My employer was the one that introduced me to Jennifer and her team.  They were working on getting me a Work Permit through a Labour Market Impact Assessment.  They were very helpful through that process and so; when it came time for me to think about permanent residency here, it was a no brainer to use their firm.  They had most of my information already – in fact they were the ones who were on top of me that I was now eligible to apply for PR.

As I was out of town, it was very helpful to be able to do things remotely most of the time.  They were super informative and gave me lots of helpful reminders.  They were always amazing to answer my email questions and I felt like I had all the help in the world.

In the time frame I had, I would never have been able to do this on my own. I have a full time job and it isn’t working on immigration.  I leave that to the professionals.

I’m happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone.  They make the process easy.  They told me here’s your list of stuff to do, I did it and they took care of everything else.

I appreciate their preparation.  From the time I was going to get my work permit for the first time at the border to the call to me telling me that I had a date to become a permanent resident, I was supported by a great team.

For any future immigration matters, I know where I’m turning first.  Thanks guys.

— Molly