I came to Canada to upgrade my schooling and to find a new life for me and my husband. I’m originally from the Philippines and my husband is from Austria. We were living in Austria, but there weren’t a lot of job opportunities for me because I couldn’t speak German fluently enough. My roommate was a former client of Jennifer’s and she told me to go and talk to her about my options for permanent residency.

After looking at the reviews online, and because of my roommate’s recommendation, I came for a consultation. They are very accessible – I could call any time with questions. The staff is very friendly, honest and transparent. I know that there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that we as clients don’t see. If I had to do this myself, it would take forever and I’d make a mistake for sure.

My husband and I are now permanent residents here in Canada and I would recommend Jennifer’s office as a professional place that gets the best result possible.

Thanks, Jennifer and staff.

— Normita & Martin