My parents and I have worked for a development agency for many years in Central America. I met Estela in her remote village in Guatemala. There were many complications along our journey to Canada including assault, intimidation and murder of friends, visa denials and misrepresentation by previous lawyers.

When my family met with Jennifer, I was in Guatemala and we were at our wits end. I had been looking online for help and found Jennifer’s website and felt hope and trust for the first time in quite a while. Most of my interaction with was done via email as I was overseas. It was a real lifeline to be able to talk to someone, even electronically, in Spanish who understood. No one had been willing to take on our case as it was hopeless.

Jennifer’s office was certainly professional and very detailed in working with us but they were also very soothing and motivational. They followed through and did what they said they would. Our first conference call stopped me from giving up. The results are more that we could have hoped for. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Ours was a very complex case and although it was expensive, I have my family with me here in Canada.

How do you truly value having your family safe with you?

 — Tim and Estela