My brother-in-law was a client of Jennifer’s and he had me tag along during one of his appointments to see Jennifer.  I knew she’d done a good job for both my brother-in-law and his parents and so I had confidence that she could help me as well.

All of my immediate family is now here in Canada, I was the last one to get permanent residency and so I didn’t want there to be any mistakes.  I hired Jennifer and I’m glad I made that decision.  I faced some unforeseen complications during the processing of my PR application and I was so glad to have Jennifer to help me navigate the system to make sure everything worked out smoothly.  I give her a ’10 out of 5’ rating for how she handled my complications.

During my time as their client, they were very transparent and gave me clear information – not too much to overwhelm me or too little to make me confuse myself.  I appreciated the mix of email and in-person meetings to make sure that we were on the same track.

The value they gave for me I think of like a light shining into a dark tunnel.  I didn’t have a clue how the system works and they helped illuminate what I needed to know.  Every person that I met with was excellent and I’ve already recommended them to others.

I tell people they are the experts in their field.  You’ll get the right information for your situation.  When people ask me for advice, I point them to Jennifer.  I tell them ‘just go see her in person.  It will be faster and clearer than talking with friends or looking online’.

I’m thankful that Jennifer and her team were there when I most needed it.  It was a very anxious situation but I was in good hands and so the biggest load was shouldered by Jennifer and her team, not me.  Thank you.