I’m a Canadian and my American wife and I have been living in the USA.  We wanted to return to my home country and were thinking of settling near family in the Waterloo area.  I’m one of those techie guys who can see if people are ‘inflating’ their Google ratings.  I was impressed by the high integrity of their reviews.  We called on the phone and the person was pleasant and very knowledgeable.

We really appreciated, as we were in the USA, that we have conducted all of our business over skype and email.  We did appreciate the face-to-face interactions of skype that gave us a really good ‘gut feeling’ about Jennifer and her team.  Our consultation was very informative and laid out the options and a plan for us, but there was no pressure to use their services.

Both Holly and I were impressed with that first meeting.  We didn’t really go searching any further.  We’d found our professional.  When we’d done my immigration to the US, we started off doing it ourselves.  We knew that we didn’t want to do that again.  We’d been forced to be apart for a while and it was just a nightmare.  We knew that we wanted help and we’re pleased with Jennifer and her team.

We appreciated that we would get confirmation emails after meetings so that we could review things that we thought we understood at the time, but needed to review again later.  They were very concise and informative and friendly. Our questions were answered very quickly – once even over a weekend, which we weren’t expecting!

We really valued the honesty and peace of mind that having someone to turn to; that had our back should any  problem arise.  We got the results we wanted in pretty much the time frame Jennifer estimated.

This immigration experience could not have been more different than our previous one.  Everything went very smoothly and when we got the request for Holly’s passport we were jumping for joy.  Our future is in Canada and now we’re able to move there together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us take the next steps in our life journey together.

— Taylor and Holly