I came from Northern Ireland to visit my sister in Ontario. I met, and fell in love with, her friend Dee, who is now my wife. I thought being a former police officer gave me a good enough read on people to avoid being scammed. However, that wasn’t the case. I fell for someone offering to assist me with my permanent residency who called me every Sunday morning. That should have been a red flag, but it wasn’t. Not surprisingly, after I paid my ‘deposit’, I never heard from them again.

I knew that I wouldn’t make that mistake again. We asked for referrals from other lawyers in Dee’s town and one of them recommended Jennifer Roggemann in Kitchener. We wanted to have a consultation in a real office in front of
a real person to make sure she was legit. She gave us all the details and earned our trust. We decided to hire her and her staff to negotiate the system for us. There’s no other way around it; we couldn’t have done this process by ourselves. It’s too involved and we didn’t want to fuss with all the details.

Everything in our experience with the office was very good. The staff is very friendly and we felt right at home. They responded to all our questions and did a great job for us. There was some frustration when Immigration introduced biometrics and we got sort of stuck in the messy rollout of that. However, they helped us get the appointment we needed.

If you want it done right, you have to pay for it. Jennifer isn’t the cheapest option, but so much better than the scam I fell for that left me with nothing!

We would be happy to recommend Jennifer and her staff to others. This immigration process is the sort of thing you have to get done right. You need to go to someone you can trust, who knows the way to get things sorted. Jennifer knows what she’s about and is up on all the latest laws and regulations.

Now Dee and I are able to enjoy our retirement together. We can travel, stay home and host our families, take a nap in the afternoon; just enjoy our lives together. No more worry about having to leave to maintain my status
as a visitor. Now this is home.

Thanks Jennifer

Richard and Dee