I think I heard an ad on the radio that sent me to check out Jennifer’s website.  My husband and I were looking for someone to take care of the process of me being able to live with him here in Canada.  I read some of the reviews on the website and called the office.  I really liked the receptionist and how she spoke to me.  Ralph had the name of a couple of places in Toronto that did the whole process by email but I really didn’t like the vibe I got from them when I called.  It was totally different with Jennifer’s office.

We came in for a consultation with Jennifer; and that meeting sold us on the firm.  Jennifer is a forthright, down to earth woman.  She doesn’t put on fancy ‘lawyer airs’ and never talked down to us.  Ralph was sold and so was I.  Everyone we worked with at the office was caring and warm.

This isn’t a three-piece-suit sort of office.  We felt comfortable and welcomed.  Both Ralph and I appreciated how approachable they were.  We felt like they were genuinely working for us – not that they were doing us a favor – as I’ve felt in some other lawyer’s offices.  We really felt like they cared about us as people and about the work that they were doing for us.

We would recommend them, and have done so.  They do what they say.  They did things for us that we couldn’t do for ourselves.  We were both impressed with the way they were able to tell our story for us to immigration.  Our processing was completed in less than six months and now I’m a permanent resident here, able to stay with my husband for as long as I want.  No more making sure I don’t overstay my time here as a visitor.  I can now work and live here with my husband.

They were worth the money we spent and we’re both glad to be able to get on with our lives.  Thanks Jennifer and staff for helping us get here.

— Molly and Ralph