I came to Canada for University and fell in love with the country.  I graduated from University in Waterloo and started working in my field.  My employer was willing to help me get my permanent residence through the Express Entry system, although I didn’t end up needing to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process.  They got a recommendation from their lawyer to come and see Jennifer and her team for advice on how to best go about getting me permanent status here.  When I came for a consultation with my employer, Jennifer instilled a lot of confidence that she could help us through this process.

I had no experience with this system and so hiring Jennifer took the headache off of me.  I was applying when the Express Entry rules were changing and the amount of points you got for various things was shifting.  I was really glad that I had someone to help me navigate through all the policy changes.  Everyone that I dealt with in the office was confident in what they were doing and so I was confident.  I have to give them a “double thumbs up” for how they responded to any questions or concerns that I had.

I got used to getting calls from the office saying ‘so.. this happened and so now we’ll do this…”.  It was frustrating but at the same time it was nice to know that I had other options and had people who were walking me through the process.

I am now a permanent resident here in Canada and I’m happy to recommend Jennifer and her staff to anyone – in fact I already have.  I tell them my experience was great and so they should use my lawyer because I had a great one.

Thanks, Jennifer and team.

— Rushin