To figure out how to go through the immigration process, we googled ‘best immigration lawyer in KW’ and Jennifer came up. We read the reviews, as it was important to see what others had said. We decided to give her a call and we’re glad we did.

Jennifer and her team are very knowledgeable and cared about us as people. Yes, we’re a customer but we feel we’re also friends. Whenever we called or emailed, we received a direct reply. When we didn’t understand something, they never gave up finding the right explanation so that I could understand. We felt very much part of the team and involved in finding solutions. When I had financial problems, they even came up with a payment plan to help us manage our finances which was amazing.

We’ve already referred people to go to see Jennifer. We tell them that they care about their clients and they look after them as people. She’s so straightforward and honest. She does what she says. Thanks to Jennifer and her team.

— Rasim