My mom was born in Holland in 1947. She was born to my grandparents late in life. They already had 2 boys who were 15 & 17 years older than her. My mom’s brothers were the perfect age for the upcoming war & her parents didn’t want them to go through what her father had gone through. My grandpa fought in both world wars & tried to keep those thoughts from his mind.  My grandparents found a sponsor here in Canada & found a family to have them come work on their farm. They boarded a boat & set sail for Canada. They arrived & docked in eastern Canada in the early 50’s. My mom was only 6 years old when she arrived in her new & free country. Like most immigrates back then will tell you, they only had a few dollars to their name & didn’t speak a word of English.
It was a scary adventure but over time made Canada their home. Without that life changing journey & sacrifices my grandparents had made, I would not have the life I have now. I would not be free to choose my religion, free to make my own decisions, free to vote & safe from war. I have the best health care for my own family & feel safe when I walk out my door.
Besides being the true North Strong & Free, Canada is a beautiful country from East to West & everything in between.  I love the variety of culture & foods too. The people are warm & friendly, ‘eh’, lol! I have peace living here & could not imagine calling anywhere else home. It’s an honour & privilege to call myself Canadian & sometimes take it for granted. When you already have the best home in the world, you can sometimes forget how truly lucky we are.  Happy 150 Canada!!!
🍁 Karren

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