Vicky and I met while working on cruise ships and after a dating period were soon living as a couple. Working in the cruise industry is not a forever lifestyle and we knew that our stationary life would be near Vicky’s family in Canada if possible. I was here from New Zealand as a visitor and both of us felt very overwhelmed by the whole process of becoming a permanent resident. We hadn’t done much research before meeting with Jennifer – as she was located close by. Thank God for pens and paper as we received a ton of information for us to go home and process at that first meeting. We did a lot of research of Jennifer online once we’d met with her in person and decided that we would be crazy to try this on our own.

Knowing what we know today of the whole process, I’m glad we hired Jennifer and would do so again. She gave us realistic expectations and her staff was very responsive to our questions whether by email or telephone. They were friendly and personable and gave us just the right amount of information when we needed it – didn’t overwhelm us with too much.

I’m now a permanent resident of Canada and without Jennifer and her staff; I probably would have been deported by now. They made the process very easy and relieved our anxieties about the process. I would recommend them to others looking to come to Canada. I would tell them to follow their advice and recommendations, do the work and let them handle the details.

We are planning a trip back to New Zealand as soon as my PR card comes in the mail. Thanks for making that possible.

 — Matthew and Vicky-Lynn