My wife and I met while we were at University in the UK. We eventually decided Canada was where we wanted to start our lives together. We started looking online for immigration lawyers because we knew that we didn’t want the stress and hassle of doing this process ourselves. We looked into a couple places in Toronto, but didn’t get a good feeling from them. Both MJ and I like to see who we’re working with and so we liked that we could do a skype consultation while we were still in the UK. They were local and convenient to where MJ’s family lived, which we knew would be helpful for meetings once we were in Canada.

We had a really good feeling from our skype consultation and that translated very easily to in-person meetings. It was easy and relaxing to come to the office. Everyone was very personable and friendly. We liked that the staff in the office were from all over the world, and as a result, they knew something of this process personally.

If we were starting this process all over again, I’d definitely go back to Jennifer’s office. I’m not looking anywhere else. For citizenship, I know where I’m coming for help. Everyone was invested in our story and in the process of getting my permanent residency. There was never a lot of legal jargon thrown around that we didn’t understand. We always were informed about the next steps in the process and we were confident that, if something came up in our file, there was enough knowledge in the office to handle it. We could trust them.

We both really liked that if we had a question, we knew that we could call and get help. They’d have a solution to our problem and get back to us quickly. The peace of mind of knowing that help was there, should we need it, was invaluable. We knew that our file was in good hands and didn’t worry about it once we filed. We knew that it was being taken care of and that if something came up, they would be on top of it.

I’ve already recommended a co-worker to come to Jennifer for help. I told him ‘This is my lawyer, they’re good, go see them’. We like that it doesn’t feel like a stuffy lawyer’s office. They’re very accommodating and flexible with things like skype to meet with people overseas. We’re able to be ourselves and enjoy the friendly atmosphere they’ve created.

Now that I’m a permanent resident, I can breathe. Now I can travel to see family in the UK and know that I can come back in to be with my wife. My future is here in Canada and I’m looking forward to being a citizen as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for getting us to this step in the journey.

— Mike & MJ