getting all the paperwork figured out.  We went online and googled immigration lawyers.  We looked at Jennifer’s website and really liked her story and the photo of her blended family and so we booked a consultation.  We thought she was very credible, professional and she answered our questions in a way that we understood.  As a result, we agreed to hire her and follow the plan she developed for us.

Both of us really felt like she had our best interests at heart.  Whenever I had a question, I would email the office and get a reply quite quickly and efficiently.  If it was a more complicated answer, we would go in for a chat in the office.  She was a good judge of what could be handled over email and what was better discussed in person.

Jennifer and her team provided a lot of value for us.  They allowed us to live in the present, while they took care of our future.  I would recommend them to others in a similar situation.  Do not think about doing this yourself.  Things will be clearer and easier if you ask for help.

During our time as a client with Jennifer, we welcomed our daughter into our family.  I was so glad to be able to concentrate on being a new mom and not worrying about Immigration Canada.  The office was very supportive of both of us while we adjusted to being parents.  We both appreciated their care and concern for our family.

While they are expensive, they are fair in their fees and I feel like we got good value for our money.  I am now a permanent resident of Canada and am looking forward to living here with my Canadian husband and daughter.  Thank you.

— Mary and Tea