My mom gave my now wife and I a great Christmas gift.  She gave us a consultation with Jennifer.  Both of us were overwhelmed by the minutiae of the process; and the options we had to have Rebecca stay here with me.  We really didn’t know where to start.  As we’ve told others since, Jennifer’s office is a great place to start.

Neither of us had a lot of experience with lawyers but Jennifer and her team are the opposite of a ‘stereotypical lawyer’.  She’s frank and honest and really cares about her clients.  We really liked the fact that everyone in the office has been touched by immigration in some way and they understand how it feels to go through this process.

The immigration process is onerous and there is still a lot of work to be done if you hire someone to help you.  However, through every interaction we had with the office we felt supported and guided. They are very approachable and always only a quick email or phone call away if we had a problem.

Yes, it’s a significant investment as far as money goes.  We didn’t really shop around a lot because we liked what we heard and felt right from our first meeting with Jennifer.  I would pay it again just for the peace of mind they gave us.  Both of us had complete confidence that if there was a problem, which there wasn’t, they would be on top of it.  As my wife so aptly said, “you get what you pay for with health care, funerals and lawyers – those aren’t things you skimp on”.

We’ve already recommended them to friends.  We tell them; first of all, we’ve vetted them and know them.  They’ve done nothing but help us without any b.s. and with total professionalism.  They don’t beat around the bush – but they really care about you, not just as a client but as a human being as well.

They kicked our butt when we needed it but never gave us the impression that we were wasting their time.  They encouraged us and answered our questions so that we understood what we needed to do.

Now it’s complete and my wife is finally able to say this is her home.  She left a lot behind both emotionally and physically to be here with me.  Now our future is here together building our lives.  When it comes time to think about Canadian Citizenship, there’s only one place we’ll call.

Thanks so much Jennifer and team for helping us be together here in Canada without worry.

— Reece and Rebecca