My husband and I were looking for how to have me come and stay in Canada with him. I had a complicated history and we realized that we should get some advice so we could do things the right way. We did a google search and
found that Jennifer was highly recommended. She was in our city and so we called and booked a consultation.

When we got to the office we were nervous and a little uncomfortable with the whole idea but Jennifer’s office put us at ease fairly quickly. It is not in a big building with lots of people but a comfortable environment where we both felt secure. We had read the testimonials on the website and found them true to our experience with Jennifer and her staff

The staff is very friendly and were able to explain things to us clearly – even the complicated things. They gained our trust and they never lost it. As we were going through the process, we knew that Jennifer and her team were giving us a chance to get on with our lives together. How can I put a value on being able to be with my husband during this process?

I have recommended Jennifer to others telling them that she is a good lawyer and that you can depend on her. She is very knowledgeable but not intimidating. Her staff is humble and treat all their clients with respect. Overall, we had a very good experience with Jennifer and her team.

My favourite memory was when Peter got the call from the office saying that our applications were complete and we were just waiting for the landing details. I am now a permanent resident of Canada and I can’t wait to finally be able to make plans for our future knowing that my status in Canada is secure.

— Sheilla and Peter