I came to Canada for University and stayed on to work with my Uncle on my Post Graduate Work Permit. I had come to love Canada and wanted to become a permanent resident but neither my uncle nor I could figure out the point system or how to be selected under the economic streams.

My uncle had a friend who recommended that we come and see Jennifer and we’re glad we did. Jennifer drafted a plan and then another plan when the law changed late last year. I’m glad I hired her to be on top of the changes in law because she was able to shift plans mid-stream and find a solution that worked for both my Uncle and I.

The office is friendly, informative and they get the job done. The price was reasonable and the office was easy to get to – we didn’t have to go to Toronto. What I liked about Jennifer was that she would lay out all the options that were available to me and then she would give her personal recommendation as to which option she thought was best – but it was always my decision. I really liked that she personalized the law to fit my situation.

They were able to help me pull together all the information I had in an organized way – and told me what I needed to provide and why that was needed. Everyone in the office was really nice to me.

What I would recommend for anyone with immigration issues, whether they’re straight forward or complicated, go to Jennifer for a consultation. Get your options from an expert rather than looking online. Not all the answers are there and your situation may not be like another person’s. Go; get your options as things change all the time. Get the current info and then make an informed decision if you want to do this on your own or hire someone to help you.

Now I’m able to go and visit my family over the holidays and become a permanent resident when I land back in Canada. Thank you Jennifer and team for helping me settle in my new home.

— Tobias