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I met Jennifer online via a Zoom Call, to apply for a Work Permit for Dragan, she was referred to me by Bernie Cummings a lawyer in Kitchener. The experience we had with her office was that they were very responsive, detailed, organized and on top of things. They were very good to answer any questions or concerns that we had. She really did provide value for what we were searching for.

We recommend Jennifer and her office to all our friends and family as they are very organized, detailed and knowledgeable about the immigration process. Erica and Alley were especially great and very helpful in our interactions with them. We were very appreciative of the all the hard work that Jennifer and her office have done for us.

-Senia and Dragan

We were looking for a lawyer to help us through the process of a spousal sponsorship. Jennifer Roggemann`s office stood out from all the other options based on both the reviews and the information that could be seen on their website.

Thankfully Zoom meetings were an option for our busy days as it was extremely convenient and appreciated.

Our experience with the office was positive, even though this was our first time dealing with any lawyers. They have made the process so much easier by clarifying the details to us, and they made it feel much easier and less confusing; especially the paperwork portion. Initially, we tried to do the process ourselves and just got very confused and frustrated. They responded to all our questions in a prompt and efficient manner.

We enjoyed interacting with Alley at the office. She is very cheery, and gets things done. One thing we are particularly happy about is that our application got approved very quickly! It was the great experience overall!

We would surely recommend Jennifer Roggemann`s Law office to friends and family, simply because they make the process easier, and are great to work with.

Craig and Alex

We found Jennifer’s office through a Google search. Reading the testimonials helped us feel like she’d be a good fit to help us navigate the Permanent Resident application process. Not only did we we like the feedback posted on the website, but the office was not far from our home. We expected to pay for the level of service we wanted, and while Jennifer’s service is not cheap it was absolutely worth every “Loonie” we spent. Jennifer and her team are very knowledgeable and efficient; the law firm was excellent and provided us with clear expectations and requirements. Jennifer guided us through a complex process that we could never have done on our own.

There were times during our journey when we needed to cross the border and we were provided with letters for crossing the border which made us completely confident. Even when the border crossing didn’t go smoothly Jennifer’s office was right there to help us through the process.

Everyone at the office was quick to respond, reassured us, were very patient and they were even accessible during the Christmas break when we needed them. The process was very quick for us about 8 months to collect and gather documents and another 8 months until we got our approval!

We highly recommend hiring Jennifer as your lawyer. Her office is very efficient, helpful, and can guide you through your journey. We are so thankful for Jennifer and her team for all their hard work to achieve our desired outcome so quickly! Thank you, Jennifer and team!

Will and Mary

We discovered Jennifer’s Law Office through Google and after we read the reviews, we thought that she would be the best lawyer to contact due to its proximity and we liked the reviews that we read. The first consultation went really well, Jennifer was very informative and clear with the process and her expectations of us. The bar was set high from the beginning and they never disappointed us. Our entire experience with Jennifer Roggemann`s office was great, and the interaction with everyone there was always professional, straightforward and very friendly. The responses to all our questions were almost immediate and all of them were answered very thoroughly.

As much effort as we put into our application (gathering all the documents and all the information required) , they contributed 10 times as much and made our life so much easier. We especially enjoyed telling our story and seeing how it was written after. We could never have been so eloquent with our story on our own. The whole process went very smoothly and fast, everything was done efficiently and it was worth every penny we have spent. We would definitely recommend Jennifer Roggemann`s Law Office to anyone looking for assistance with immigration matters, and we want to thank everyone in the office for making the experience great and being so patient all the time.

Jorden and Mark

Alonzo and I first went to Jennifer’s office because of my aunt who worked for a lawyer who referred Jennifer to us to obtain Alonzo’s permanent residency. We were nervous at first and not sure what to expect when we met Jennifer over Zoom the first time, however we felt calmed and confident from how nice it was to meet with her. Everyone at the office was very friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we had. They made us
feel as if we were their only clients and they truly showed that they cared. Jennifer and her office provided a lot of value to us as she was very helpful, gave easy instructions to follow and even emailed to recap meetings that we had with helpful links so we didn’t have to go looking for information ourselves.

At Christmas when we had a death in our close circle of friends and we were struggling with questions of how to proceed and whether or not to travel urgently, Jennifer was quick to respond through email to give us clear and concise information that helped so much in that situation. She would answer our emails even on the weekends and holidays right away!

We recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking immigration to Canada, as we felt she came along side of us and even celebrated with us when we got Alonzo’s approval. We wouldn’t recommend going to anyone else but them! We would like to thank Jennifer’s team members, especially Erica for being so kind and easy to work with and for really caring for us. Thank you so much for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.

Sue & Alonzo

I found Jennifer’s office through Google by searching “immigration lawyers” and I looked through multiple lawyers and read their reviews. None of the other ones really met my criteria, but Jennifer’s reviews seemed very honest and positive, so I decided to book a consultation with her office. After the initial consultation with Jennifer, I felt very confident with hiring her on as my lawyer because she was so honest and upfront. She was very open and knowledgeable, and she gave me all of the facts and did not sugar coat anything, which I really was impressed by.

Overall, my experience at Jennifer’s office was excellent; Jennifer and her team are very knowledgeable, and they were able to keep me on track and help me meet all of our deadlines for my wife’s spousal sponsorship. Their organization was excellent and they provided me with clear instructions so I was never lost or confused. We faced many setbacks that were out of our control due to embassy closures, but Jennifer’s team was able to navigate around these issues and solve our problems very quickly and efficiently. They were able to find the correct and accurate information I needed in a time where rules and regulations were very confusing and rapidly changing.

I highly recommend hiring Jennifer as a lawyer, I have gotten everything that I have wished for through her immigration services, and I do not believe that myself and my family would where we are now without her dedication and hard work. The price is definitely worth it; if you are serious about your immigration matters and you want to get it right the first time, Jennifer is the person to go to. I could not be more grateful to finally have my wife and children home with me in Canada, and I am so thankful for Jennifer and her team for all their hard work to achieve this outcome. Thank you, Jennifer and team!

John & Sviatlana

My wife and I reached out to Jennifer’s office because we wanted our spousal application to be in the right hands. We originally tried the process before on our own and with other help, but there were so many mistakes that caused delays and frustration. We were confused by the process and did not have enough information to do it right on our own. After our first consultation with Jennifer, we felt very confident that she knew exactly what she was doing and what she was talking about. We felt at ease after discussing our situation with her, and she made us feel confident that our goals would be achieved.

Our experience with the office was very pleasant and smooth. My wife does not speak much English, so it was extremely helpful that some of Jennifer’s staff spoke fluent Spanish; this made our communication with the office very clear and easy for both my wife and I. We had tight deadlines to meet throughout the process, and Jennifer’s staff worked very hard to ensure those deadlines were met, all while being extremely patient with us. We were very appreciative of their dedication and attentiveness to meeting these deadlines and we felt very lucky to have them on our side.

Jennifer and her team provided a lot of value to my wife and I’s life; we are finally able to reunite after being separated for so many years, and the entire process was definitely worth it to be where we are now. I have already recommended Jennifer’s office to many of my friends and family, and I will continue to do so because we are forever grateful for the exceptional services they provided. Thank you so much Jennifer and staff!

Jorge & Claudia

My husband and I began looking for lawyers in order to help us with our spousal sponsorship in order for myself, an American citizen, to become a permanent resident and be able to settle down and raise a family in Canada. My husband and I tried to gather all the criteria for our application in order to do it ourselves at first, but with the ever-changing rules during the pandemic, we were too stressed and overwhelmed to do the application ourselves.
After our meeting with Jennifer, all of the stress about the application was lifted off our shoulders. Jennifer knew exactly what she was doing and knew how to navigate the world of immigration during the pandemic, so we trusted her judgement and advice right from the start. Jennifer and her team made the entire application process as smooth as it could possibly be; I never had to worry about the preparation or the quality of my application at any time. Jennifer also advocated for me and helped me obtain certain documents that I was originally told I could not get.

Jennifer and her team were always very responsive to our questions, and always explained everything in a very clear and concise manner. All of our interactions with every member of her staff from beginning to end was nothing but pleasant, and her staff members are all very caring and genuine.

Although Jennifer’s services are expensive, we believe that it was worth it for the service quality we were provided and the final outcome of finally becoming a Canadian permanent resident! Thank you Jennifer and team!

Elizabeth & David

My wife and I’s immigration process was consisted of nothing but stress and confusion up until meeting with Jennifer. We had gone through a lengthy process of multiple study permits and work permits, and we were overwhelmed and drained from all the problems that came up along the way. We were both ready to become permanent residents in Canada, but we didn’t know what that would entail, and honestly – we were very nervous based on our past experiences.

After meeting with Jennifer in our initial consultation, we felt very relaxed and confident in her as a lawyer. She addressed all of our concerns in the first meeting, and she provided a very clear and detailed guideline for all of our pathway options to get to our ultimate goal of permanent residence. We felt confident that Jennifer would work very well on our behalf and she possessed all the qualities we were looking for in a lawyer: knowledgeable, clear, efficient, honest, and friendly.

Throughout the entire process, all of our questions and concerns were addressed very quickly and clearly by Jennifer and her staff, and we never felt like we were out of the loop in regards to our application process. Her staff would always respond to our emails within the hour, and they would always be willing and able to take our calls. In particular, Erica, Jennifer’s senior law clerk, was extremely helpful, caring and friendly throughout the entire process, and was always ready to answer any of our questions.

The one thing that I found was exceptional about Jennifer and her team was that they believed in us and were extremely confident that we would eventually achieve our goal of obtaining permanent residence. This made me and my wife feel at ease and comfortable throughout what would normally be a very stressful and draining process, especially during the pandemic.
We finally were approved to be Canadian permanent residents, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Jennifer and her team for all that they have done for us. Thank you for everything!

Ray & Venica

I was recommended to Jennifer’s office by a business lawyer in order to help with my mother’s immigration to Canada. She had been suddenly widowed at age 90 and was living in the UK by herself. As her only child, I wanted her to move to Canada to be with her family here, and so that I could take care of her.

After my first consultation with Jennifer, I felt very comfortable and was impressed by Jennifer’s knowledge and experience. She made me feel confident that this process could work at a time when I was extremely worried and unsure about what the future held for my mother. Throughout the entire process, Jennifer and her team made my mother and I feel like family; they were very responsive to our questions and concerns, and were always quick to answer my calls or emails. After an especially difficult experience at the border, Jennifer was instrumental in making our case to a local agent to obtain a super visa for my mother, which also resulted in a refund of the application fee! Jennifer’s handling of this situation was awesome, and we were truly thankful to her for dealing with an issue that had been so troubling for us.

Overall, our immigration process was onerous and prolonged but Jennifer and her team made it as comfortable and as smooth as possible. We could not have done it without them, and I doubt my mother would be here in Canada today if it wasn’t for them. We are very grateful for my mother’s Permanent Resident status, and for the life-long connections we have built with Jennifer and her team. Thank you!

Anne & Vera

My Canadian spouse and I lived in the United States for a number of years, and we made the decision to relocate to Canada together. We began looking for immigration lawyers to assist us with this process because we honestly didn’t know where to start. Everything seemed so confusing and overwhelming, and we knew if we were going to do this process right, we needed help.

My spouse originally met with Jennifer during the initial consultation, and she was raving to me about how much she loved Jennifer and her approachable personality. She said she was very easy to talk to, and she had a lot of knowledge about the world of immigration. We decided to hire Jennifer as our lawyer after that consultation, and we do not regret that decision one bit!

Throughout the entire process, Jennifer and her team were very quick and responsive, and made their confidence and bright personalities made us feel very welcome and comfortable. We felt like we developed great friendships with Jennifer and her team, and we always looked forward to our meetings with the office, which is so rare to find.

We could not have done this process without Jennifer, especially during the pandemic. Jennifer wrote us countless letters in order for us to be able to cross the border and visit each other when the borders were closed, and there is no way that would have been possible without Jennifer’s assistance and dedication to us. She simplified such a complicated process, and held our hands throughout it all.

We could not be more grateful for Jennifer and her team for all the hard work they put in to get my permanent residence status in Canada. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth & Briana

After working in Canada on a work permit for a number of years, my wife and I decided that Canada was home to us, and we wanted to become permanent residents. We are both from Mexico and speak Spanish as our first language, so it was important to us to find a lawyer who would be able to provide us with Spanish language services. We were referred to Jennifer by some friends of ours, and were thrilled to find out that some of Jennifer’s staff members spoke fluent Spanish! We researched Jennifer online and were impressed with her high ratings, so we made the decision to book a consultation with her.

We were extremely nervous before meeting with Jennifer because we did not know what to expect in terms of our case, but Jennifer and her team instantly put us at ease and made what we thought was going to be a difficult situation an extremely easy one. All of our questions were answered very clearly by Jennifer and translated to us in Spanish by her law clerk Ana. Our experience with Jennifer’s office was outstanding, and incomparable to past lawyers we have worked with.

Throughout the process of our application, Jennifer’s team was extremely organized and clear, and they never made us wait or left us in the dark at any point. They would follow up with us regularly, and they cared about us as people rather than just as clients. We developed strong friendships with Jennifer and her team, especially Ana.

We could not recommend Jennifer’s office enough; although it is costly, it should not be seen as an expense but rather an investment. We are extremely grateful to be permanent residents and we could not have done it without the hard work and constant dedication of Jennifer and her team.

Liliana and Juan

My spouse and I had been exploring our options to obtain permanent residence in Canada and were experiencing some confusion surrounding how the process would work and were having some issues with certain parts of our file that we were not sure how to address. Because of this, we decided to look into speaking with an immigration lawyer to help us.

We looked on Google and found Jennifer’s office which was located relatively close to where we live and decided we would give it a try. I also thought that I remembered seeing her name on a Brazilian community group on Facebook so we thought we would give her a try.

When we first met Jennifer, we were a bit intimidated – she was intense and to the point, which ended up being a good thing for us. After overcoming the initial shock, we could tell Jennifer was professional, confident and would give us information in black and white – even if it wasn’t the best-case scenario.  We had opportunities to work with other lawyers, but despite the fact that Jennifer was far more expensive, we trusted her and could tell she cared about us so we decided to hire her to help us.

While working with her office and her team, we noticed they always reply very quickly which we felt showed us that they care. Jennifer’s team were very warm, friendly, welcoming and helpful, and were willing to put in the hard work to address the problems with our case head on. They were always honest with us about what was going on and, in the end, we got the result we wanted – permanent residence!

Having our application process through the pandemic was hard and the waiting was tough. At times we felt a bit lost, and would have appreciated a bit more correspondence about the status of our file, but we appreciated their patience with us through the waiting process and the fact that they were mindful of the fact that emails and follow-ups would cost us money.

I would recommend Jennifer’s office to anyone looking for immigration assistance – they found methods to work around the hard problems in order to get results. In fact, if my parents are interested in coming in the future, we would like to work with Jennifer again!

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for their support and patience!

Beatriz and Dominique

My wife and I had been looking for information on how we could live together permanently as she was from the USA and I was a Canadian. We were expecting a child together and we knew that it was in the best interest of our family to be together. As such, I did some research on Google and Jennifer’s website popped up. I saw that she was located nearby and that she had good ratings and I thought I would give her office a try.

I came in for a consultation and could tell that Jennifer was very knowledgeable in this area, and I felt confident that she could handle our case. After taking into account me and my family’s circumstances, she gave us a personalized cost breakdown which helped us very clearly understand where our money would be going.

Hiring Jennifer’s office was a great idea – we had a great experience, and found that they made everything feel quick, easy and efficient. The process was clearly laid out, along with the costs and timing, and we found that we were never left guessing at where we were in the process. We liked how you could tailor your involvement with the office and do more or less to contribute to your file depending on your availability. It made it super helpful for us who were busy with our jobs and our new baby.

We also really appreciated their quick response times – Jennifer would even respond on weekends which we thought was great and unique.

I am thankful that they helped us work through our application and that our family was able to be together in person during the processing of our application – especially since much of the processing took place during COVID-19.

We had a good experience with Jennifer’s office and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking immigration advice!

Chris and Sam

We first decided to try Jennifer’s office when we were referred by a mutual friend of ours. My husband’s family was overseas and we were desperate to find some way to bring them to Canada as their home country was experiencing some issues and we were worried about them being so far away, especially given our inability to travel during COVID-19. After receiving the referral from our friend, we checked out Jennifer’s office and read the reviews and thought we would give her a shot.

We were a bit skeptical at first, as the program that our family qualified for was a pilot project and some of our family didn’t quite fit the parameters of the program in the way we would have liked them to. My husband and I thought it might be a bit of a long shot, but Jennifer felt confident in our case and we decided to proceed – and we are so happy we did! Despite our skepticism, Jennifer and her team’s legal arguments worked and our family’s visas were issued!

While preparing our application and after it’s filing, Jennifer and her team were positive, efficient, straightforward and dependable.  Our questions and concerns were handled and were never ignored or pushed aside. I appreciated how they did everything they could to get the job done and worked hard to make sure our file was successful.

We also really appreciated how Jennifer’s office made us feel like more than a file number when we got a personalized Christmas card from them, it was warm and touching and made us feel truly cared for.

The only thing that concerned us through the process was the final bill – however, Jennifer provides a breakdown for every item that was done on our file and what the fee for each item was, so it was clear to see how the time was spent, which we appreciated.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all their help and a special shoutout to Taryn – she was always a delight to speak to!

Lory and Michel

After marrying my wife from Romania, I was looking for help with the process as I’m sure the rules had changed since I myself became a permanent resident many years ago. We wanted to make sure the paperwork and the process was done right.

I read several reviews on Jennifer’s website and saw that her office was really close to my house which was a bonus. My wife was still in Romania at the time, so I decided to come in to see Jennifer. From that first meeting she made me feel very comfortable, and I could tell she was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and I enjoyed our meeting a lot.

Between the meeting and the convenient location of her office, it was an obvious choice to hire her. Plus, her office has parking which is hard to find so close to downtown Kitchener!

Throughout the process Jennifer and her team were very helpful and professional. My wife and I appreciated their kindness, trustworthiness and competency through the whole process. She and her staff were very nice and it was true when they said they were just a phone call away if we had any questions! Although, I don’t recall having very many questions, as they seemed to answer any question we had before we even knew we had it!

If anyone was looking for immigration assistance, we would say go there! We had amazing success with them and they were with us through the entire process and accommodated us along the line. When COVID-19 first hit, a staff member even hand delivered the forms to our home knowing that we didn’t have access to a computer or a printer which was great!

While everyone at the office was helpful, we want to give a special shoutout to Taryn as she was near to us through the entire process. Thank you so much for your help!

Cornel & Adriana

I originally had heard about Jennifer’s office when I was a student at Conestoga College. I had been given her information by the international office as someone to check out if I ever needed assistance with immigration. At the time, I just filed it away because I didn’t need it yet.

Fast forward some years later and my family and I had run into some issues with our immigration file. We had hired another representative to assist us with our file but as time went on we lost confidence in their ability to assist us. We received a letter from immigration asking us to respond to some concerns they had and we no longer trusted our previous representative to handle the issue. We decided to schedule an appointment to get Jennifer’s advice on the matter.

During our first meeting Jennifer reviewed our situation and gave us many options to handle the situation. Although she explained them all to us thoroughly, we didn’t want our old representative to handle it, nor did we want to do it ourselves. We decided to hire Jennifer’s services.

Jennifer’s office was great – they finished the response to IRCC within our fast approaching deadline. Jennifer thoroughly reviewed our other files and she and her team were able to quickly assemble a detailed and thorough response. Throughout the whole process they were very clear about what steps they were taking and we had confidence that it would be handled well. Plus, she speaks Korean which was a huge bonus for us.

We would recommend Jennifer to those that need immigration assistance, especially if you need someone who speaks Korean. She is very professional and has lots of experience.

We are so happy to have received our CoPR documents and to have finally landed as permanent residents.

Thank you Jennifer!

Francis and Misook

My wife and I first sought out Jennifer’s services when our first spousal sponsorship had been refused. We needed help as the refusal had left us frustrated and stressed and we wanted the help of someone who could help us make the process smoother, so we decided to come in for a meeting with Jennifer.

After meeting with Jennifer, we decided to hire her as she met our expectations in terms of being able to help us and she seemed very knowledgeable about the immigration process.

At the beginning we were a bit nervous as immigration contacted us directly during the time where Jennifer was in the process of being appointed as our representative, which was concerning. However, after they began sending all correspondence to her, the process went much smoother. We felt well cared for, welcomed, and we felt throughout the process that we had the right team in place to fight our legal battle.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Jennifer to others experiencing similar difficulties – legal battles can be very stressful and a worrisome ordeal and it is extremely helpful to have a team that knows what to do, what to expect and has experience dealing with similar cases as yours.

Jennifer’s office did a good job of managing their case files and strategically assigns the files to different people in her office based on their areas of expertise, so that you are normally working with one person at a time. With that being said, I could ask any member of their office a question, and we always found that all her staff had a good grasp on our file and were quick and efficient about addressing our concerns.

We are very grateful to her team for all their hard work, and a special thanks to Cecilia for making us feel comfortable and taking our worries away with her caring and compassionate nature.

Ranaldo and Helena

My wife and I have been in Canada for almost nine years, and it has been a very long road towards our permanent residency. We first sought Jennifer’s help in 2016 as we were having problems with my wife’s LMIA application and were looking for help on getting back in status and being able to remain in the country. It was an uphill battle as there were many complications with our file and we were in over our heads.

We first found Jennifer on google and saw that she was one of the best lawyers in town. My wife, myself and our friend/employer came to the consultation and we liked the way she worked immediately. She was very straight up with us about the difficulty of our case but told us she thought we had an 80% chance for success. She told us she had faith that she could help us, but that ultimately we had to trust her. Talking with my wife and friend, we all agreed that we trusted her judgement and decided to hire her.

Jennifer and her team did an amazing job on our file and were polite and good people to work with. They were always available to help us with our questions and were always professional and honest about our file. We liked that although you deal with different people in the office at different times, that everyone has a handle on your file and you are well taken care of. They are extremely good at their jobs and always gave us clear directions that helped us reach our goals.

We would recommend Jennifer and her office to anyone looking for help, and of course, we already have! The team feels like part of one big family and we can tell that everyone we worked with was invested in our file with their whole hearts and celebrated each bit of good news along beside us.

We really appreciated how Jennifer would always give us the options or her plan along with her thoughts on its chance for success which helped us see exactly what we were up against. It was nice to see that all work was done with a specific purpose or goal in mind and wasn’t just an opportunity for them to collect our money.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the way things turned out and we can’t thank Jennifer and her team enough for all they’ve done for us. We are so happy to be permanent residents and we couldn’t have done it without Jennifer’s office.

Thank you all so much!

Milan and Miljana

It’s been a long road to get my family to where we are now. I was very happy to be married to my wife almost four years ago, and knew that I wanted to bring her to Canada to live with me as I knew she was the one and I needed her by my side. We were frustrated and lost after the spousal application we had filed was refused and decided to seek professional help.

I found Jennifer’s office online after searching for Canadian immigration lawyers, and read the reviews and testimonials on her website and on google. The general consensus we got from reading the reviews is that her office is expensive, but great. We decided to work with her office as it wasn’t the expenses we were concerned with – we were interested more so in the results.

Although there were times where we felt like the collection of documents would never end and felt overwhelmed by the volume of information and documentation requested of us, we generally felt supported by Jennifer’s office and knew they were doing their best work. We knew they were on top of our case the entire time and we knew our case was being managed professionally. They were quick to answer our questions and made sure we were taken care of and it paid off – we are thrilled to now be able to see Canada outside of our window rather than something that seemed like a distant future.

We are very satisfied with the work Jennifer and her team did. We received the results we were looking for and although her services are expensive, we got everything we expected when working with them.

Jennifer was particularly helpful during the ever-changing travel scene during COVID-19. Jennifer kept my family and I up to date with all the newest information, and made sure we were prepared to arrive in Canada during the COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks to her, our travels went smoothly, and my family is finally able to be all together in Canada.

Thank you so much to Jennifer and her team for assisting us with our application and for being by our side every step of the way!

Phil, Fen & Kathy

I originally found Jennifer’s office when I was exploring what options existed for me to obtain my permanent residence. My employer had worked with Jennifer’s office in the past and directed me to her to find out more information about permanent residence, and my eligibility for it.

I knew Jennifer’s office was the one for me because I felt safe. I continued to feel safe through the entire process. The care with which they worked on my file, requested information from me and filed my application showed how much they cared about me. My involvement in the process simultaneously gave me control in assisting them with my application, but also made me feel taken care of, as I knew they would handle any issues or complications properly.

I had no issues with Jennifer’s office and I found the each member of her staff was great and welcoming. I felt connected to both the process and the people helping me with it, and I feel like I formed a genuine relationship with Jennifer and her staff. Any time I’m in Kitchener I make sure to stop by and say hello, as I feel like not only a client but like a friend.

Jennifer and her team were a blessing to me and I recommend her office to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. She is wonderful and blessed, and I could feel God’s presence in all the work her office did for me. To those looking for a recommendation, I would tell them that they will pay for her services, but it will pay off, as she is great at getting results.

Jennifer’s office was great from start to finish – the only issue I found was that the processing took a long time on Immigration’s side of things, so I recommend that people have patience throughout the waiting time. Knowing Jennifer’s office would handle things for me gave me peace, and my patience came easily knowing everything would be handled for me.

Jennifer and her team feel like my family now after so many years of working with them. I continue to pray for Jennifer, her staff and her family, and I know we will maintain a strong relationship throughout the years to come.

Thank you and God bless you Jennifer!


I was directed to Jennifer’s office through my employer who had worked with Jennifer’s office in the past and was assisting me with my PR application now.

Although the firm we would work with was already chosen for me, I found Jennifer’s team to be very friendly, welcoming and informative. In all of my interactions with them they were nice and always made me feel comfortable. I could tell they were really knowledgeable about immigration and were always able to answer my questions easily.

I really appreciated also how personal our interactions were. During one meeting, I remember Erica, one of Jennifer’s staff members, saw I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and she put her pen and paper down and we had a real conversation together, away from immigration and my application. It was nice to feel that the people working on my application cared about me not only as a client, but as a human as well.

Although the location of the office is a bit far from where I live, the experience of working with their office was worth it. I was really impressed that they emailed me more than I expected, making sure I knew where we were in the process. They were also on-top of my application once it had been submitted, following up with Immigration at certain intervals in the processing time and keeping me posted with updates. I was never left wondering what was happening and it was really nice to be kept in the loop.

I would recommend Jennifer’s office for anyone that needs help with Immigration – they are friendly, comfortable and thorough and will get the job done.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all the hard work!


My husband and I originally met while working for the same company and working on various work projects together. While we had to overcome many roadblocks to get to the point where we are today, we knew our relationship was worth pursuing, and that we wanted to spend our lives together. When we realized that the place we wanted to be was in my husband’s home country of Canada, we decided to look for someone to help us make our plan a reality.

We googled immigration lawyers and found Jennifer’s office and decided to come in for a consultation. Right from the get-go, we could tell Jennifer would be the one to handle our case as she made the process seem easy and gave us the confidence that they would handle it the way it needed to be handled. Jennifer made everything simple and easy and eliminated all the confusion that can go along with government programs. She laid everything out in easy terms and we knew this was what we were looking for.

We had a great experience with Jennifer and her team overall. They always communicated with us clearly, and let us know what was going on with our file. We were never left in the dark about anything. In the event that we did have a question, we found Jennifer’s team to be very responsive – they would always get back to us very quickly, most times within the same day.

All in all we are very happy about our experience with Jennifer’s office. The whole process was very organized and at times it was even fun to go through the different steps. Jennifer has a very fun personality and we always felt that she and her staff cared about us personally. Feeling this way made it easy to give them our whole story.

We would definitely recommend Jennifer’s office for those seeking advice and assistance. They are responsive, clear communicators, and the process will be handled properly from the start.

Thank you Jennifer for making the process so easy – we really appreciate it.

Rose & Dana

I became a widower two years ago, and on a trip to Scotland I met up with a lifelong friend of my late wife`s who was widowed over three years ago. This meeting developed into a relationship and we were married last year and we needed help for my wife to immigrate to Canada.

We googled “immigration lawyers” on the internet and found that Jennifer was relatively close by and had excellent reviews, so we decided to come in for a consultation. We were a bit overwhelmed by the consultation process because Jennifer gave us so much information and we could not believe how much there was to know. Despite feeling overwhelmed, we could tell Jennifer knew what she was talking about and it was impressive how much information she was able to provide us with in the short amount of time.

We had a very pleasant experience with Jennifer and her team. They were always very personable and we felt comfortable that they would treat our case with care and privacy. They were always prompt and efficient in answering our questions, and making sure we were informed of any updates. The process went very smoothly for us and we are happy with the way things turned out.

When Jennifer first laid out the fees for us, we were a bit shocked by the amount, because at the time it seemed like a lot of money. However, after having been through the process with her, the amount of money we spent makes complete sense, after seeing how much time and work went in to our application.

We would recommend Jennifer’s office to others looking for immigration advice. She and her staff are personable, and are willing to help whenever possible.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all their hard work!

Margaret and Jim

When I first met my partner, I was working on a temporary work permit and it was due to expire fairly shortly into the start of our relationship. I continued to remain in Canada with a string of visitor’s visas until we decided that we both wanted to be together and have me stay in Canada with her. Around this time, we decided we were going to need an immigration lawyer to do this process correctly.

We began googling immigration lawyers and Jennifer’s office came up. We read the reviews and comments on her page and saw that she had been on CBC before; so we knew she must be credible. So we came in for a consultation. At first, we could not believe how blunt Jennifer was. But then we realized how valuable it was to receive a straight answer to our questions. We could tell Jennifer was very confident and straightforward and that she knew exactly what she was doing.

We had a great experience with Jennifer and her team. They are good people who provide a good service and they were always friendly and explained everything we needed to know. They also made sure to follow up on their instructions to make sure we were on the right track. It was a relief that they were so knowledgeable, even about the little things, and we didn’t have to do anything on our own. It felt like a burden lifted off of our shoulders, knowing that we didn’t need to worry about a thing – with Jennifer’s office, we knew they would take care of us and that everything would be submitted properly.

We would definitely recommend Jennifer’s office to anyone looking for advice. There can be a lot of misinformation regarding what one should or should not do, but Jennifer is blunt – if you do what she says, you will be on the right path straight from the get-go.

Becoming a permanent resident has been a very positive experience for me. I am happy to have the opportunity not only to stay with my partner, but to have work opportunities that I would never have had at home, and to see a big increase in my standard of living.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for handling our case and helping us out.

Kendel and Paula

Little did I know that a year ago when I Googled ‘Best immigration lawyer’ that I would be writing a review for the same law firm that popped up first. I read all the reviews on Jennifer’s website and liked what I read. When we
found out that she was in Kitchener; even better. My husband and I knew we needed to get some advice on how I could become a permanent resident without being deported – as I’d stayed longer than I was supposed to.

We liked Jennifer right from the consultation. She told me that they could do this; and we believed them. We liked her personality – anyone who can make me laugh when I’m stressed is good in my books. We knew that it was
going to be expensive, but every dollar we spent was worth it.

We now live several hours away from the office but they still made it easy for us. That’s the word that we think of when we think about the office, easy. They were flexible with appointments, worked out a payment plan when
we couldn’t pay everything at once, and were always available to communicate with us when we needed it. They asked us for what documents we had and then took care of the rest. We’re glad that we didn’t see Jennifer a lot during the processing of our file – that meant that things were going smoothly. We knew that she was still  overseeing things if there was a problem.

We trusted them that they would take care of it – and they did. We thought we might be able to do this on our own but we didn’t want the headache and hassle. We wanted to follow their instructions, provide what they asked for; and then let them do it.

We’ve already recommended them to others. If you need PR or have any immigration questions, go there. They’re the people to see.  They’ll make it easier for you. We both love that there are people there we can speak Spanish with – as it’s just a little taste of our heritage.

When they told me that I was going to become a permanent resident on Thanksgiving weekend, I had to scream a bit. Now I can travel, work to contribute to our family, set down roots with our own home etc. Although we’ve been together for over five years, this is the real beginning of our life together. There’s no more worry about being  separated. Our clock starts now.

Thanks Jennifer and team for getting us here.

Claudia & Andeks

I’ve been working as a farm supervisor here in Canada for a long time. I first came on the 8 month Agricultural worker program for several years, and then was able to switch to being able to work for a couple of years at a time. A few years ago it was time to see about my options to become a permanent resident. I really missed my kids back home and wanted to give them the opportunities I saw around me here in Canada. I spoke to my employer and we decided we needed to find an immigration lawyer to help us.

My employer searched online and found Jennifer. She looked like she had a lot of good recommendations and so my employer called. We initially started working with another lawyer at Jennifer’s office but, after she left Jennifer took over my file. She recommended that we go through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, and I was glad that my employer was so supportive of me. I tell anyone I know who has any concerns about immigration to go and see Jennifer.

I couldn’t do this on my own. I don’t have the time or the skills to make sure the paperwork gets done properly and on time. The office was able to work with my employer and my daughter back home to sort out all the details so that I can now bring my family here to Canada. The way they were always on top of things, getting back to them right away; I knew that they would always be there for me.

Any time I’m in the office, I take some business cards. I never have one left for me. I’ve told lots of people to go and see Jennifer. I tell them I have a good lawyer – they got me great results. They’re the people who can do it – go see them.

This morning, I’m a happy man. After working here for almost 18 years, today I became a permanent resident. Now I can bring my kids here to finish their education, to have better opportunities, and a better life. I’m so looking forward to booking their flights for them to join me. Now I can own my own home here in Canada. I’ll soon have a place for my family; our own, safe place to be together.

Thanks Jennifer for all you’ve done. I can’t wait for you to meet my kids in person. I’ll be back to become a citizen as soon as I can.


My husband and I are so VERY grateful to Jennifer and her team for working hard to help us obtain permanent residency for myself in Canada, so our little family could grow and thrive TOGETHER in Canada. It has been a long, tiresome, and stressful road for our little family and we appreciate Jennifer and her team’s thoroughness, thoughtfulness, understanding, and diligent work in getting us here. We are SO glad to have them share in our happiness. We would certainly recommend them to those in need! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


I met and married my wife a long time ago – before you even needed PR cards here in Canada.  I never left this country I’d adopted, but; I hadn’t applied for Citizenship either.  On the recommendation of my accountant, my wife and I went to see Jennifer to sort out my becoming a Canadian citizen.  We knew that there were some estate / tax issues between Canada and the USA where I’m from and so we wanted to have all our options figured out as to how to pass our farm on to our family.

We went for a consultation with Jennifer and were favorably impressed with her.  We knew we needed someone to help us with all the paperwork and so we hired her to do the job.  The process was simple and we’re completely satisfied with the service we received.  Everyone that we dealt with in the office was very nice.  We know that they have to make a living as well, and so it cost a fair bit.  However, we’re happy with the results.

They prepared me for every step in the process and it was an unexpected treat that my citizenship ceremony was part of a high school civics project.  It was a real special memory to leave the auditorium after the ceremony and find the halls lined with hundreds of high school students cheering for us new Canadians.  I really felt welcome.

A big ‘Thank you’ Jennifer and her staff.  You got the job done.  If you need help, go see them and they’ll straighten you out.


I’ve had a long road to get to where I am today.  Fleeing from my home country as a teenager in the 1980’s, going through the refugee system in Canada where I was eventually successful in becoming a protected person.  I filed for my PR on my own but it was refused in 2012.  A few years later, I didn’t notice that my work permit had expired and I needed to restore my status.  I spoke with Guelph Immigrant Services and they referred me to Jennifer’s office.

I knew that I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.  I’d fill out the form and send it off and they’d send it back because something was missing.  I’d fix that and then it would come back with something else.  I realized that I needed help.  I went for a consultation with Jennifer and decided to hire her, as I only had a short time to restore my status. I’m glad I hired them – even though it ended up being a lot of money over the years.

I kept getting into trouble, but they were able to rescue me.  Finally, I applied for PR again with their help; and today, I became a permanent resident.  Now I have security that I’m not going to have to leave my spouse of 20 years and my Canadian children.  I no longer have to fear being deported to a nation that I haven’t seen since I was a teen.

I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone who needs help.  They’re efficient, competent and helpful professionals.  They get the job done.  I appreciated the way I felt in their office.  They don’t talk down to their clients and I never felt like I was being interrogated.  It was a lot of money and sometimes I needed some time to pay them.  I’m grateful that they were helpful and came up with a payment plan that worked for both of us.

When I heard today that I can stay here in Canada for the rest of my life completely legally; that meant the world to me.   What relief and freedom I feel as that weight is lifted off my shoulders.  I know I’m going to be back as soon as possible for Jennifer and her team to help me finally become a Canadian citizen in this country where I’ve lived for 30 years.

Thank you


I had come to Canada as a caregiver in the spring of 2018.  When I was eligible to apply for permanent residency, I knew I needed a lawyer to help me.  I googled ‘immigration lawyers in Kitchener’ and Jennifer’s website popped up.  I saw that they were close by and, as I didn’t have a lot of time (or ability to take long breaks from work to travel to Toronto), I gave them a call.

I was grateful that I met with one of Jennifer’s senior staff the first time I came in.  She had just learned about a new temporary program that would work for me.  Since she was the expert, they wanted her to meet with me personally.  I felt like she was honest and would tell me the truth. She, and everyone I met since, was very professional and friendly.  They explained everything clearly from the beginning.

I agreed to hire Jennifer’s office, even before I met Jennifer herself. When I met with her to sign my retainer agreement, I liked that she said she’d reviewed my case and was convinced that I was eligible for the program they wanted to use to apply for my PR. Her confidence gave me confidence.

I liked that everyone was very prompt with their responses – and that they used email so that I could read them again or when it was convenient for me. I didn’t have a lot of time to apply as I just became  eligible for the
program at the end of May and the program closed in June.  However, they made all the deadlines and I’m a PR five months after I signed my retainer agreement (and just over three months since we filed my PR application).

I would recommend anyone to go to Jennifer’s office for help.  They will tell you honestly, after looking at your specific situation, what the best options are for you and the chance you have for success.  I felt just like family there.

Now that I’m a PR, I am looking forward to getting married to my Canadian fiancé and starting our lives together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your help.



I came from Northern Ireland to visit my sister in Ontario. I met, and fell in love with, her friend Dee, who is now my wife. I thought being a former police officer gave me a good enough read on people to avoid being scammed. However, that wasn’t the case. I fell for someone offering to assist me with my permanent residency who called me every Sunday morning. That should have been a red flag, but it wasn’t. Not surprisingly, after I paid my ‘deposit’, I never heard from them again.

I knew that I wouldn’t make that mistake again. We asked for referrals from other lawyers in Dee’s town and one of them recommended Jennifer Roggemann in Kitchener. We wanted to have a consultation in a real office in front of
a real person to make sure she was legit. She gave us all the details and earned our trust. We decided to hire her and her staff to negotiate the system for us. There’s no other way around it; we couldn’t have done this process by ourselves. It’s too involved and we didn’t want to fuss with all the details.

Everything in our experience with the office was very good. The staff is very friendly and we felt right at home. They responded to all our questions and did a great job for us. There was some frustration when Immigration introduced biometrics and we got sort of stuck in the messy rollout of that. However, they helped us get the appointment we needed.

If you want it done right, you have to pay for it. Jennifer isn’t the cheapest option, but so much better than the scam I fell for that left me with nothing!

We would be happy to recommend Jennifer and her staff to others. This immigration process is the sort of thing you have to get done right. You need to go to someone you can trust, who knows the way to get things sorted. Jennifer knows what she’s about and is up on all the latest laws and regulations.

Now Dee and I are able to enjoy our retirement together. We can travel, stay home and host our families, take a nap in the afternoon; just enjoy our lives together. No more worry about having to leave to maintain my status
as a visitor. Now this is home.

Thanks Jennifer

Richard and Dee

I knew my case was unusual and complicated.  My status had expired and my home country in South America was not a safe place any longer. I had not lived there for over 20 years and I had little reason and desire to go back given the crime and political instability.  I had contacted a few lawyers in the Toronto area about my situation and all of them told me the only route for me to stay here was on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds – and that application takes years and is very difficult to prove. Their estimates told me that I had a 50% chance of succeeding with my application and the fees quoted were very expensive.  My neighbor was the mother of a local lawyer, who works in other areas of law.  She asked her daughter if there was someone she would recommend I speak to about immigration.  The daughter recommended Jennifer and so I gave her office a call.

I wasn’t really expecting much from my first consultation with Jennifer.  I expected that she would give me the same advice that all the others had.  Everyone else that I’d spoken to focused on the broad strokes of my situation.  Jennifer delved into the specifics.  I was skeptical when she presented me a strategy that used the economic immigration pathway, through the express entry system.  I told her that everyone else had told me that wasn’t an option for me.  She looked at me and said ‘I don’t care what everyone has told you; I can see a path to making this happen and I have done similar things before”.  Her passion, experience and confidence led me to trust her and see what happens. She gave me 80% odds initially of estimated success. Today, I’m so glad I made that leap with her. She calls me her ‘miracle file’ and I’ll take that.

There were a few hiccups during my time with the office; some miscommunications and different expectations on both sides.  However, I appreciate that they worked with me to resolve those issues with a face-to-face meeting which sorted things out.  Everyone I dealt with at the office was competent, knowledgeable and friendly.  I was a bit concerned when Jennifer transferred the day-to-day aspects of my file to one of her senior staff, but after dealing with her, I’m happy to sing her praises.  I have a deep appreciation for all the hard work she put in on my behalf.  My questions were answered quickly and clearly.  There were a few times when I needed further clarification on an answer, but it was always given promptly and I was eventually clear on the communication.

I am happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone who needs it.  No matter your situation, they will get you the right help for you. They will give you an honest and upfront assessment about your situation and your options.  They helped me through an impossible case so I’m fairly certain they can help you.

Looking back on my time with Jennifer and team, I remember when they had all the documents ready to be uploaded and every box was ticked off and we were good to go.  It was so reassuring to know that after looking over everything I’d given them, we were finally ready to get the process started.

Now, less than a year later, I have my permanent residency here and I see it as the key to freedom for the rest of my life.  My home country is not sustainable at the moment. If I had to return there, I’d be starving, dead, or a criminal.  I can now help my family come and stay in Canada.  I met someone during my time here in Canada and now I can look forward to planning our wedding and getting started on our future together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for getting me this first step towards freedom.


We came to Jennifer’s office for a couple of consultations.  The first time was a few years ago when my wife was still in school.  We were looking for information on how to obtain PR status for our family.  Friends of ours were Jennifer’s clients and recommended her to us.  We came for the first consultation, got information about how to apply under the express entry system. We listened to others in our lives that said we could do this without help and so applied on our own.  We came back to Jennifer after our application was refused.

Their reputation made us want to come back to her and her team.  This time, we knew we needed help to get us to our goal.  They are knowledgeable and accurate, thorough with what they expected from us.  There is a price to pay for their help, but we got what we needed; what we expected.  They understood our situation and the speed that things had to be processed as time was not on our side.  They were very gracious to get things done in a critical time – even over the Christmas holidays.

My wife Juliana was more nervous than I.  She would have liked more updates – even saying ‘no news is good news’. I understood that as soon as they knew anything, we would know.  Everyone we worked with at the office gave us their full attention, help and support.  I’ve already recommended others to Jennifer, who have also decided to hire her to assist them.

One thing that we weren’t expecting from a lawyer, but really appreciated, was when Jennifer told us that she’s praying for us and our application.  We really appreciated the spiritual concern she had for us and our future.

Our file truly was a Christmas miracle.  When I look at our permanent residence paperwork and see my kid’s names – that really means the world to me.  They now have a better future – access to better education, a safe place to live and grow up.  All our sacrifices are for are children and now, they can have the life I dream for them.

Thank you Jennifer for giving our family a place to call home.

Marcelo & Juliana

My Great Aunt is quite elderly and could no longer manage on her own.  She was alone here in Canada and so I needed to figure out a way to build my life here so that I could support myself while I was taking care of her.  My friend has contact with a lot of judges in the Waterloo Region and she asked them who they would recommend to help me.  They all said Jennifer.  One of my neighbours is a former client as well and he also had good things to say about the process he had to bringing his wife to Canada using Jennifer’s services.

I’d met with other lawyers and they said, “maybe the law will change and there will be a way to have you get PR”.  I didn’t have too much hope that Jennifer’s answers would be different but I had nothing to lose.  However, when I went to see Jennifer, she came up with a plan.  It was a bit outside of the box – but it worked.  We worked together to build up a business that would get me to my goal of permanent residency.   It was a lot of work, and it was a bit expensive (both with the business and Jennifer’s fees) but it was worth it – I would hire them again.

Everyone in the office is nice.  They are good people who answered my questions quickly.  I am happy to recommend them to others as they provided a valuable service for me.  They know how the system works and their ability to guide me through the process was really helpful.  Jennifer is always learning and keeps on top of the changing rules.  You’ll be in good hands with them.

Now I have a home here in Canada.  I am free to explore all the options I want for my future. Now I’m looking forward to being able to be a citizen as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping me get here.


I first came to Jennifer’s office on the recommendation of a family friend.  I was having trouble with my Post-Graduate Work Permit back in 2016.  Jennifer was very helpful in sorting out my situation and so when it came time for figuring out how to get permanent residency, she was the one we turned to.

Shortly after I first went to see Jennifer, I met My Canadian husband Anh.  In the spring of 2018 we went together for a consultation with Jennifer once we were engaged.  Anh had a refused sponsorship application before and so we knew we didn’t want to do this on our own.  His previous experience, with another representative, didn’t give him high hopes of Jennifer being able to help us.  However, after our first consultation with Jennifer, he completely changed his mind.  Both of us liked the detailed plan she presented us and he said ‘we should do this – I think they’ll do great for us”.  We hired Jennifer and were 100% glad we did.

The process was less stressful and went very smoothly, even with both of our previous application hiccups (individually) in the past.   The entire office is friendly, organized and very professional.  We didn’t have a lot of concerns or questions because they were so thorough in preparing us for each step along the way.

We had complete confidence in them and that was invaluable.  It gave us less stress as we were going through the process.  We’ve already recommended them to others telling them that Jennifer and her whole team will make sure everything is done properly.  You’ll be 100% good to go before they file.  They were on point with everything with us and were very transparent about what they were doing.

Overall as a team, everyone we dealt with was equally great.  We’d like to give a shout out to the whole office.  It didn’t matter who we saw in a particular meeting, the same values and professionalism were there across the entire team.  It was a great process, start to finish.

Now I’m a permanent resident here, after being here for six years.  If we tried to do this by ourselves, we would have really struggled.  Now we can plan our future; trips, travels, bringing my family here… the future is bright.

Thanks to everyone for getting us here.

Anna and Anh

My wife and I came from overseas because I was offered a job at a Canadian company. We loved it here and started a family. My employer had been handling all my immigration paperwork and had started collecting items for our permanent residency applications, then the unexpected happened and I was no longer working for the company. I was in a tough situation: I could no longer work and support my family as my work permit was tied to the company but we were desperate to ensure that we could continue our future in Canada as we had invested a huge amount both financially and emotionally in relocating.

I was overwhelmed at the sudden change in our situation so I googled local immigration lawyers, I read the reviews that had been posted and decided that Jennifer’s clients had genuinely been well taken care of. I called the office, they were empathetic to our situation and were able to see me promptly. Jennifer put me at ease, gave me comfort and confidence that we would have a future here in Canada.

We’re glad we hired them to help us out. They were very prompt if we had a question, and made a horrible situation less stressful. They were friendly and helpful – although I would have liked more check-ins as I was waiting to be able to return to work as soon as possible.

There is no way we could have done this in the time frame required, on our own. Time was a factor for us and although it cost us a fair bit of money up front, we feel it was a great investment as the process went as smoothly as it could. Experience in dealing with the immigration process was of great value to us.

We are happy to be adding our recommendation to the others I looked at before hiring Jennifer, our experience is proof that they know what they’re doing. They are not what I would perceive a stereotypical law firm to be, they’re personable and everyone we worked with was so keen to help and actually cared about or progress. We were treated like family.

Now Sarah and I are permanent residents here and can continue our life after it being practically on hold for the last seven months. Being able to move forward and work on providing for my family again is a relief that is hard to quantify.

Jennifer, thank you and your team for helping us get our lives back on track.

Brad and Sarah

My brother-in-law was a client of Jennifer’s and he had me tag along during one of his appointments to see Jennifer.  I knew she’d done a good job for both my brother-in-law and his parents and so I had confidence that she could help me as well.

All of my immediate family is now here in Canada, I was the last one to get permanent residency and so I didn’t want there to be any mistakes.  I hired Jennifer and I’m glad I made that decision.  I faced some unforeseen complications during the processing of my PR application and I was so glad to have Jennifer to help me navigate the system to make sure everything worked out smoothly.  I give her a ’10 out of 5’ rating for how she handled my complications.

During my time as their client, they were very transparent and gave me clear information – not too much to overwhelm me or too little to make me confuse myself.  I appreciated the mix of email and in-person meetings to make sure that we were on the same track.

The value they gave for me I think of like a light shining into a dark tunnel.  I didn’t have a clue how the system works and they helped illuminate what I needed to know.  Every person that I met with was excellent and I’ve already recommended them to others.

I tell people they are the experts in their field.  You’ll get the right information for your situation.  When people ask me for advice, I point them to Jennifer.  I tell them ‘just go see her in person.  It will be faster and clearer than talking with friends or looking online’.

I’m thankful that Jennifer and her team were there when I most needed it.  It was a very anxious situation but I was in good hands and so the biggest load was shouldered by Jennifer and her team, not me.  Thank you.


I had tried to sponsor my husband before when I lived in another city. When my application was refused, I didn’t know what to do. The person who had assisted me with my application, helped me search online for a lawyer in my
new city and I decided to spend the money on a consultation with Jennifer.

Lawyers are expensive but I didn’t see anything but my need to have my husband here with me. After that first meeting, I had something I hadn’t had in a long time – hope. Jennifer explained everything to me, how it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was possible. I decided to hire Jennifer to help me. It seemed to take a long time to get all my documents ready to file but after we filed, the process seemed really quick. They prepared us for an interview, as we knew that we would have one because we’d applied before.

This time, our interview went really well and within 11 months of us filing, including our interview, my husband is now here beside me. Jennifer and her team really cared about me and my husband as people, not just clients. They helped me see to my health and gave me hope – which was the best medicine they could give. Everyone in the office really wanted to help us and they made the process as easy as possible.

It is a lot of money, so it depends on your situation if you can hire her. However, at least go and get accurate information so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Now that my husband is here, our life can begin. We want to have a family and start our dreams together of a small house, children and to be happy with my family. Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us make that happen.


My wife and I came to Jennifer’s office on the recommendation of my mother-in-law’s lawyer in Guelph, Ontario.  We were looking for help with getting my permanent residency and wanted to talk to a professional.  I had used a consultant who was based in Vancouver for my previous study permits, and I wasn’t really happy with them.  We did call other people but they were very brief on the phone, and seemed a bit sketchy.  We came in for a consultation with Jennifer and both of us felt we were in good hands.

The only caveat I would tell people is that it isn’t cheap.  But; it’s worth it.  I received my PR within 7 months of filing with no questions or further requests from Immigration Canada.  My wife was doing her Masters and it was too much for us to do on our own.  Jennifer and her team are professional, organized and trustworthy.  They are also kind and approachable and treated us with respect.  They answered any questions promptly and gave us peace of mind to live our lives.

They certainly provided value for us.  They were open with the costs and the timeline for us to pay those charges.  We knew what we were getting in to.  We would be happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to someone else.  They get the job done and we didn’t have to worry about anything.  They took the stress out of the process and gave us peace of mind that we weren’t alone.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and my wife and I have our lives ahead of us.  Options for further schooling, family, careers – all of these are available to us now.  Thank you Jennifer and team; you helped us to have the freedom to choose our future adventures together.

Shishir & Katie

I came to Jennifer because we needed help.  We had tried a couple of times to get my then girlfriend to come for a visit to Canada.  We’d been refused both times, and we found the IRCC website confusing.  We wanted someone to assist us with figuring out the system.  One of the most valuable things that Jennifer gave us was insight into how the system works, and doesn’t work.  I thought I had educated myself, but I learned about Immigration’s perspective from Jennifer and her team.

I came in for a consultation, as Diana was overseas, and Jennifer gave me options.  Originally we were going to try to have Diana come on her own through the economic stream but; by then, our relationship had progressed to where we knew we wanted to be together and decided to get married.  Jennifer then recommended that we go the spousal sponsorship route and that it would be about 12 months.  They succeeded in that time frame!

They are expensive; but I realized that my remaining life span is shorter than my wife’s and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.  Therefore, we went with the experts.  Everyone in the office was good to me – and to Diana overseas.  We would have liked a bit more regular communication during the waiting period because we were anxious about how our file was progressing. However; they were always available by phone or email and got back to us quickly with answers to our questions.

Would I recommend Jennifer to others – of course.  I’d tell them ‘you want success?  Look at our case’.  They operated within the time frame they set out and it’s now a reality.

For Diana and me, our life started on May 3, 2019.  That’s the day she became a permanent resident.  We’re so happy together.  Now our lives can truly be shared, no more quick visits and long separations.  She’s making my house a home again.  It’s fantastic; there’s laughter, music and life again.  I’ve gained not only a wife, but a whole extended family overseas.

We were prepared to sell all our asset in Canada and moved to the Philippine where we would live together. We are now privileged to have a vacation home there if we visit Diana’s parents and family.  Now we know that we can always come home together.

Thanks Jennifer and team for your help to make this life a reality.

Gary & Diana

My employer was the one that introduced me to Jennifer and her team.  They were working on getting me a Work Permit through a Labour Market Impact Assessment.  They were very helpful through that process and so; when it came time for me to think about permanent residency here, it was a no brainer to use their firm.  They had most of my information already – in fact they were the ones who were on top of me that I was now eligible to apply for PR.

As I was out of town, it was very helpful to be able to do things remotely most of the time.  They were super informative and gave me lots of helpful reminders.  They were always amazing to answer my email questions and I felt like I had all the help in the world.

In the time frame I had, I would never have been able to do this on my own. I have a full time job and it isn’t working on immigration.  I leave that to the professionals.

I’m happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone.  They make the process easy.  They told me here’s your list of stuff to do, I did it and they took care of everything else.

I appreciate their preparation.  From the time I was going to get my work permit for the first time at the border to the call to me telling me that I had a date to become a permanent resident, I was supported by a great team.

For any future immigration matters, I know where I’m turning first.  Thanks guys.


I met my wife online, and we visited each other a few times.  On one visit I was refused entry at the border.  That denial really started us thinking about how to do this immigration process so that we could be together.  I had figured out that I could come and visit for six months, but we didn’t know what to do next.  After I’d been here for about four months, and we knew that we wanted to be together, we started going to lawyers in Stratford, where Ashton lived, and ask about how to do this process.  The name we were given was – Jennifer Roggemann – as the woman to see. We checked out her website online, and gave her a call.

We’d talked to a lawyer in London and he wanted to do everything by phone or email.  We didn’t want that out of fear that it could be a scam and that we might run into a lot of confusion.  Instead, we wanted a more personal touch, reassurance.   Our first meeting was in person and we liked what we saw.  It’s a personable place and Jennifer walked us through the process.  They were fairly local to us and accessible by phone and email.

We’re glad that we hired them to walk us through this process.  They’re friendly, thorough and professional. It was reassuring to have people helping us who had gone through the process themselves.

Without Jennifer and her team, I would have left a year ago and been unsure how to come back.  Once we started here, we knew what we had to do; we had a plan and hopes for the future.  We could set goals.

Both Ashton and I are happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to others.  They get the job done.  They do what they say they’ll do.  We can assure any future clients that they will be served as well as we have been.

I now have confidence in my status here in Canada.  I’m a permanent resident.  I’m allowed to live here with my wife.  I can build a future and a life with the woman I love.  I belong.  I no longer feel like I have to hide or worry about being forced to leave – even though I always had some status here.

Thank you Jennifer and team for getting us here.

— Kyle & Ashton

I initially came to Jennifer through the recommendation of my employer – who had used her for other clients and was happy with their services.  I can now say that I add my recommendation to hers.  When I first came to Jennifer and her team for my permanent residency, both of us thought it was going to be fairly straightforward.

However, the main reason I’m grateful that I hired them was because there were a lot of unexpected challenges.  They discovered that there were some hurdles with my previous work permit employment and so we had to come up with a few different strategies to get me to where I wanted to be – a permanent resident here in Canada.

That being said, I didn’t have to do much thinking and worrying about the details.  Jennifer and her team laid out the plan and gave me that plan to follow. That plan was very comforting.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own.  In fact, that’s one of the things I most appreciated – I was never alone through this process.  If an issue came up, it was quickly addressed, often with solutions or options before I even knew there was a concern.  They were always quick to give me a phone call or email as needed.

The value of having someone there for you when there are problems is impossible to put a dollar figure on.  Everything was organized and they got it done.  I didn’t have to figure out how to do it, they overcame the challenges that I brought to the table.  For all those reasons, I’m happy to recommend Jennifer and her team to others.

It’s been longer than I originally anticipated when I first came to their office, but they got me here.  I’m now a permanent resident and my opportunities are now able to become realities.  Thanks Jennifer and team for all your help.

— John

My mom gave my now wife and I a great Christmas gift.  She gave us a consultation with Jennifer.  Both of us were overwhelmed by the minutiae of the process; and the options we had to have Rebecca stay here with me.  We really didn’t know where to start.  As we’ve told others since, Jennifer’s office is a great place to start.

Neither of us had a lot of experience with lawyers but Jennifer and her team are the opposite of a ‘stereotypical lawyer’.  She’s frank and honest and really cares about her clients.  We really liked the fact that everyone in the office has been touched by immigration in some way and they understand how it feels to go through this process.

The immigration process is onerous and there is still a lot of work to be done if you hire someone to help you.  However, through every interaction we had with the office we felt supported and guided. They are very approachable and always only a quick email or phone call away if we had a problem.

Yes, it’s a significant investment as far as money goes.  We didn’t really shop around a lot because we liked what we heard and felt right from our first meeting with Jennifer.  I would pay it again just for the peace of mind they gave us.  Both of us had complete confidence that if there was a problem, which there wasn’t, they would be on top of it.  As my wife so aptly said, “you get what you pay for with health care, funerals and lawyers – those aren’t things you skimp on”.

We’ve already recommended them to friends.  We tell them; first of all, we’ve vetted them and know them.  They’ve done nothing but help us without any b.s. and with total professionalism.  They don’t beat around the bush – but they really care about you, not just as a client but as a human being as well.

They kicked our butt when we needed it but never gave us the impression that we were wasting their time.  They encouraged us and answered our questions so that we understood what we needed to do.

Now it’s complete and my wife is finally able to say this is her home.  She left a lot behind both emotionally and physically to be here with me.  Now our future is here together building our lives.  When it comes time to think about Canadian Citizenship, there’s only one place we’ll call.

Thanks so much Jennifer and team for helping us be together here in Canada without worry.

— Reece and Rebecca

I’m a Canadian and my American wife and I have been living in the USA.  We wanted to return to my home country and were thinking of settling near family in the Waterloo area.  I’m one of those techie guys who can see if people are ‘inflating’ their Google ratings.  I was impressed by the high integrity of their reviews.  We called on the phone and the person was pleasant and very knowledgeable.

We really appreciated, as we were in the USA, that we have conducted all of our business over skype and email.  We did appreciate the face-to-face interactions of skype that gave us a really good ‘gut feeling’ about Jennifer and her team.  Our consultation was very informative and laid out the options and a plan for us, but there was no pressure to use their services.

Both Holly and I were impressed with that first meeting.  We didn’t really go searching any further.  We’d found our professional.  When we’d done my immigration to the US, we started off doing it ourselves.  We knew that we didn’t want to do that again.  We’d been forced to be apart for a while and it was just a nightmare.  We knew that we wanted help and we’re pleased with Jennifer and her team.

We appreciated that we would get confirmation emails after meetings so that we could review things that we thought we understood at the time, but needed to review again later.  They were very concise and informative and friendly. Our questions were answered very quickly – once even over a weekend, which we weren’t expecting!

We really valued the honesty and peace of mind that having someone to turn to; that had our back should any  problem arise.  We got the results we wanted in pretty much the time frame Jennifer estimated.

This immigration experience could not have been more different than our previous one.  Everything went very smoothly and when we got the request for Holly’s passport we were jumping for joy.  Our future is in Canada and now we’re able to move there together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us take the next steps in our life journey together.

— Taylor and Holly

My partner and I found Jennifer online and read her reviews. We had tried to apply for Express Entry on our own and found the information on the Immigration Canada website confusing. We were going around in circles and precious time was passing. We liked that Jennifer’s office is a small business and that the staff have a personal connection to the immigration process. We felt, and experienced, that we would be cared for properly.

Our first impression of Jennifer in our consultation was that she was very knowledgeable and cut through the confusion that we had been experiencing. We realized she really understood the process and, although her estimate of the cost was much more than doing it ourselves, we realized it was worth it. It’s an invaluable investment in our future here in Canada.

We’ve never regretted the decision to hire Jennifer and her team. They’re very thorough and yet personable. We were kept informed and we really felt like everyone we dealt with was on top of changes with Immigration Canada. We never doubted the skill of those working on our file.

The only tensions we experienced were through misunderstandings regarding timing of the process, but this was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. We had total trust that Jennifer’s team knew what they’re doing and we were so glad that we didn’t have to figure it out ourselves. This is a monster of a process and they are prepared—and very able— to tackle that monster!

It’s not a cheap process, but to us, it is too important for half measures. We’ve happily spent money on vacations that simply come and go, while a successful immigration result is something you have for life.

The work that Jennifer and her team do is difficult and complex, but they really do change people’s lives. Jennifer is a fighter. We like that! She’s passionate and cares about getting a win for her clients. Her mission is to ‘get it done’ and…mission accomplished.

Everyone in the team has their job, and they’re on top of it. When we got the email from the local IRCC office saying that my daughter and I had an appointment to become permanent residents, we went a little crazy with joy.

At our first meeting we came in with a messy puzzle and Jennifer quickly sorted it out and presented a plan—what a relief! We were freaking out that our family would be torn apart, and now we no longer worry about being separated. We’re able to stay here in our home with the people we love.

Thank you Jennifer and team for changing our lives.

— Magda and Sam

I think I heard an ad on the radio that sent me to check out Jennifer’s website.  My husband and I were looking for someone to take care of the process of me being able to live with him here in Canada.  I read some of the reviews on the website and called the office.  I really liked the receptionist and how she spoke to me.  Ralph had the name of a couple of places in Toronto that did the whole process by email but I really didn’t like the vibe I got from them when I called.  It was totally different with Jennifer’s office.

We came in for a consultation with Jennifer; and that meeting sold us on the firm.  Jennifer is a forthright, down to earth woman.  She doesn’t put on fancy ‘lawyer airs’ and never talked down to us.  Ralph was sold and so was I.  Everyone we worked with at the office was caring and warm.

This isn’t a three-piece-suit sort of office.  We felt comfortable and welcomed.  Both Ralph and I appreciated how approachable they were.  We felt like they were genuinely working for us – not that they were doing us a favor – as I’ve felt in some other lawyer’s offices.  We really felt like they cared about us as people and about the work that they were doing for us.

We would recommend them, and have done so.  They do what they say.  They did things for us that we couldn’t do for ourselves.  We were both impressed with the way they were able to tell our story for us to immigration.  Our processing was completed in less than six months and now I’m a permanent resident here, able to stay with my husband for as long as I want.  No more making sure I don’t overstay my time here as a visitor.  I can now work and live here with my husband.

They were worth the money we spent and we’re both glad to be able to get on with our lives.  Thanks Jennifer and staff for helping us get here.

— Molly and Ralph

We initially came to Jennifer because my mother-in-law heard an ad on the radio. We knew that Canada was where we wanted to call home. My wife was really pregnant with our daughter and we needed help to figure out how to apply for permanent residence and allow me to work during the process.

We came for a consultation and were pretty much sold after Jennifer explained the process to us. We went with a lawyer because we didn’t want to be the ones having to talk with the government and figure things out while we were starting our family. The office was very friendly and professional. It’s not the sort of place that you need to wear a suit and tie to fit in – we felt comfortable there. All the staff that we dealt with were wonderful. They’re patient, thorough and really know their stuff; they work for their money.

That being said, it was expensive and ended up being more than we were expecting. We had some complications that involved extra work that we didn’t account for originally. We would still recommend people to go to Jennifer, but know that it is a significant investment in your future. However, you can be guaranteed that they will do the work they promise; you will get value for your investment.

All the steps along the way, such as getting my work permit, happened as they were supposed to and the process was really smooth. Now I’m a permanent resident here and we can plan our future. We’re excited to go for a visit to my home country to introduce our daughter to my family; but Canada is now my home.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your work for us.

— Akeim and Jacquelyn

We found this law office in one of the most challenging periods of our lives. Newly married, my wife Canadian and myself American, we had drastically misunderstood the processes necessary to ensure I would be able to build a life with her in Ontario, and I was only a couple of weeks away from a potential notice of deportation. Based on the mistakes I made, I did not think I even deserved a chance to make it right and managed the (short, but painful) wait for an appointment with plans to move back to the US and restart the process.

Already partially reassured by the incredibly fast and professional response of the office’s staff, I went into the meeting cautiously optimistic, and to make a long story short, we immediately agreed to enter a process that just in the past couple of months culminated in securing my permanent residency. Along the way, I received expedited permissions to pursue a job in Ontario, mentoring throughout the process of acquiring required documents and testimonials, anything we could have wanted, especially and all importantly the peace of mind mentioned in other reviews here already. And I never had to be separated from my wife at any point.

While expensive, the costs were well explained, and we were coached in how to keep the costs as low as possible by doing as much on our end as we could. This resulted in a sizable refund of our retainer, given to us immediately along with my notice of permanent residency. I have nothing but praise for their office and staff, and anticipate continuing to exchange Christmas greetings/gifts over many happy years here in the province.

— Cheyenne

My partner and I originally heard about Jennifer’s office through her niece. Vicky and I originally met, and fell in love, while she was here as a temporary worker. When her work visa wasn’t renewed, we didn’t think we had any choice but for her to return to the Philippines; so she left. Ever since, we’d been trying to find a way to bring Vicky back here to join me again as my spouse. We had some complications because of health issues, and that we technically didn’t meet the criteria for being spouses while Vicky had been here.

I talked to several lawyers in my area and all of them said there was nothing to be done. Vicky’s niece was a client of Jennifer’s in Kitchener and so we decided to go for a consultation. Vicky was able to join via Skype from the Philippines, so that we could both hear the information. After that meeting, we decided to hire Jennifer, as she gave us some hope. We still had a long shot to be approved, but she at least was willing to give it a shot. We’re glad that we hired them and would do it again.

It was a long process, but they kept us informed the whole time. They helped me to do what was needed to prove our relationship, although words don’t come easy for me. They got my love back to Canada. When Vicky was able to come back to Canada as a permanent resident, we were over the moon.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone. They’re the only ones that helped me, everyone else said no. Go to them, they’ve proven themselves to Vicky and me. Everyone we worked with was great.

Now Vicky is here and we can live our lives, start to plan our future together, begin to live again.

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for all your work.

— Richard & Vicky

My wife and I met while we were at University in the UK. We eventually decided Canada was where we wanted to start our lives together. We started looking online for immigration lawyers because we knew that we didn’t want the stress and hassle of doing this process ourselves. We looked into a couple places in Toronto, but didn’t get a good feeling from them. Both MJ and I like to see who we’re working with and so we liked that we could do a skype consultation while we were still in the UK. They were local and convenient to where MJ’s family lived, which we knew would be helpful for meetings once we were in Canada.

We had a really good feeling from our skype consultation and that translated very easily to in-person meetings. It was easy and relaxing to come to the office. Everyone was very personable and friendly. We liked that the staff in the office were from all over the world, and as a result, they knew something of this process personally.

If we were starting this process all over again, I’d definitely go back to Jennifer’s office. I’m not looking anywhere else. For citizenship, I know where I’m coming for help. Everyone was invested in our story and in the process of getting my permanent residency. There was never a lot of legal jargon thrown around that we didn’t understand. We always were informed about the next steps in the process and we were confident that, if something came up in our file, there was enough knowledge in the office to handle it. We could trust them.

We both really liked that if we had a question, we knew that we could call and get help. They’d have a solution to our problem and get back to us quickly. The peace of mind of knowing that help was there, should we need it, was invaluable. We knew that our file was in good hands and didn’t worry about it once we filed. We knew that it was being taken care of and that if something came up, they would be on top of it.

I’ve already recommended a co-worker to come to Jennifer for help. I told him ‘This is my lawyer, they’re good, go see them’. We like that it doesn’t feel like a stuffy lawyer’s office. They’re very accommodating and flexible with things like skype to meet with people overseas. We’re able to be ourselves and enjoy the friendly atmosphere they’ve created.

Now that I’m a permanent resident, I can breathe. Now I can travel to see family in the UK and know that I can come back in to be with my wife. My future is here in Canada and I’m looking forward to being a citizen as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for getting us to this step in the journey.

— Mike & MJ

My fiancé was recommended to Jennifer by a law firm in Cambridge and came in for a consultation while I was still working in another province. We had taken enough of a stab at figuring out my economic permanent residency to realize we didn’t want the hassle and stress of trying to make this all work out correctly without professional help. During our consultation, Jennifer was very confident of the options we had available to us, and we were impressed with her ‘binder of action plans’ that she used to walk us through those options.

We’re glad we made the decision to hire her and would do it again. Everyone that we dealt with in the office was always positive and upbeat. They were prompt and to-the-point when they answered our questions. What we both valued most from Jennifer and her team was that they gave us insight into the process and shared their expertise of what was coming next. They allowed us to use what limited spare time we had for other things, as they successfully took over our immigration process. And now I’m ready to be a permanent resident here in Canada.

We would be happy to recommend Jennifer to others. They know their business and they have set up a good process to take you through the steps in a very logical, procedural way that lets you know what to expect next.

Thank you for all your assistance.

— JP and Martin

I met my wife Jennifer when I was on a business trip in Germany. She was coordinating our meeting schedule and we ended up clicking really well. Fast forward a bit and we tried to do a spousal application on our own. We ended up getting a refusal because we didn’t provide some of the right documentation. We did a google search for lawyers to help us and found Jennifer Roggemann’s website. We called and came in for an appointment.

My wife had spoken with a consultant before but we decided that with a refused application, we should have a lawyer. We should have saved ourselves a lot of headaches and frustrations by hiring her sooner. Jennifer was able to provide an outside of the box solution to the problem with a custody document for my wife’s son that was great. That’s the sort of service I was paying for. The billing was fair – good value for the dollar. The reporting was great. I’m not the type of person that needs a fancy report – an emailed letter works great for me. It was a lot of work to put in our second application.

There was a lot of things that Jennifer’s office asked us to provide that was what I call ‘colour’ to the file. These documents helped to individualize our situation, which we hadn’t thought to provide the first time. We had decided to hire a law firm that immigration was all they did. We figured that if they weren’t good, they wouldn’t be in business. There are good reasons why Jennifer Roggemann’s office is the successful immigration law firm that it is – they’re good at what they do, and Immigration law ‘is what they do’. They know their stuff and they even worked with us on a payment plan.

Now my wife and step-son are permanent residents and we can plan our future without worrying about work permits and study permits expiring; without worrying that they will have to return to Germany. Thanks, Jennifer and team for making that happen!

— Barry & Jennifer

We had no idea of the minefield that is immigration, and so when it came time to do our application for my wife to sponsor me, we knew that we needed an expert. Sam looked online and called various people in the area. She eventually settled on Jennifer as the one to go for a consultation based of her YouTube videos and the reception we got on the phone when we called. She went for one consultation, then we had another one where I joined from the UK on Skype.

I liked the confidence that Jennifer knew what she was talking about. She said that our case was straightforward and that we would be successful. She also said that, if we were looking for the cheapest option, to go elsewhere. I liked that they knew what they were talking about. Looking back, we would make the same decision today. Now that we know more about the process and could probably do it on our own, I still wouldn’t want to. We both liked that we gave them the stuff they needed and then there were no further hassles on our end. There were no issues – they took care of things.

Unfortunately, we filed two days before they decreased the processing time, so our file took longer than some others. However, I look at it as I now have more time to count towards my citizenship dates. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable. Any questions we had were dealt with pretty quickly. For ourselves, we would have liked a periodic no-news-is-still-good-news email, as we went through the long process. They were glad to have that feedback for future clients.

They certainly provided a valuable service. There was no hassle or stress; we haven’t have to do anything while we waited for the process to be completed. We had two years of worry free marriage because we hired the experts. If we’d done this on our own, we would have been worrying all the time that we had missed something.

If you have a straightforward case, you can go other places for less cost, but if you want hassle-free, go to Jennifer and her team. If you have a tricky case, 100% go see these guys for sure.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and my wife and I can live our normal lives. My parents are coming for a visit and I’m thinking about becoming a citizen in the country I now call home.

Thanks, Jennifer!

— James & Sam

I had married my Canadian husband many years ago but had never gotten around to becoming a Canadian myself. I had been thinking about getting it done when I attended a business workshop. Jennifer was also attending and introduced herself and said that she was an immigration lawyer – I knew that God was telling me it was time. When I found out she was also a Christian, I went up and introduced myself and got her contact information. I sent her an email and ended up coming in for a consultation.

I saw how thorough and well laid out their plan was and I realized that I didn’t need to approach any other lawyers; I was comfortable hiring Jennifer. I’m glad I made that decision and would make it again. Everyone that I dealt with was kind, patient and generous with their time and knowledge. Every time I called or came into the office, I was welcomed and they knew my name.

They work as a team on the files so I saw several different people over the course of my time with Jennifer’s office; however, each person I met with was up to date on my file and I never had to repeat information that I’d given to another person.

When I went to my citizenship ceremony, I realized how grateful I was to have someone who had guided me through this process. I had been given all the information I needed; documents to get and where to get them, where to go and what to have ready for appointments. As we checked in the day of our Citizenship Ceremony, it was very evident which candidates were well prepared. I felt sorry for those who chose to go through the process without someone on their side guiding them. Everything for me was done properly and efficiently and I would certainly recommend them to others needing help.

The team provides good quality, efficient service with high character. We had some bumps along the way, but they were very gracious and truly lived out their Christian values. Now I’m a Canadian and it’s great to realize that I no longer have to keep track of my entries and exits from Canada every five years!

Now my husband and I can retire, travel as we please and enjoy our life together. Thank you, Jennifer and team, for helping us get there.

— Debi

We had such a good experience with Jennifer Roggemann’s office. All of the staff there are welcoming and helpful, but most importantly patient. We were undertaking a permanent residency which, let me tell you, is daunting. In these matters it’s important to realize that a misfiled document or a form filled out incorrectly could delay things immeasurably or indeed, can be cause for denial. That being said you should definitely consider seeking professional help.

Jennifer Roggemann and her team have the knowledge and the patience to take you from start to finish. You have to put effort into the process. But that is to say that their assistance will make it seem less like a chore. I am sitting here writing this review having recently been awarded permanent residency. There are no guarantees, but I feel that this is largely the case because of Jennifer Roggemann and her team of professionals. We will be forever grateful for their help. Their expertise are invaluable.

— Benjamin

Used these guys recently and received my permanent residency. If you’re main concern is price then this is not the place for you, you can definitely do it cheaper. But what I got from here is highly knowledgeable people, very friendly and courteous staff. From day one my application went incredibly smoothly and happened exactly as they told me it would. If your case could be complex, you need to see these guys as they know what they are talking about. Hassle free, stress free, and fit what I wanted. Cant say better than that!

— James

To figure out how to go through the immigration process, we googled ‘best immigration lawyer in KW’ and Jennifer came up. We read the reviews, as it was important to see what others had said. We decided to give her a call and we’re glad we did.

Jennifer and her team are very knowledgeable and cared about us as people. Yes, we’re a customer but we feel we’re also friends. Whenever we called or emailed, we received a direct reply. When we didn’t understand something, they never gave up finding the right explanation so that I could understand. We felt very much part of the team and involved in finding solutions. When I had financial problems, they even came up with a payment plan to help us manage our finances which was amazing.

We’ve already referred people to go to see Jennifer. We tell them that they care about their clients and they look after them as people. She’s so straightforward and honest. She does what she says. Thanks to Jennifer and her team.

— Rasim

My English isn’t very good so I’m glad that my friend (who is also my husband’s cousin) was able to help me bring my husband to Canada. Although my husband and I are both from Cambodia, I had come to Canada a long time ago. My friend introduced me to her cousin, my now husband, and then I went back to visit and we got married.  When I found out I was pregnant with our son, we decided that it was safer to have our baby in Canada. We never thought that it would be so long before my husband would see his son in person.

I saved up for a while to be able to afford help to bring my husband here.  When it was time to get help, we googled immigration lawyers and Jennifer’s name came up. We sent Jennifer’s office an email after reading the reviews. 

Our first impression when we met Jennifer was that she was very helpful and keen to help us get our family back together. She laid everything out for us and made the process easier for us to understand. It was expensive, but we got the end result we wanted. The process is long, but the work Jennifer and her staff put in to bring Bun Thoeun here was very helpful. They answered our questions quickly and clearly. We never needed to ask further questions, they gave us a full answer. They were very easy to work with and clear with their instructions.

Finally, this June, my husband was able to meet his little boy in person for the first time. I can’t thank Jennifer and her staff enough for supporting us as we got our family back together.

Thank you!

— Phally & Bun

I came here from Portugal to go to school; then, I was working after graduation. After I met, and fell in love with my Canadian husband, we were looking for ways that I could stay. I had an idea that we would do this process ourselves but I got overwhelmed with trying to figure it out. I googled ‘best immigration lawyer in KW’ and Jennifer’s name popped up. I read the reviews and decided that we should go for a consultation; maybe that would give us enough information to sort out what we’d read online.

My husband and I went to meet with Jennifer and she went over all the options that we had. Both Craig and I looked at each other and thought this is too much work and too confusing to do by ourselves. I had made it to Canada by myself, but now I needed help to stay.

Our experiences with the office were great. They were very clear in how they answered any questions I had and they didn’t lie to me. The peace of mind of knowing that we’ve covered all the bases let us be confident that this was going to work and I could stay here. They keep up with all the changes in the law and get things done correctly – that’s what I tell people when they ask me why we chose Jennifer.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and I have the peace of knowing that I can stay. It may seem like a little thing, but we’re planning a vacation this fall and when we come home, I’ll be able to stand in the same line as my husband at the airport.

Thanks Jennifer and team you’re all amazing.

— Ana

I originally came to Jennifer when I was planning to study in Canada. She was able to get me my study permit and then my post graduate work permit. I’m very happy with the service I received then and there was no need to go anywhere else when it was time to apply for permanent residency.

Everyone in the office is patient and competent. Jennifer is really kind and been very helpful in stressful situations. I’ve always been given all the support that I need from their office. No one is perfect and sometimes glitches happen. I see that as the cost of doing business and I’m much more likely to go return to a place that owns their failings. I’ve referred other friends and family to Jennifer and now that I’m a permanent resident, I’ll remain engaged with her law office for my Citizenship. I plan on referring Jennifer’s law office to my family, friends and acquaintances interested in applying for Canadian immigration. Thanks again for everything.  


When my wife and I were married I made a promise that we would come back to Canada when I retired. Well the time came and we settled in Kitchener. Then I needed to get my Permanent Residency sorted out and luckily we were recommended to Jennifer Roggemann.

We could not have received a better recommendation. Jennifer and her team of expert immigration specialists soon had us on board. Even though my wife was sponsoring me it was a complicated process, one that we could not have done on our own.

Now I have my PR thanks to the team that ensured every T was crossed and every I dotted. Whilst their professionalism is outstanding you always feel at ease in their office; as they get to know you one feels like “you are one of the family.” I would recommend them to everybody who needs help with immigration issues and I personally look forward to going back to Jennifer and her team when I qualify to apply for my Canadian Citizenship!  


I was in trouble when I came to Jennifer the first time. I hadn’t told Immigration Canada that I was married when I came to Canada as a live-in-caregiver – as a result when I added him to my PR application, they sent me a letter asking for more information. I didn’t know what to do; but I knew I needed someone to help me sort things out. I didn’t want to have to give up on our dream of a better life here in Canada, but I didn’t know if I had options.

My former employer Googled immigration lawyers and Jennifer came up first. I read everything. She sounded like the best person to help me and so we called for an appointment. I felt like no one would be able to help me, but I had to at least try. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this financially, but this was more important than money.

Since working with Jennifer and her team, my nerves are gone. It’s a nice place that calms my nerves. I trust them. I’m not organized and so they would follow up with me and keep me on track. I was able to cry with them, and be honest with them, and then they could really represent me to Immigration Canada. They never stopped fighting for my husband and me. They’re on top of things and didn’t forget about me.

When I got a call from the office telling me the date I was going to become a permanent resident, I just started to cry. I couldn’t believe that it was finally my turn. When I looked at the landing paperwork and saw my husband’s name there as my accompanying spouse, I finally felt it was real. I sent him a photo of the paper and told him ‘ you’re next in line – I’ll see you soon’. It’s such a relief. I felt like there has been a bone stuck in my heart for years and now it’s gone. I haven’t seen my husband in five years because I wanted to save for our future. Now I’m going back to get him. This time when I leave the Philippines, I’ll be happy to return home because my family is coming with me.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for making that happen.

— Alona

I came to Canada to upgrade my schooling and to find a new life for me and my husband. I’m originally from the Philippines and my husband is from Austria. We were living in Austria, but there weren’t a lot of job opportunities for me because I couldn’t speak German fluently enough. My roommate was a former client of Jennifer’s and she told me to go and talk to her about my options for permanent residency.

After looking at the reviews online, and because of my roommate’s recommendation, I came for a consultation. They are very accessible – I could call any time with questions. The staff is very friendly, honest and transparent. I know that there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that we as clients don’t see. If I had to do this myself, it would take forever and I’d make a mistake for sure.

My husband and I are now permanent residents here in Canada and I would recommend Jennifer’s office as a professional place that gets the best result possible.

Thanks, Jennifer and staff.

— Normita & Martin

My partner and I are cheerleading coaches from the US. We initially discovered Jennifer’s office when we were looking to take jobs offered to us in Canada, but we couldn’t get the work permit process figured out on our own. Our employers found Jennifer online and looked over the reviews. They called three different people and ended up coming in for a consultation with Jennifer and the rest is history.

It may seem strange that my best moment with the office was when they were with me at the border trying to get my work permit and I had been refused entry. From the way they talked to me in that moment, I knew right then and there that they had a plan, that they had my back. They knew the next step in the process and I felt confident that I was in good hands. They did get my work permit approved and so it only made sense to go to them once we were eligible for permanent residency.

I have a lot of energy and have trouble sitting still for meetings in a lawyer’s office. I really appreciated that our meetings were quick. They were well thought out and decisive. I knew the next thing that I had to do and there was always an email follow-up to remind me. I need deadlines and they were great to give them to me.

I’m a great cheerleading coach, but I don’t know this process. They do; so I let them do what they do best. That being said, they never talked down to me. The people I interacted with were pure gems.

Now that my partner and I are permanent residents – approved in less than 2 months by the way – I have the freedom to work and grow in my profession as a coach. There’s a lot more stability because we can stay here, work here and live our lives here. With the uncertainty in my country, I love that both of us have found a future here in Canada.  

 Corey & Taylor

I had become a permanent resident shortly after marrying my Canadian sweetheart back in the 1970’s. However, he soon started a career in the USA and so I never physically lived in Canada that long. We always knew that we wanted to move back to Canada when Mark retired. When that time was coming closer, we knew that we needed help getting my status confirmed. I’d never applied for a PR Card before, as it didn’t exist back when I landed here. We did a google search and found Jennifer’s office close to Mark’s family where we’d be living. It was just an extra confirmation that she has our daughter’s name. We were coming up to visit and so we emailed and arranged a meeting.

From the first time we met with Jennifer, it was like we were having a conversation with a friend. She was so easy to talk to and not a stereotypical lawyer. We didn’t know what to do or where to start, but she put us at ease right away. We were very glad that we hired her to help us out. They worked with us to get our records together showing how I’d been accompanying my husband and so still was a permanent resident. They’re down to earth and professional. They are quite cost effective. They go the extra mile and took the worry out for us. There was a bit of sticker shock initially, but they were worth every penny. We couldn’t do it by ourselves and they were very flexible to accommodate our distance and do things over Skype as much as possible.

We liked that everyone in the office had a personal experience with the immigration process and so could relate to us. They get the job done and know what they’re doing. They even coached us on how to present our documents to pick up my first ever permanent resident card. Even the immigration officer said that Jennifer was a good lawyer to use.

I’m looking forward to living here with my husband and being able to travel without worry now that I’ve got my status sorted out and official.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for making that happen.

— Carol & Mark

I was a Canadian and my daughters were born in the US. When we returned to Canada, we made an assumption that they were able to live here because I was Canadian. We never actually went through the process to apply for their proof of Canadian ‘citizenship by descent’. As the girls got older, we realized that they couldn’t do the things that other teens could – get a part time job, go to the doctor etc. I started looking into what I needed to do and I realized that I didn’t want to do this process by myself. I called a couple of other offices in the London area and I just didn’t get a good feeling. I found Jennifer’s website on line and read the reviews from other clients. I called the office and everything seemed so professional that I thought they were the ones to help us.

I came to the office for a consultation and that confirmed my feeling that this office would do a good job for me. I went through the process of getting my residency in the US and so I know how helpful it is to have someone there to help you. Everyone that I dealt with in the office was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They responded well to my questions –  usually with a phone call. I appreciated that they were flexible to work around my schedule with coming in for appointments. They never wasted my time with unnecessary meetings. Time off in my job is difficult to get and so I appreciated that they respected my time.

There was a small glitch when the requirements changed about what documents we needed to prove my daughter’s identity but we worked through it and the girls got their citizenship certificates in record time. I would definitely recommend this office to others. They give good service and always kept me informed as we went through the process.

Overall, I’m very happy with Jennifer’s office. Now my girls can go and look
for those jobs that will start their adult lives here in Canada. Thank you.

— Blaine

I work in a law office in the area and so when my partner and I were trying to figure out how to do this immigration process, I asked my colleagues for a recommendation.  I received Jennifer’s name from several colleagues and a friend who was a former client.  I called the office and we were able to book a consultation with me in the office and Duane on Skype.

The consultation was a little overwhelming in that there is a lot of information all at once because Jennifer goes through all the options that are available and then she makes a recommendation based on her knowledge and the facts she’s gathered from us.  I really liked her and Duane said that since I deal with lawyers all the time, and I was the one who would be most interacting with the office, that he agreed with my decision to hire Jennifer and her team.  Since our paperwork was processed in under six months, we would certainly make the same decision today!

They are really fast at responding to questions.  I know that not seeing Jennifer a lot during the processing of our application doesn’t mean that she wasn’t involved in our file.  We’re grateful that she was overseeing her team and everyone we dealt with was really efficient and pleasant.  We had talked with other people and heard horror stories of people doing this process on their own and it taking years.  We never thought about doing it on our own – neither my husband nor I are experts in immigration and so we chose to let the professionals handle it. 

What I would tell someone who is thinking about going through this process, go to Jennifer and get the information.  They know what immigration is looking for in your application.  The process is a lot more tedious than we thought.  When we started our relationship, we didn’t think about keeping proof of our relationship, documents and receipts and all that.  The volume of information that goes into this process is staggering but Jennifer’s team was able to sort through and pick out what they needed and our results speak for themselves. 

This process was actually too fast for us, we were thinking that this would take close to a year so now we’re scrambling for Duane to finish up his life in the US.  However, these are great ‘problems’ to have.  Both of us are looking forward to being ‘normal’.  To be able to take for granted our time together; to be able to go out and do things in an evening because we’re both in the same location.  Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us start our true life together.  

 Sabrina & Duane

I came to Jennifer’s office on the recommendation of my lawyer. I was looking for assistance with bringing my wife from Laos.  After our consultation, I realized that Jennifer was the one to help me – there was no need to shop around. Sometimes cheaper isn’t better.

They were helpful and supportive and I never left a meeting confused about what was next.  I have learned that getting married to a citizen of Laos is complicated but Jennifer and her team were very helpful in pointing me to the right places to get information.  I learned a lot about the process which was very valuable – even though my relationship broke down and we never ended up submitting the application.

I still recommend people to go and see Jennifer to get help with their situation.  At least go for the consultation and find out where you stand.  That’s money well spent.  From there you can figure out if it’s best for you.

I’m still hopeful about the future and maybe I’ll be back to see Jennifer again.

— Mike

My husband and I had lived in the USA for many years before we decided to move back to John’s home country of Canada.  John wanted to use a local immigration lawyer and so we did some research and located Jennifer.  We listened to her interview clip on CBC and she sounded knowledgeable. I liked that the office had a lot of women professionals and that they were from all over the world. We also appreciated that Jennifer is an immigrant herself. We emailed and set up a Skype appointment while we were in the US.

Jennifer is easy to talk to and we both liked her style, so we hired her to work for us.  The entire office is friendly, efficient and upbeat. Jennifer gave us a great overview of the process and then her staff broke down their specific sections into more detail so that we could understand the process step by step.  They’re organized and we liked that when we telephoned or had a meeting, we would receive an email afterwards confirming what we’d discussed.

We liked the sense of certainty that they had about our application and that what we provided was what Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada was looking for.  The office staff is professional, but approachable and friendly. They are responsive and answered questions quickly.

It was a bit exhausting documenting a 20-year marriage, but Jennifer’s office knew what they were looking for and were responsive to feedback when we didn’t have certain items.  Now I’m a permanent resident here and John and I can move on with the next phase of our lives together.

We’re glad we hired Jennifer to help us get here.

— Carol & John

I came from France to Canada on a University exchange program in Quebec.  Little did I know that I would meet my life-partner, a girl there only for a year from Ontario.  I fell in love with the girl and also her home country.  After trying for two years to get information on how to do this process; calling the IRCC call centre and frequenting google chat rooms, we did a google search for lawyers to help us.  I had heard a lot of people having problems with lawyers and so when I read the reviews of Jennifer’s site, they were positive and that was very important. 

We came in for a consultation because I was so lost.  Talking to someone who knew what to do was so reassuring.  I was done.  I had no other option.  I knew that we had to give this a try.  Jennifer was very straightforward and frank about what we needed to do.  She was honest and gave us the truth.  We decided she was the one to help us – and we never regretted that decision.

Once we’d hired them, we didn’t have to think too much.  They gave us clear instructions and step-by-step things to do which was very helpful.  I stressed anyway; but that’s just me.  They were very accurate and quick in their response to our questions.  It was great to get a confirmation email following a meeting or phone call because that gave us something to read over when we forgot things.  The office is on a bus route, which was helpful as we don’t drive.  They were always accommodating of our schedules and finding times that worked for everyone.  We liked that they were flexible with options for meeting due to distance and never had an unnecessary meeting.

The money is a big aspect of this, as we’re a young couple just starting out.  However; the peace of mind of someone else having our back in this process can’t be overstated.  This was our future; it’s stressful and we didn’t have a plan B.  We wanted our lives to be here, we didn’t want to have to think about moving to France.  If this didn’t work, I don’t want to think about where Alyssa and I would have been.

However, Jennifer and her team got us through and we’re grateful to have had them on our side.  We were able to keep living our lives without worrying, too much anyway.   Now I’m a permanent resident here and we have started to put down roots and begin our ‘adult lives’ together – including asking Alyssa to marry me – and she said yes!

Thank you Jennifer and team for getting us here.

— Pierre & Alyssa

My wife and I came to Jennifer’s office terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stay here. We had a horrible experience at the Sarnia border and I was only given a short visitor visa. Because our relationship isn’t legal in my state, we had chosen my wife’s home as the place we wanted to build our lives. That now seemed impossible. We googled immigration lawyers and called a few places. One didn’t answer; another gave no information over the phone. When we called Jennifer’s office, they gave us a lot of information and asked a lot of questions that let us know that they knew what they were talking about.

We were able to get in for a consultation very quickly and we were given assurance within 15 minutes that I didn’t have to leave; that there were options that would extend my stay. It felt like I was able to draw my first full breath in days. We both got the feeling that Jennifer and her office knew the system and how to work within the rules. They could navigate our way through so we didn’t have to worry.

We decided right then that these were the people to help us. Our experiences with them were perfect. They’re efficient, friendly and broadminded. They were responsible with our resources and always explained any new fees. It was never more than 24 hours before we had an answer to a question. They gave us relevant and helpful information even if that was outside of their job; like providing us with information on where to go to access services in other government departments that impacted our lives (customs, health cards, SIN number etc).

The value of the peace of mind that came from having Jennifer and her team behind us is hard to put into words. We had planned some ‘bug out’ solutions if this didn’t work out, but we didn’t need them. Now I’m able to stay with my wife and no one is going to force me to leave her.

We’ve already recommended friends to speak with Jennifer. If you want a direct answer, no matter how convoluted your personal situation is or how desperate you are, go to her. You’ll get an honest, complete and easy to understand answer.

Ever since our first meeting with Jennifer, my sense of security (that feeling that this would work out) came from Jennifer and her team. The paperwork that I now have is the cherry on top. For me, the real trust came from having Jennifer on my side. I knew that that she would get it done and now I don’t ever have to hide. I can work, live and enjoy my life here with my partner.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making Canada home.

— C & N

I came to Canada from Korea for college and ended up staying and working in my field. When I was eligible to apply for Permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class, I was looking for some help. I was introduced to Jennifer through the Korean community and I went for a consultation. She sounded confident that she could solve the problems that I had with my situation. I’m glad that I decided to hire Jennifer. She knows much more than some consultants that I talked to in Toronto.

She and her office are confident and knowledgeable about what they do. They are expensive, but I always received a response quickly whenever I had a question or had provided them with documents. The fact that Jennifer could communicate with my family in Korean was very helpful. She also has an understanding of the cultural concerns that are common to South Korean men my age regarding military service in our home country.

I liked that, because I lived out of town, I was able to have skype meetings with the office rather than having to drive to Kitchener to meet. Now I’m a permanent resident and I’m able to move on with my life. I’m looking forward to being able to apply for Canadian citizenship as soon as possible and I know I’ll be back for another consultation with Jennifer.  


I was actually referred to Jennifer’s office by her former competition. A member of my church gave me Jennifer’s name and said that she’d been ‘good competition’. I looked her up online when my now wife and I were trying to figure out how to have her and her children move to live with me here in Canada. I called the office and booked an appointment. I thought that Jennifer seemed like she knew what she was doing and so I didn’t look any further.

After having gone through this process, with a few hiccups from Immigration, I am definitely glad we made the decision to hire Jennifer’s team. Everyone we ever talked to at the office was very friendly and helpful. They had – or found – answers for all our questions. Everyone seemed happy to see us every time we came to the office. The atmosphere in the office is very happy and energetic and somehow that positivity left us feeling better after coming in. Often we’d arrived stressed and feel better and more confident when we left.

We would recommend others to go and talk to Jennifer and her team. They know what they’re doing and are quick to answer questions and very reliable. Now that we have my wife and the kids’ permanent residency sorted out, we can move forward with the rest of our lives. My family has safety and security. They have a home here and can now come and go as they please. Now our oldest can plan for her university career and make choices and decisions like any normal teenager deciding what to do with her life. No longer is ‘where I call home’ one of those decisions.

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for helping make my family complete.

— Mike

A Canadian-American couple, we have been married for a long time and had been living in the United States. We’re both college professors, and have struggled for years with balancing our two careers. When Martin got a job offer “back home” in Canada, we decided it was time to start a new chapter and made arrangements to begin immigrating. We had previously gone through the long, messy process of immigration to the US for Martin’s green card and ended up having to hire a lawyer after trying to do it on our own.  This time we wanted things done smoothly and so we started looking online for help.

We googled immigration lawyers in the area and saw that Jennifer’s office was all women. Intrigued, we read everything on her website and made arrangements for a consultation when we were visiting.  The date of that first consultation actually coincided with our 20th wedding anniversary – what’s more romantic than a visit to a lawyer’s office!

The price tag was sobering but since we wanted this done right, we decided to go ahead.  We sensed they knew what they were doing, were organized and efficient, and we liked that they didn’t talk down to us.   Jennifer talks fast (!) and processes information quickly, and we appreciated that she was very thorough and open and gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision.

We decided to hire Jennifer and her team and we have never regretted that decision.  Every interaction with the office (whether in person, phone or email) was professional and friendly. They were continually helpful and although we were sharing a lot of personal information, we trusted them.

The most valuable thing they gave us was peace of mind.  They are very efficient and we didn’t have to worry about the details. They had told us how long they expected the process to take, which helped give me a timeline of when I would be able to look for new job opportunities here in Canada, and we are thrilled that it turned out to be even faster than what they had told us. They were able to offer helpful suggestions for how to get all the needed materials along the way, including the medical exam, finger-printing, background checks, etc.

We recommend that you at least go and have a consultation with Jennifer to find out all your options.  They are friendly, fast, smart and helpful.  Now I’m a permanent resident here and Martin and I are enjoying settling into our new community.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us start this new chapter in our lives!

— Hannah & Martin

My husband and I have known each other for a long time but only recently did we become involved. He had emigrated to Canada many years ago and we lost touch. When he came back to visit my country, we attended the same party and it was like no time had passed.

We wanted to be together and, after a few visits to him in Canada, I could see myself living there. We wanted to figure out the best way for my son and I to come. My husband searched online and found Jennifer’s office. He liked that she was also an immigrant to Canada.

He decided to hire Jennifer after coming in to speak with her. When he told me how much it would cost, I said he was crazy. However, when I understood how the process works in Canada, I said that if this is the price, then we pay it. We got our results very quickly and so the price was worth it.

What was really valuable for me was when I was called for an interview, Jennifer and her team told me what questions to expect and how to anticipate what their concerns were with our relationship – as we’d eloped. When I got to the interview, saw the thickness of our file and that they hadn’t requested any additional documents; I realized that Jennifer and her team know what they’re doing. The details that they covered and prepared me for were very helpful and I was approved as a permanent resident shortly after the interview was completed. We were very pleasantly surprised by the speed of our approval. Our file was submitted in April of 2017 and I got my landing paperwork that same November. My son and I were able to become permanent residents at the beginning of 2018 and start our new life in Canada. Now my family is complete. My husband is no longer the only immigrant in our family to call Canada home.

Everyone at the office was very helpful and we both recommend that people go and see her. Yes, we may have been able to do this ourselves; but when you get stuck; where do you go? Thanks Jennifer and team for all your work.  


My wife and I first met when we were just a few days old – our Mothers were great friends – but we didn’t really get together until later in life. Sonja had emigrated to Canada from our native Great Britain as a young child with her Parents. We kept in touch over the years and as fate would have it we got together and married in 2003. Our plan had always been to retire in Canada. When the time came for us to do so, we did not anticipate the hurdles that we would have to overcome. We soon realized we needed help, my corporate lawyer referred us to Jennifer. We are so glad he did !

When we first came to Jennifer so many years ago now to help fix Sonja’s status as a permanent resident, little did we know that we would be one of their longest running repeat clients! Jennifer helped us fix Sonja’s status and then we moved on to her sponsorship of me for permanent residency. Now we’re just about to start back with them for Sonja’s Canadian citizenship – and maybe mine down the road as well! They know so much about us they’re like family. Unlike many lawyer’s offices’ I have dealt with in my business life Jennifer’s office is not a stuffy outfit; it is so relaxed and the atmosphere they have created is very, very special. It has been a real joy going there.

The friendliness and business ethics of the firm cannot be overstated. They are very thorough in all their reporting, which gave us a lot of confidence in the process. More than that, we like all of the girls in the office. We feel comfortable with them. I don’t know how (or why) people would do this on their own. Their knowledge and guidance you just can’t get from a book. Sure, we could probably do Sonja’s citizenship application on our own but, we want to make sure it’s done right and that is what Jennifer’s office is about.

Everyone in the office plays a key role in working on our files. They are all specialists in their own area – and even the boss is ok 😉  When they asked us if there was anything that we would recommend them to change or improve, we told them to carry on doing the same. If it’s not broken, why try to fix it? Stay with the winning formula!

Thanks, Jennifer and team, for making Canada truly feel like home for both of us.  

 Andrew and Sonja

My wife and I had been working here on Work Permits. Unfortunately, things did not go as we expected with my employer. We didn’t want to rely on our previous lawyer to make sure that things got sorted out for our permanent residence application so we got a referral to Jennifer’s office. We looked her up online and then called in to the office.

From the first consultation meeting with Jennifer, we realized that this was a place we felt comfortable. The meeting was hectic and there was a lot of information and options thrown around. We both agreed that she was very knowledgeable. As we had a lot of stuff on our plate; this was something we could off-load. We knew that we couldn’t do the process by ourselves and we both agreed to let the professionals handle it.

Every meeting or interaction (phone, email, skype) we were greeted warmly – usually with hugs in the office. Each milestone in our journey was celebrated with the whole office and we knew that they genuinely cared about us and our future. Not worrying about the details allowed the two of us to focus on our lives and our relationship; not our immigration paperwork.

We’re happy to recommend everyone at Jennifer’s office to others. It’s a personal, caring and professional team. They stay up-to-date on the law and there may be more options available that you know.

We came to Canada to start a new life and now we have. Now that we are permanent residents; the restrictions are gone. We can choose our future. We have ideas to start new businesses, personal goals that can now move forward; our insecurities and fears are gone. No one is going to kick us out of our home.

Thank you Jennifer and team for helping us achieve the life we’ve always wanted.  

 Arjen & Karin

I was referred to Jennifer by my friend. I had no clue about how to apply for PR through the economic stream. I realized it was time for me to settle down. I had a good job now and was ready to get on with my adult life.

I had multiple consultations with Jennifer – with my employer, about the Provincial Nominee Program, etc. I thought about doing this myself but realized that I want someone professional to assist me. I’d make that same decision again today. The peace of mind from not having to do all the paperwork by myself and worrying that I was making mistakes was worth hiring Jennifer and her team. I trust them 100%.

I tell other people to go for a consultation and get the right advice to make an informed decision. They will give you an honest opinion on your case in a timely manner so that you can decide for yourself the best way to go.

I appreciated everything from top to bottom. Thanks you guys for making that happen.

— Chirag

I received an email from Immigration Canada telling me that I had to leave the country because I was out of status – my work permit had expired. So, I packed my bags and was ready to leave but a friend said that maybe I should see a lawyer before I left. I did a Google search and found Jennifer. I did a few consultations at other firms but I decided that Jennifer was the one I wanted to work with. I read her reviews and, although she was tough on me in the consultation, I realized that she was the one with a plan to help me.

Everyone is nice and friendly at the office, although they take their work very seriously. They fixed my status legally so that while I was waiting for my Permanent Residency application to process, I didn’t have to fear being in Canada illegally.

Now that I am a permanent resident here in Canada, I tell others who are in a similar situation to go and talk to them. At least then you’ll know your options and see if they can help you. The political situation in my home country makes me grateful that I have the freedom to enjoy my life here in Canada.

Thank you Jennifer for helping throughout this process. This will definitely help me to have a bright future here in Canada.

— Mohammad

My wife and I first came to Jennifer’s office because I was close to the end of my Post Graduate Work Permit and we knew that we wanted to do a spousal sponsorship for my permanent residency. We googled to see who in the area would be able to assist us. We knew that our situation was a bit complicated as my wife had sponsored someone before. When we saw Jennifer’s website and read her bio that she was an immigrant herself, and that there were a lot of stellar reviews from previous clients, we decided to call for an appointment.

We got the information we needed at the consultation level – enough to realize that this was going to be a full-time job and that we didn’t want to do this ourselves. Now, at the end of this process, we’re still married so I consider that they provided a valuable service! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful and they got back to us promptly with any questions we had. When I had a health scare, they were able to get back to us quickly and helped us find the information we needed.

The work that Jennifer and her team put in our behalf was very valuable. We trusted them and knew that they had our back. If this process hadn’t been successful, we would have had to move to Ireland and leave my Canadian daughters behind with their mothers – something that neither of us wanted to even think about.

I’m now a permanent resident here in Canada and am happy to tell others to go and check out Jennifer and her team for help. They give very good, in-depth advice and gather all the information that you need to submit to make a successful application. Both my wife and I look back on the meeting when we went over our relationship history and we would never have thought to provide such detail in explaining who we are to immigration. Both of us realized that they know what they’re doing and know the pitfalls to avoid.

Both Sherry and I are looking forward to travelling the world, knowing that now I have a home here in Canada. Thank you Jennifer and team for making that a reality.

— Andrew & Sherry

I am originally from Bermuda and while that may sound like a great place to call home, I realized that I no longer fit in with that culture. I realized that I fit in Canada like a hand in a really nice glove.

I had come to Canada for University and had stayed and found work and love here. I wanted to figure out how to get my permanent residency and I knew that I had procrastinated on getting that taken care of. I googled Immigration lawyers in the area because I didn’t want to do this process myself. I came to her office because she had the highest ratings on Google and I liked that Jennifer was an immigrant herself. I liked everyone immediately and although Jennifer was tough, but fair, during the consultation, she laid out my options clearly and didn’t, as I like to say ‘blow a lot of smoke up the tailpipe’.

Because of a variety of circumstances, we decided to do an In-Canada Spousal application with my partner Andy sponsoring me. Both of us are extremely satisfied with our experience with Jennifer and her office. They are professional and courteous and fast working. I never walked away without the answer I was looking for. They’re honest and transparent and they provided a lot of value for both of us. I did learn that this process works as hard as you work it.

This process isn’t cheap, but I expected that. I do like to feel that the people I’m paying are working for my money, just like I did to earn it. I felt they used my time well. Everyone we worked with was fantastic. They have great expertise and industry-specific knowledge that is very helpful. I have recommended like 12 people to their office because I’m that satisfied with them.

I’m the type of person that, if I can cut risk out, I will do it. I could do this process myself but if I can make sure that every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed by having someone do it for me; that’s worth it to me. They see changes in law and respond faster than I could ever do on my own. I like hedging my bets so spending time and money to have a good shot and being successful the first time was the way to go for me. Canada isn’t a frightening country, but the process is still intimidating and I didn’t want to mess anything up. I was still anxious whenever I heard from them and so simple things like ‘good news!’ in the subject line of an email was really helpful for me.

When they called me in December and told me that our file was complete and that I was going to have the gift of permanent residency for Christmas, I couldn’t contain myself. It finally sunk in; the freedom that gift gave me. I moved around a lot as a kid and so I’d always defined ‘home’ in terms of people, not geography. This is the first time I have a geographic home. I’ve sacrificed for it, I’ve worked for it, and now I have the freedom to enjoy it.

I’ve got my love here, my job is here and I have a community here that I want to give back to. Thank you Jennifer and team for helping me to come home.

— Lexi

I came to Jennifer for one thing and ended up getting so much more. She was recommended to me and so I called and booked a consultation and then looked her up online. I didn’t know then that I would be writing one of those reviews now. I was in the middle of sponsoring my parents and the file was just stuck and I didn’t know where to turn.

During our consultation, Jennifer asked me a lot of questions and decided that doing an Access to Information Request would help us sort out if there were any issues with our file. She found some and was very helpful in fixing thingswith my own status so that the sponsorship of my parents could proceed.

My parents arrived as permanent residents at the end of 2017 and I’m grateful that now my family is back together.

When asked to describe my experiences with everyone at Jennifer’s office, the first words that come to me are excellence and customer service. They know their stuff and they manage to communicate that to clients in a friendly and welcoming manner. From gathering documents to communicating feedback from Immigration, they provided a valuable service for me and my family. It’s not often that you hear people saying I’m relaxed when I have to go to my lawyer’s office but that’s how I felt whenever I had a meeting. Every interaction whether on the phone, email or in person was just really friendly and informative.

When I tell people, and I’ve referred many, about Jennifer, I say – just go there. If you need things done, they make sure it gets done. I want to give a big ‘Thank you’ to Jennifer and her team for all their work on our behalf.

— Jay

I was in Canada on a post graduate work permit and it was expiring soon. I didn’t know where to turn and so I googled “best immigration lawyer in K/W” and Jennifer’s office came up. I looked at their google reviews and decided to give them a call. I ended up booking a consultation and I will always remember how Jennifer was very knowledgeable and confident that what we needed to do could be done. I wanted to be able to keep working while we filed my Spousal PR application. She told me at the time that if I wanted to keep working there was a pilot program that allowed me to do that, however I would have to stay in the country. At the time, I agreed as it was important to my family to be able to provide for them. However, it was hard when I wasn’t able to leave to attend family funerals back home.

It was an expensive process but I was in a time crunch and I was like a lost puppy – there was no way that I could have pulled this off while being a full time chef, wife, and mother to a toddler. They were able to streamline the process and give me good directions in a short time frame. We had to do our part to meet the deadlines they set but we worked together and it happened. The entire office was very professional and yet they were also helpful and friendly. It’s a comfortable environment in the office; very down-to-earth and welcoming.

Overall, we had a really good experience during our time as Jennifer’s clients and I tell anyone who I refer that I felt like my situation was impossible and they made it happen. I’m now a permanent resident here in Canada and my family and I are planning a long-anticipated trip to visit my family soon.

— Arielle & Josh

I had a complicated work history and I wasn’t sure how to even go about the process of becoming a permanent resident here in Canada. I am an American whose partner was here in Canada but I traveled so much for work that we didn’t meet the requirements for the family class. I knew that I didn’t have the time or the desire to take care of this process on my own and so I did what many people do, I did a Google search. I really liked Jennifer’s site and that she was an immigrant herself and so I sent her an email from her website. I didn’t expect a reply over the holidays but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked that their office felt very personal and not corporate and I trusted them right from the beginning. Everyone I spoke with was very straightforward and honest. I didn’t bother contacting any other firm, I knew I’d found the people that could help me.

They were very competent and helpful but also kind and patient. They were very understanding of our less than stereotypical situation and never made us feel embarrassed with anything we shared with them. They were very realistic in laying out various options and gave us scenarios from other clients where they had done similar things. I felt that I asked a lot of questions – especially at the beginning but was never made to feel ‘less than’ for not knowing something. They explained complicated issues in a straightforward manner and I would tell anyone who was going through this process that they can have confidence that Jennifer and her team will get you though, no matter how long it takes.

Did they provide value for us? Oh my gosh yes! We were supported through every stage of the process and it felt like the team was cheering every milestone achieved right along with me. That simple encouragement made a long process feel like we were accomplishing goals along the way and I can’t overstate the value of that as a client.

Now that I have my permanent residency I can live my life in Canada with freedom and peace of mind. I still travel a lot and now I don’t have to worry that I will be stopped from coming home to my family. Thank you Jennifer and team for making that dream come true.

— Erika

I met my husband while we were both on vacation in the Caribbean and, after a couple of visits back and forth, we decided that it made sense for me to come to Canada to see if this was really going to be something lasting. I applied for a working holiday visa and came to Canada. We ended up deciding that we wanted to make things official and get married. I had grown to love not only Zack but Canada as well and wanted to call it home. We knew that my IEC visa wouldn’t be renewed and so we decided to do an In-Canada Spousal application so that I could keep working while we waited for my residency.

Neither Zack nor I wanted to do this process ourselves; it just wasn’t how we wanted to spend our time. We didn’t want to have to travel a lot to get to our lawyer and so we were glad to be able to work with Jennifer locally. It was expensive, but I expected that. Neither of us work for free so why should I expect my lawyer to? I didn’t want us to make a mistake in this process and that was the greatest value that Jennifer and her team provided – they freed me from having to worry about forgetting something, missing a deadline etc. They responded mostly in person because that was what worked for us.

Everyone at the office was great and honestly, once the application was filed and I received my work permit, we didn’t have a lot of communication. That was ok with us because we knew that if there was a problem, they would let us know. We trusted that things were good because we didn’t hear otherwise.

When they called to let me know that I had been scheduled for a landing date at the end of the week, I was so excited. It didn’t matter what else was happening in our lives, it could be re-arranged. My residency was the most important. I’m now a permanent resident here and Zack and I are looking forward to visiting my family in Germany as soon as my PR card comes in the mail.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your work for us.

— Christina & Zack

In applying for permanent residence in Canada, I had a bit of a complicated situation, as I was already working in Canada and travelling overseas a lot. I looked on the Immigration website and saw that there were a lot of options and this confused me given my situation, so I didn’t think that I could / wanted to do this process on my own. When I was referred to Jennifer by a friend, I read her website and researched her a bit. She seemed like she had experience and was well known and knew what she was talking about. I booked a consultation and decided to hire her to help me.

Would I do it again? Yes. Of course it did cost a fair amount of money, but it relieved me from a lot of stress and me having to figure out a whole lot of things that I just didn’t have time for. I have a somewhat complex work history including working in various countries in the past, and I would have had a hard time to try and figure out how to represent myself to Immigration accurately. I appreciated that they had a professional, structured process and they kept me in line. They sometimes gave me maybe too much information at once but I overall knew what I needed to do and was able to follow their instructions and felt taken care of. I appreciated that they responded to my questions promptly and directly.

While there wasn’t anyone specifically in the office that stands out for me, they were all very helpful. They know their business and they get things done. They’re trustworthy and transparent – and honest. Overall, I’m very happy with the process. They have given me all the tools I need to become a permanent resident here in Canada.

Thank you to Jennifer and team for walking with me through a challenging and sometimes stressful process and taking away the frustration and stress that I’m sure would have overwhelmed me if I’d attempted this on my own.

— Antoine

I came to Canada from the Philippines as a live-in caregiver to an elderly gentleman who has remained a good friend to me throughout this process. I applied for permanent residency in 2013 and had become more and more frustrated at the length of time that my application was taking. There were several communications back and forth with Immigration but I finally decided that I needed someone advocating for me. A close friend of mine had recently received her PR and she told me that I should go and see Jennifer to see if she could help.

My employer and I went for a consultation and I felt, after talking with Jennifer, that she could help me. I’m so glad that I made the decision to hire her. When my marriage fell apart, I’m so glad that Jennifer and her team understood my situation and listened and gave me true respect, good advice and helped me to understand all that I needed in order to make good decisions about the future for me and my son.

When I think of the value that Jennifer’s office provided me, it’s hard to put it into words. I trust them. They handled all the details and now I have my PR and soon my son will join me and I can begin my life again.

I tell people that I have the proof that she does what she says – I am able to permanently stay in Canada because Jennifer and her team really took care of me. I’ve spent my life taking care of others and to feel taken care of meant so much to me. They treat me as family and they care that they do things right.

Thank you.

— Marilou

In 2014, back when I was in University, I was looking for some advice about a study permit. I googled Immigration Lawyers in the area and Jennifer was the first name that came up. I sent her an email question and went for a consultation. She gave me enough information at that meeting that I left knowing how to solve my immediate concern. I was impressed that she didn’t try to make me hire her before I got any useful information. She even gave me options to set me up well to become a permanent resident through the new Express Entry system. I knew that when it was time for me to think about permanent residency I would be back for another consultation.

I came back a couple of years later and I realized that this was something that I wanted some help to do the right way. I had moved to Hamilton by this time and so I had checked out a couple of local firms but didn’t get a good vibe from them. I came back to Jennifer – and it was the right decision.

This time I decided to retain them to help me with the Express Entry and Canadian Experience Class PR application. Every interaction with the team at Jennifer’s office was professional, timely and comprehensive. They are personable and really care about me as a person. I always felt comfortable coming into the office. I work in a field that doesn’t usually blend well with a stereotypical law office but Jennifer’s office puts more value into serving clients than on fancy surroundings. Last Christmas I was a freaking out about being able to go home to the US for Christmas and Jennifer emailed me back over her Christmas holidays and she literally saved Christmas for me.

They answered my questions very clearly and even when they had to repeat an answer that I had forgotten the answer to, there was never a feeling of ‘I already told you this information’. They were very patient and the thing I found most valuable about their service was that I never felt alone. This wasn’t a stressful process for me because I knew I could trust them and leave it with them. I appreciated that they worked with me being out of town and we only had to meet in person when absolutely necessary – we could talk on the phone or via skype or email and that was really helpful.

When I recommend people come to Jennifer I tell them that Jennifer and her team are professional people who do a great job to bring people to Canada. This is an important service and people need to give it the weight it deserves. Immigration Canada is not very user-friendly and I don’t have time to keep up with the changes – that’s not my job, it’s theirs and they do it well.

Jennifer and her team made this as streamlined and stress-less as possible. I never lost confidence in the office and I wasn’t worried even if something did go wrong, I knew that they would fight for me. Thank you that now I am a permanent resident here in Canada and able to enjoy living my life.

— Schuyler

I’m in a profession where I’ve specialized into what I’m best at doing. When it came time for my wife and children and I to make Canada our permanent home, I looked for someone who specialized in the area of immigration. I did a google search and the online reviews for Jennifer Roggemann were good. There was no way that we would be able to do this on our own and so we booked a consultation with Jennifer. She knew what she was talking about and gave us confidence that we had found our expert.

We made the right decision and I’d make it again. They were efficient with our time; they’d email or call as soon as they had any news for us. They were very knowledgeable and responded to our questions accurately and quickly. The value they provided for my family was that they provided a service I couldn’t have done myself. As a veterinarian, I appreciate that people call me when they’re in over their heads and need an expert. That’s what Jennifer is to Immigration law. We had a lot of border crossings with the US to keep track of and I’m glad they were there to help us sort out all the details. They made the process as efficient as possible.

If I were to recommend someone to go to Jennifer, I would tell them that they know what they’re doing. Their name stands for something and you can rely on them. Now that my wife and my older children and I are all permanent residents, we can get back to our living our lives here in Canada with my younger children who were fortunate to have this country as their own from birth.

My family and I want to thank Jennifer and her team for being the quality experts that you. From one specialist to another, thank you for being great in your field.  

 Dr. Van

I was first introduced to Jennifer when she did an immigration seminar at my college when I was a first year nursing student.  I’m so glad that I kept her card from that night back in 2013.  However, I wish I made use of it earlier than I did.

When I was planning for my permanent residence application, I decided to get some help from a community organization and that didn’t go well.  I tried to do things on my own, put up my profile online and didn’t get it right.  I was thinking that the only option was for me to head back to my home country.  I had a friend who really counselled me well that before I packed my things and left, I should go and see a lawyer who knows this industry.

I remembered Jennifer’s presentation and she had left an impression on me that she tells the truth and is very straightforward.  I decided she was my last chance.  If she said it can’t be done, then I will know for sure.

I rummaged in a box until I found her card and gave the office a call just before Christmas in 2016.   She fit me in for a consultation right away and I told her everything that I had done.  She gave me a lot of options and some things to think about. Then in the spring of 2017 her office called me and told me that the rules had changed and that there were new options available to me.   I was so surprised that she remembered me and my situation and thought of me when things changed that would benefit me.

I retained them to help me with a new Express Entry profile and, with her suggestions of including my French language abilities; I was given an invitation to apply for permanent residence.  When someone asks me what I value about their service, I tell them that they gave me a golden opportunity to better my future. They gave me the chance to make a new direction for my future in Canada.  I can now go back to school as a resident, not an international student.  They have given me the opportunity to have more control over my future and make my own decisions for a career path.

I’m still here in Canada solely because of Jennifer and her team.  The service I received was amazing.  They are approachable and give you real, honest information. If they can help you, they will tell you – you just need to let them.

I’m now a permanent resident here and it’s such a relief to have a future here.  When I look back at my time in my home country, I see myself as a child.  Canada was where I was able to learn to be independent and develop my character as an adult.  I look forward to my family visiting me here – and to me visiting them, but  Canada is now my home.  Thank you, Jennifer, for making that dream a reality.  


I was referred to Jennifer by my financial advisor. I was in a difficult situation in that I was working with a Canadian business partner and we needed to figure out if there was a way for me to become a permanent resident using my experience with my business. He told me that Jennifer was straightforward and to the point and would honestly tell me if I had a chance.

My business partner and I went to Jennifer for a consultation and laid out our situation. She was very honest and said that my chances were close to zero. I’d gone to another firm and they gave me some generic options that didn’t sound like they suited my situation. Jennifer outlined what she thought of a long shot option but it seemed to make sense. I realized I was more comfortable with the honest answer that this probably won’t work than those who gave me false hope. She was able to see clearly without all the emotion that was clouding my judgement. She could see the whole plan and not just the next step.

There is no ‘dilly dallying’ with Jennifer and her team. They are very efficient and got back to me with anything that I needed really quickly. Most often they were the ones to chase my partner and me down to get the information they needed. I liked that they would send me information by email so that I could go back and review what they’d said later when I couldn’t remember what they’d told me.

They gave me such peace of mind – even though it was a long shot, I knew that they were in my corner and would do everything they could for me. They were great at telling me exactly what I needed to provide to them and they made me more organized. As complicated as the process was, they made it straight forward and simplified so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

I would recommend them to people who are serious about getting results. They make sure you’re on the same page and get things done. They don’t make false promises and are very transparent through the whole process. I really valued that they gave me an honest opinion on my situation. Their previous experience with corporations and business people make them uniquely qualified to talk to our corporate lawyer as well as my business partner and explain why we had to do things a certain way. I felt very supported through the whole process.

I’m soon to be a new father and I was successful in getting my permanent residency. I’m certainly going to come back to Jennifer to help me make sure that my family can all be together here in our new home.

— Tuan

I came to Canada for University and stayed on to work with my Uncle on my Post Graduate Work Permit. I had come to love Canada and wanted to become a permanent resident but neither my uncle nor I could figure out the point system or how to be selected under the economic streams.

My uncle had a friend who recommended that we come and see Jennifer and we’re glad we did. Jennifer drafted a plan and then another plan when the law changed late last year. I’m glad I hired her to be on top of the changes in law because she was able to shift plans mid-stream and find a solution that worked for both my Uncle and I.

The office is friendly, informative and they get the job done. The price was reasonable and the office was easy to get to – we didn’t have to go to Toronto. What I liked about Jennifer was that she would lay out all the options that were available to me and then she would give her personal recommendation as to which option she thought was best – but it was always my decision. I really liked that she personalized the law to fit my situation.

They were able to help me pull together all the information I had in an organized way – and told me what I needed to provide and why that was needed. Everyone in the office was really nice to me.

What I would recommend for anyone with immigration issues, whether they’re straight forward or complicated, go to Jennifer for a consultation. Get your options from an expert rather than looking online. Not all the answers are there and your situation may not be like another person’s. Go; get your options as things change all the time. Get the current info and then make an informed decision if you want to do this on your own or hire someone to help you.

Now I’m able to go and visit my family over the holidays and become a permanent resident when I land back in Canada. Thank you Jennifer and team for helping me settle in my new home.

— Tobias

My wife was referred to Jennifer by one of her clients who attends Jennifer’s church. We made an appointment to see her for a consultation on one of my trips up from the US to visit. We both liked Jennifer and her approach which was basically for us to get them all the information and then they would handle everything.

We had read through the application process online and realized that this was out of the scope of what we were prepared to do. We really liked that everyone in Jennifer’s office has been touched by the process of immigration personally. They know what it feels like to go through this process and we’re so glad we decided to hire them and would do it again in a heartbeat.

It seems odd perhaps to say that we always had a good time at our lawyers’ office but we had fun there. It was simple for us – just gather the documents that they asked for, dump them on them and they took care of the rest. It wasn’t necessarily easy, but it was straightforward. It really wasn’t that stressful because we really believed that no news was good news. Even if something had gone awry, we wouldn’t have worried because we knew we wouldn’t have to tackle it on our own. We had someone who would fight on our behalf.

The peace of mind that hiring the office gave us allowed up to keep on building our lives together. The first years of our marriage weren’t spent dealing with immigration but on building our marriage. Both Amy and I would refer people to Jennifer and her team. We liked everyone we dealt with and they were all helpful at various points during the process. They get the results. If we ever wondered if Jennifer was as honest as she seems in the consultation, she proved it when we actually got a refund back from them at the end of the process. We appreciated that, although it was a small amount, they didn’t just randomly bill things to spend out the rest of the money in our trust fund instead they returned it to us.

The time both of us remember the most was when we had collected everything and were ready to submit our application. There was such a relief and excitement that we had gotten through this overwhelming forest of information and it had been put into an amazing representation of us. Both of us were confident that it would go through and it did.

Now I’m a permanent resident here and looking forward to travelling the world with my wife, visiting my family back in the States all the while knowing that we can always come home. Thanks Jennifer and team for making that a reality.

— Chris & Amy

I came here as a child refugee from Cambodia. I don’t have a country to call my own technically, although I’ve grown up here in Canada as a permanent resident. I fell in to the wrong crowd and ended up losing my PR status. I didn’t know where to turn and I didn’t have any hope that my life would ever change. I had met a wonderful woman and we’d started a life together but I still didn’t belong anywhere or have any legal status. My uncle and I came to see Jennifer as a last ditch effort to see if anything could be done for me. I found someone who was honest with me about the long road ahead of us and that nothing was guaranteed but she still had some options that she thought might work.

I had found an honest lawyer close to my home so we decided to hire her to see if I could find a way to regain my PR status in Canada. It was hard to talk about my former life and mistakes. I had now met a wonderful partner who loved me and we were starting a family together. I wanted to leave my past behind me and so it was hard to talk about it with my lawyer however; they were very professional and I trusted that they were on my side. They told me the truth and sometimes that’s hard to hear but today, now that they rescued me, I can honestly tell them that they saved my life, that’s how I feel. I’d be an idiot to make those mistakes again.

I’ve learned that it’s better to be honest and poor than dishonest with money. They gave me hope and their plan succeeded. It doesn’t matter how much money it cost, I was thinking that there was no chance and now I’m able to be a real partner and father to those who love me. I can earn a living and hold my head high. I can be proud of the man I’ve become and I’m grateful to Jennifer and her team for allowing me to have a second chance to prove myself. Thank you for believing in me.

This time, I’m looking forward to becoming a Canadian citizen and having a real home to belong to.

— Ky

My husband and I were looking for an immigration lawyer to help us as we felt really stuck with regards to my situation with Immigration. I had come over to assist my former spouse’s family as a caregiver and that situation had really ended badly and left me worried about my status here in Canada. I had three children to support back home and I didn’t know where to turn. My partner, now husband, Bob was looking on Google and came across Jennifer’s website. He read all the reviews and it seemed like they really knew what they were talking about.

We knew that we needed the best person working for us because our case was complicated. When we left our consultation with Jennifer, although she speaks really quickly and gave us a lot of information, the overall impression we had was hope. Although she had given us honest options, we both felt confident that we had a plan that was going to work.

Jennifer’s team was confident but very polite and understanding of our situation. They gave us confidence just in how they carried themselves. Everything was organized yet friendly and welcoming. As Bob said, we don’t mind paying extra money for a good lawyer – and that’s what we found.

Everyone we dealt with at the office, and I think we met with everyone at some point, was excellent in how they interacted with us. Bob makes me smile when he recommends Jennifer to others. He always says ‘Michelle had a tough case but they tackled it no problem. It went just as they’d said it would‘.

I’m a permanent resident now and we’re thrilled that my boys flew in last week to join us and meet their Canadian baby brother for the first time. But the thing I remember most is back at the beginning, almost two years ago, during that first consultation with Jennifer; I was in tears and Jennifer looked at me and said ‘we can do this’. Thank you.

— Michelle & Bob

I met my husband when we started working at the same farm. I fell in love with a kind man from Guatemala and the rest is as they say history. Jose was here on a work permit that we couldn’t extend any longer and so we didn’t know where to turn. Our MP’s office said that there was no way we could do anything but we got a recommendation to Jennifer’s office. We met with her and were so grateful that they have Spanish speakers in the office to assist Jose in being able to speak his thoughts clearly.

Jennifer gave us a whole pile of information and was so wonderful in reassuring us that there was a way for us to stay together. She had paperwork and a plan and so we decided she was the one to help us. We’d say yes to hiring her again in a heartbeat.

Everyone that we worked with in Jennifer’s team was very friendly and invested in our case. They were always helpful and we never felt like they were looking down on us. They understood what we were asking when we had questions and were very precise and quick to respond when we needed clarification on something.

They were so valuable in helping us get all that we needed to get done in a timely manner. I couldn’t have done it on my own. They’re so organized that they even made me more organized!

When I recommend people to come and see Jennifer, I’m not sure whether I should say that my lawyer kicks a*# but she does. They’re all lovely to work with and knew exactly what they were doing. I tell people that they did an amazing job. If you’re honest, you shouldn’t have any problems with the office.

Now Jose is a permanent resident here and we’re soon to add a new little Canadian to the world. I’m so excited that they gave us the peace of mind to start our life. We’ve just bought our first house and are moving in soon. Now our child will grow up with two parents in a safe home with room to grow. Jennifer and her team are a big part of making that dream a reality.

— Katrina & Jose

I met my husband while I was working in Peru for a German travel company. We fell in love and got married. We honeymooned in Europe and determined that our future was going to be back in Germany, where I had been living for years. A few months after we got married, Manolo had a serious stroke – very rare for his age. Nursing him to health again was not what I expected for our first year of marriage but it only bonded us stronger together. Once he
was able to travel, we lived in Germany for several years together while I worked and Manolo recovered his health and adjusted to a very different culture. Eventually we knew the time had come to return to my home country of Canada.

We knew that we couldn’t do this process on our own, as we’d had a few visitor visa refusals in the past. I found Jennifer while I was on a visit to Canada and my lawyer recommended her to me. We got an appointment via Skype quickly once I was back in Germany. We decided to hire Jennifer because I had a high stress job and a nervous husband. I wanted to get rid of paperwork and stress. We were moving back to the Kitchener area and so we wanted to stay local with our law firm.

Neither Manolo nor I had a clue of the process to come to Canada. I was born here and so didn’t ever know the rules of immigration. We chose Jennifer because everyone there is friendly and efficient. We both liked that Jennifer is an immigrant herself and most of the office has English as their second language. Whenever you want to understand a system, I’ve learned to ask the foreigner, not the native. They know how to navigate the system.

I could have done this on my own but the nerves, time, etc didn’t make it a good choice. We knew we had to get this time right and so we trusted our lawyer. With Jennifer and her team we got personal service. They knew our file and we were never just a customer. They know how to be straight with you and how to find the answers to any question you have. Everyone we worked with was great.

When I got a call from the office asking if Manolo could be here in less than two weeks, we said ‘of course he can’ – well maybe not in exactly those words. They really worked with both my husband in Peru and me here in Canada to make everything as smooth as possible with a tight deadline from the Embassy in Peru. They were very helpful in making sure we knew what we needed to do and my husband arrived and is now a permanent resident here.

We want to say a big “Thank You” to Jennifer and her team for helping us to be able to start our life together here in Canada.

— Lynn and Manolo

I was really desperate when I reached out to Jennifer. I had been sponsored to Canada by my partner and our relationship deteriorated into abuse and I had to leave for my own safety. At the time there was a condition to my PR that I had to stay with my sponsor for 2 years and so I got a letter from IRCC saying that I needed to prove that I could receive an exemption from that condition.

It was a very delicate situation and I didn’t know where to turn. I looked online and when I emailed the office, they replied the same day. I needed someone to calm me down and point me in the right direction to know what to do next. I came for a consultation with Jennifer and she gave me a lot of peace of mind. I’d hire her again just for that. I liked the way that I was treated with respect and a straightforward, professional plan to deal with my situation. They gave me clear instructions and were very efficient with my tight timeline to respond to IRCC.

Although the legislation changed and a few weeks later my case was dismissed as that condition was repealed, I would still recommend Jennifer Roggemann Law Office for anyone. They gave me peace of mind which allowed me to concentrate at work and gave me an outside perspective on my situation that made me feel better. They looked after the details so I could get on with my life. I would tell any perspective client that whatever the outcome, this office will do the best for their clients.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for all your help.

— GT

I had a bad experience with CIC, now IRCC, in the past and so when it was time to do my Express Entry Profile and my Canadian Experience Class PR Application, I knew that I didn’t want to do it on my own. I googled immigration lawyers in my area and Jennifer popped up. I used the email web form to contact them and they got back to me quickly. I liked that she was local and so I booked a consultation.

At that session, Jennifer basically roped me in. I felt confident in her and her abilities and I knew that I didn’t want to deal with IRCC again. She was friendly and concise – which is what I was looking for. They were really straightforward and I didn’t have too many questions. They provided most of my answers before I thought of the questions.

I have already recommended Jennifer to others, now that I’ve been approved as a permanent resident. All of my family has had bad experiences with lawyers and mine was pleasant so I tell them to come to her.

Thanks Jennifer for dealing with IRCC for me.

— Zia

I met my wife while indulging my love of the history of the American Civil War. We have both had past relationships that creep into our present. I wanted to bring my family back to Canada and so I asked my lawyer who he would recommend to help us. The only name he mentioned was Jennifer. I did some research online and read Jennifer’s bio on their website. I felt God leading me to give the office a call. We came in for a consultation and liked what we saw. It’s not a big fancy office, it’s very down to earth and it’s a very friendly and trusting atmosphere. We met with Jennifer and I really liked her. When she told me that she prays for all of her clients regularly, I knew we’d found the right place. We had friends who said that we didn’t need a lawyer to help us, that we could do it on our own. It would have been impossible.

They took us through everything in baby steps and always explained things thoroughly. We had several complications in our file and there were times when my wife just wanted to quit the process. To have someone who we could call and who would fight for us was such a comfort. It’s very rare that you feel more comfortable leaving a lawyer’s office than when you went in. The empathy we felt from everyone we dealt with was amazing. Everyone was so kind and was ok with our tears and our ‘baggage’.

When I looked at our final bill, I thought ‘this is cheap! – not even close to standard lawyer rates’. I would most heartily recommend them. You can trust them. There were times I didn’t think that they would be able to pull this through but they did. Everyone there was wonderful. They all have different jobs but they all felt like family. They worked miracles for us and we can’t thank them enough.

Now Sali is a permanent resident and we can get on with living our lives here in Canada. We can’t thank you enough.

— Leo & Sali

I came to Canada for University and fell in love with the country.  I graduated from University in Waterloo and started working in my field.  My employer was willing to help me get my permanent residence through the Express Entry system, although I didn’t end up needing to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process.  They got a recommendation from their lawyer to come and see Jennifer and her team for advice on how to best go about getting me permanent status here.  When I came for a consultation with my employer, Jennifer instilled a lot of confidence that she could help us through this process.

I had no experience with this system and so hiring Jennifer took the headache off of me.  I was applying when the Express Entry rules were changing and the amount of points you got for various things was shifting.  I was really glad that I had someone to help me navigate through all the policy changesEveryone that I dealt with in the office was confident in what they were doing and so I was confident.  I have to give them a “double thumbs up” for how they responded to any questions or concerns that I had.

I got used to getting calls from the office saying ‘so.. this happened and so now we’ll do this…”.  It was frustrating but at the same time it was nice to know that I had other options and had people who were walking me through the process.

I am now a permanent resident here in Canada and I’m happy to recommend Jennifer and her staff to anyone – in fact I already have.  I tell them my experience was great and so they should use my lawyer because I had a great one.

Thanks, Jennifer and team.

— Rushin

My wife and I met when I came up from the US with my family to attend a wedding near her home. I was invited to a young people’s gathering where we got to know each other a bit and the rest is history. We were originally going to move to the USA but we decided that there were more opportunities here in Shirley’s community that at home in mine. Being from the Amish community, we had no experience with all the paperwork that we would need. I did a lot of research online and found Jennifer. I read all her reviews on Google and then on her website. There were a lot of high star ratings on Google and so we decided to go for a consultation on one of my visits to Canada.

Right from the start, Jennifer knew what she was talking about. She was very organized and although it would have been nice to have been cheaper, we wanted it done right. We were willing to do whatever it took to do it right. They did an outstanding job – and it was processed really fast. We filed in the middle of February, 2017 and the office let us know that they had my landing papers at the beginning of May – just over two months later!

Jennifer and her team were so valuable. If not for them, I’d still be googling things! They took the load off when I realized that I didn’t know what I was doing. There was a lot I didn’t understand but they explained things really well. We have recommended Jennifer to others. I told them whatever you’re doing now isn’t working so go see them. They’re honest and they’ll do the work that they’re hired to do.

Now Shirley and I can relax and get on with our lives here in Canada. I’m really looking forward to settling down with my wife and starting our life together. We want to send a big thank you Jennifer and everyone who worked on our file.

You’re professional and did an outstanding job.

— Jonathan and Shirley

I moved to the US for a professorship and fell in love with my wife and her son.  I never wanted to break my ties with Canada, the country of my birth as my family is still here.  While we are living in the US for the moment, we also have a home in Stratford, ON for our summers and as we look forward to retirement.  The plan was always for my wife Carrie and son Ben to have status in Canada.  In fact, now that Ben is heading to Toronto for University, we’re very glad that we googled immigration lawyers near Stratford and found Jennifer.

We knew that we needed them.  They dealt with immigration law and after probing into it on our own, we saw how complicated the process was, especially living in the US.  It was patently obvious that we were not going to do this on our own.  We felt more confident having someone handle the process for us. Jennifer and her team are personable and very clearThey knew what needed to be done and when.  They were very direct and I appreciated their detailed bill and clear communications with us.  They would often respond via email very promptly and it was useful to have a written answer to refer to when we needed to.

I’m so grateful that my wife and stepson are now permanent residents in Canada.  I knew that our file was not the optimal file and it was a credit to them that everything was tied together so well that our application was processed in under six months.  Thank you Jennifer and team as we don’t know what we would have done without your guidance.

— Kevin

My husband and I got married years ago and I moved to the US to live with him.  As my family is here in Canada and getting older, we decided to relocate back to Canada and have Jamie become a permanent resident here.  We googled immigration lawyers and Jennifer had the best reviews online.  When we attempted to do this process ourselves, we soon realized that if we had this much trouble getting the right forms downloaded, it was ridiculous to do this on our own.

We came for a consultation and decided to hire Jennifer and her team to help us.  They were a bit expensive however; aside from that they were great. They responded to questions really well with no delays and were very professional.  They were always up to date on what was happening in immigration.  The thing that we found most valuable was that they provided a service that we didn’t have the time, knowledge or ability to do on our own. They were very responsive to our circumstances and flexible with payment plans when we hit a rough spot.

We would recommend Jennifer and her team as very efficient, prompt and knowledgeable about the process you have to go through.  We both really appreciated the personal touch of a phone call saying that my sponsorship was approved on our anniversary.  They remember the little things and that is important.

Now Jamie is a permanent resident here and we are able to be a family without worrying about immigration and paperwork.  Thanks, Jennifer.

— Stella & Jamie

I met my common-law spouse just before she was immigrating to Canada with her family.  We did the long distance thing for a while and then I found out about the International Experience Canada program and so I was able to come over and we were able to be together for a couple of years.  We’re a young couple, just starting out and we didn’t want to get married just for immigration reasons.  We were living in the Windsor area at the time and we wanted to get some information on how I could stay here with the woman I loved. The first question of every consultant and lawyer we talked with was “why not get married?”, so we knew that they weren’t a good fit for us.  I didn’t know that I couldn’t renew my IEC work permit for longer than two years and so we were both devastated when my extension was refused and I only had a couple of weeks to leave the country.

Both Louise and I wish we had come to see Jennifer before I left back in 2014 as we wouldn’t have been apart for so long.  At the urging of Louise’s family, we looked up immigration lawyers and Jennifer was the top name on Google.  We read the testimonials and saw some were from people who sounded like us, who had tried to sort this process out on their own.  She was close to Louise’s parents and so when I came over from Scotland for a visit, we came for a consultation.

After our consultation, we felt 110% better.  Finally, we felt like someone understood us.  She made everything so clear and all of a sudden, there was hope.  We didn’t even know that there was a common-law option.  Jennifer was the first person to agree that we shouldn’t get married just because it would make immigration easier.  Even if you don’t use their services, go for a consultation to make sure you know all the options available to you. Jennifer didn’t give us a ‘hard sell’ during the consultation.  She gave us our options and a lot of information that, should we wish to do it on our own, we were informed.

Whenever we walked into the office we felt welcome. In fact it didn’t seem like walking into a lawyer’s office – there is a real family dynamic there. From the first time we came in to the last we were treated with respect and almost like part of the family. They never looked down on us and answered any of our questions knowledgeably and consistently across the team.

What both Louise and I found valuable about hiring Jennifer and her team is that we were taken care of. All we had to do was collect the things they asked us for and let them worry about the rest. Yes, it’s a lot of money and we took some flak from friends and family about not doing this on our own. But what we tell people when we recommend Jennifer is that if you don’t EVER want to do this again, go there.

We filed an In-Canada Spousal application and I never thought that I could come and be in Louise’s company and get a work permit within a few months of filing our application.  Everyone we dealt with in the office was amazing in their own right.  They’re good people there. The phone call when they called to tell me that I had a date to land as a permanent resident was the happiest day ever.  That was the day I finally understood that I didn’t have to leave.  I could stay here in my new home.

Now that I’m a permanent resident, feels like we can finally begin the rest of our lives – travel, buy a house … live.  Thank you, Jennifer and team, for getting us to the life we now have together.

— John & Louise

My wife and I were referred to Jennifer through a family friend of hers. I am from the US and we had tried different options to see if Danielle would come to New York or I would move to Toronto. In the end, as my family is on the west coast, it made sense for us to be near one of our families. When we went to Jennifer, she seemed so knowledgeable and gave us many options to think about. We decided to hire her and her team as there were some complications to our file.

It is a stressful process but the office always gave us a quick response to our questions – usually by email which we really appreciated so we could refer to them if we forgot something. They gave us a detailed list of what they needed us to provide and knew how to navigate through the system.

If we were to refer someone to Jennifer and her team, we would tell them that Jennifer is very knowledgeable and keeps on top of things. She is the best person to have in your corner. She got back to us very promptly and was very helpful. Everyone we dealt with at the office was really great. The team stayed consistent working on our file and everyone we spoke with was up to date on our case.

We appreciated that they were able to deal with time sensitive things promptly and we are really glad that I am now able to travel to my little brother’s high school graduation in the US and to travel the world with my wife – knowing that we will have Canada to come home to.

— Dom & Danielle

I am from the Bahamas and have been here as a work permit holder in Canada. I had done most of my applications on my own but I ran into some difficulties extending my work permit and dealing with the LMIA process. I decided that I needed to hire a lawyer and so I did a google search and found Jennifer Roggemann Law Office and specifically, her associate, Tiffani Frederick.

What I most appreciated when I met with Tiffani and Jennifer during my meeting to hire them was that Jennifer came in to explain all my options and Tiffani assured me that my case was not the most dire one they had ever worked on – a great relief to me.

Although we didn’t end up doing a lot of things together, they were friendly and reassuring and quite professional. They were very quick to respond to my emails. Hiring them allowed me to sleep better at night. Sometimes, you just need a lawyer to fight for you and get you the right information. Jennifer and her team are the ones to do that for you.

If I had known at the beginning what I know now, I would have hired an immigration lawyer from the start – just for the peace of mind if nothing else. I really enjoyed working with Tiffani and her way of keeping me calm and Jennifer was very knowledgeable and had some suggestions that I had never even thought of.

I am now a permanent resident here and I will definitely use their services again. I want to have my mom and sister join me from Bahamas and the peace of mind is well worth the money.

— Dwight

I met my Ukrainian husband while we were both working at a theme park in Japan. While I had been travelling and working overseas on various entertainment contracts (cruise ships, theme parks etc), I knew that when it came time to have children, I wanted to return to be near my family. I’m glad that Denys was up for a new adventure with me here in Canada.

As we were both overseas, we really appreciated being able to speak with Jennifer and her team by Skype. We did look at another law firm who offered free consultations – Jennifer does not. We realized that we respected her for realizing that the information she gave in that consultation was very valuable and worth purchasing. We decided that you get what you pay for and we got the best lawyer ever! We did an internet search and we really liked the profile that Jennifer had on her website. We liked that she was an immigrant to Canada and we thought she would understand us and our situation. She was really down to earth and didn’t overwhelm us with big words. She was honest when she told us it would be two years at that time before our application would be processed and we both appreciated that she didn’t give us false hope. We liked that we felt that the office would be with us no matter what the future held for our case. At this point I have to point out that our file was approved in 5 weeks!!!

The office is very personable and understood how to communicate with us. We appreciated the informal, yet professional way they dealt with us and the incredibly thorough meeting where we told them our love story. We really didn’t have a lot of questions because they were so clear when they talked to us. We always felt that there was an option, a work around if we came up against an obstacle.

The most valuable thing that Jennifer and her team provided was that we knew from the beginning that our lawyers would put everything into our application so that there was no room for questions later on.

While we appreciated their focus on immigration, now that Denys is here with me in Canada, we wished that we could come to her for other things to get our lives settled here in Canada. In my husband’s words, what they do there is honest, thorough and I can’t thank them enough. We will never recommend anyone else.

Thank you, Jennifer and team.

— Sarah and Denys

I met my husband Paul through mutual friends on Facebook. I was born and raised in Mexico but had immigrated to the US.  We fell in love, got married and made some assumptions about the immigration process. Both of us thought the process in Canada would be the same as my experience in the US and so we didn’t really explore the options as we both wish we had. We quickly realized that we should seek some advice, even just to make sure we were on the right track.

Paul is from the KW area and so we did a Google search and read some of Jennifer’s feedback on her website. We were nervous when we first came in for a consultation but by the end of that meeting we felt both relieved and overwhelmed. We decided that hiring Jennifer and her team would be the right choice for us –and today we both still agree that it was a good decision. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and yet personable. She gave us advice with no strings attached and was very upfront that she wasn’t the cheapest option, and that isn’t the kind of work that she does.  She told us to think about it and make an informed decision. We decided that we would hire her as she was very knowledgeable and seemed to know the system really well. It was also important to me that we seemed to matter as people to her, not just as a file or application.

This process is life altering and can be very intimidating and overwhelming but the whole office team was very friendly and treated us with respect and professionalism. Their customer service is good and they got back to us promptly – sometimes even after hours – when we had questions.

My husband was looking at the financial side of things but I was focusing on the peace of mind and thoroughness that the office seems to provide as ‘standard’. They were very knowledgeable in the system and why certain things were necessary to provide – things that we would never have thought of on our own. 

I would definitely recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone going through this process. They met our expectations and the biggest thing was that we were taken care of throughout the process. They will direct you through the maze of bureaucracy that you will be overwhelmed with on your own. They exude a level of confidence and the expertise is significant throughout the team.

One thing that we wish we had done was to come to Jennifer earlier in the process. The picture we had before coming to them was incomplete and we had made some choices without complete information. Even just a consultation will inform you of many things you hadn’t thought of and give you a more complete picture of your situation.

The extra touches of sending a card to us when we were going through a rough patch, having our back whenever there was a problem and feeling well taken care of are all reasons that we’re glad that Jennifer and her team were helping us make the journey to permanent residence here in Canada.

— Paty & Paul

I came to Jennifer’s office to bring my wife and step-son from overseas. My sister-in-law was a former client of Jennifer’s and she had nothing but good things to say. I know some other friends going through this process and they have all seemed to have issues, changed firms or are still waiting to have their family here. These friends discouraged me from needing to hire a lawyer saying that I should do it on my own and save the money. I’m glad that I didn’t listen to them. My wife and stepson are here earlier than we were expecting and it’s the results that count in my book.

I decided to hire Jennifer and her team because if I was left on my own, I would have pulled out what little hair I have left. I couldn’t do this by myself. The office was very informative and professional. I was always kept in the loop and prodded when I needed to do something. They are detailed people who make sure that the job is done well. There were some times when I was uncomfortable with the level of detail that they were asking for but I knew that they wanted it for a reason. If they were satisfied, Immigration would be satisfied. They were on my side and wanting me to succeed. Everyone at the office is great to deal with – including Jennifer who won’t sugar coat things for you but will tell you your situation honestly.

My wife and step-son are here from the Philippines within nine months and my stepson loves playing in the snow of his first Canadian winter.

Thank you.

— Scott

I came to Jennifer when I was in an emotional, stressed and worried state.  I had had a nasty split from my spousal sponsor during the latter stages of the PR process and I didn’t know where to turn. I googled “Best immigration lawyer in KW” and that proved to be a great decision. I completely agree with my Google results, I got the best.

Everyone in the office is professional, understanding, extremely courteous, and they genuinely care.  Even how they responded to questions showed their caring attitude. They were always looking to use their professional knowledge to find a solution that best suited my particular situation.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jennifer and her team to anyone.  For the most competent and proficient team with caring advice… look no further.  Being able to really connect with the office – whether it is having a smiling face greet you even in the most difficult of circumstances or Jennifer having the expertise to deal with the HR at my employers and respond to emails and concerns even outside of office hours, the team was exceptional.

To you all, you’re absolutely fantastic!  Through all the trials and tribulations of the last two years of H&C, LMIA, Express Entry and now PR, I don’t think I can ever express enough gratitude!  Thank you all from the pits of my heart!

Such a caring team…

— Doug

My family is in Canada now and I wanted to bring my mum from the UK for longer visits than the normal visitor permits allow. I looked online and found Jennifer’s office and read some of her reviews. She was local, rather than having to go to Toronto which was a great thing in my mind. We decided to hire Jennifer and her office to get a Supervisa application for my mum – and perhaps sponsor her here sometime in the future.

The office is a friendly, welcoming place that is staffed with very helpful people. My mum now has her supervisa and so we’re very glad that we used Jennifer’s services to bring mum to see her grandkids for longer periods of time. She isn’t ready to leave her life completely in Britain and so we are holding off on the sponsorship route but when it comes time for that, we will get an overview of how the new system is working from Jennifer to see what our options are.

Thanks again Jennifer that mum can see us and the grandkids more often.

— Karen

The office is welcoming and cozy and not intimidating like you expect many lawyers’ offices to be. Jennifer was kind and gracious and did not pass any judgment on us but was very professional and gave us options. I had hope for the first time in a long time that this might eventually work. 

Atom and I decided to hire Jennifer and her team to help us. They were very good to repeat instructions to make sure that we understood what we needed to provide and didn’t pressure us to move faster than we wanted to go. Looking back, I would have pushed myself faster earlier in the process but that has nothing to do with the office. They were very honest in answering my questions and weren’t afraid to say that they didn’t know – but that they would find out for me. They never seemed to need to save face and show that they had all the answers.

I liked that they included Atom via skype so that she was always aware of what was going on. They answered our questions honestly and when I got a call saying that our application had been approved in six months and we could be together in Canada in January of 2017, neither of us believed it at first.

Atom and I are very grateful for everything that the office has done for us. In Atom’s words “I would not be with Scott in January if I didn’t have you”. Thank you again for all your help.

— Scott & Atom

I met my wife Jean through mutual friends several years ago. We really clicked right away and soon I knew that I wanted to stay with her forever. I’m from the US and had been busy living my life here in Canada and hadn’t worried about my immigration status. I knew that I had to get it corrected and so both Jean and I were nervous when we came to Jennifer’s office. We had looked up various immigration lawyers online and sent email requests out to three of them. Jennifer was the only one who responded. We talked with them on the phone and decided to book a consultation. We never felt the need to look elsewhere.

The team at the office were very pleasant and helpful and we felt as comfortable as you could ever expect to be in a lawyer’s office. We were always able to joke and laugh in the office and never felt talked down to – one of my wife’s biggest pet peeves. We were lost in the sea of paperwork at times and the amount of information that we were asked to provide by Jennifer and her team was more than we would have ever thought of on our own. We could see the rationale behind what they asked for but it was hard to open our private lives to others. We could see the path that we were traveling and never felt pushed or pressured. 

We want to give accolades to everyone in the office. From the front desk onwards everyone is professional and treated us like real human beings. We trusted them and weren’t disappointed. We always felt better upon leaving the office after a meeting with the folks in the office. The expense is a lot but now I can work here freely and I have a great job with benefits. Such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Jean and I truly thank Jennifer and her team for helping us to live our lives. Thanks for all you did.

— Brian & Jean

I grew up in the US and fell in love with a Canadian man. My husband and I are both online gamers and so it is no surprise that is how we met a few years ago.  As Matthew is more established in his career than I, we always knew that we wanted to make Canada our permanent home. When it came time to make that happen, we did some searching online as we knew that we didn’t want to do this process ourselves. We saw Jennifer’s website and read her testimonials. We decided that, partly because she was local to where Matthew lived, we would go to see Jennifer for a consultation. After our very first meeting we knew that this was the place for us. We could see that they were knowledgeable and professional but they didn’t pull out ‘legalese’ but rather told us what we needed in ways that were very clear to understand. They are very friendly and accommodating and we were always able to find a convenient time for any appointment.

I personally really appreciated the extra touches that they provided. I’m a nervous person and it was such a comfort to be able to chat with them before I crossed the border and they walked me through the process. They reassured me and I knew that they had my back if there was any trouble – which there wasn’t. The biggest value they provided for both of us, but especially me, was peace of mindThey took a lot of anxiety out of what was a daunting process. I knew that they would take care of it – and they did. We didn’t want to take a chance on having something go wrong by doing this ourselves and that is what I would tell anyone I recommend to Jennifer’s office. They make sure that things are done right the first time. 

Now I’m a permanent resident here in Canada and both Matthew and I are looking forward to the rest of our lives together. Thank you, Jennifer and team, for making it happen.

— Morgana & Matthew

My girlfriend and I had done some research online about how to get me to be able to become a permanent resident here in Canada. Our situation was a bit unique and we weren’t sure that it could be done. We talked with Jennifer and with another lawyer at another firm. When we compared them, there was really no comparison. While Jennifer quoted us a higher price than the other firm, we could see why. Jennifer put us at ease quite quickly and was very professional. She was very organized and gave us a plan. She had a solution that the other person hadn’t even mentioned.

We decided to go with Jennifer because we knew our situation was difficult and didn’t want to do it on our own. We decided that Jennifer’s plan made sense and we believed it was our best option. Looking back, both my girlfriend and I would make the same decision again. Jennifer and her team are efficient, clear on what we needed and easy to get a hold of.  They gave us a time frame for the things we needed to get done and set goals for us to meet. They knew the process and were very good at emailing us or phoning us to keep us on track. The ability to use online tools to share documents was really helpful.

Their knowledge of the process, and giving us extra information just to be helpful, was very much appreciated. Both Elizabeth and I would recommend Jennifer and her team because you know for sure that you are going to get the best service possible. It’s professional and they know what they’re talking about. They kept us in the loop as the process was going along and although it was still stressful, it was nice to know that they were on top of things.

I am now a permanent resident and both my girlfriend and I are looking forward to our future together here in Canada.  We really thank Jennifer and her team for helping make our future a reality.

— Florian & Elizabeth

When I went to her, I was on a time crunch as my work permit was expiring. She offered multiple solutions with great explanation, that made my decisions easier.
She also has a great team who are very engaged and always kept me in the loop.

Would definitely recommend her.

— Emily

I am a small business owner in Waterloo Region.  I fell in love with a lovely Ecuadorian woman and we started to live a dream life in both of our countries.  We wanted to get permanent residency – and eventually Canadian citizenship for my wife Ivonne.  I was talking with my accountant who recommended we go and see Jennifer.  He told me “I’m sure she’s as expensive as it gets… but how do you assess true value?” I agreed that money is money but having my wife here… priceless.  We went online and sent Jennifer’s office an email. The fact that her website said that she herself was an immigrant really sold us. Within 24 hours we had a reply and we booked a consultation.

Ever since that first meeting we’ve trusted her. She was professional, clear and transparent with our options.  I like someone who is confident in their skill and knows what they are talking about. I felt that Jennifer guided the whole conversation and answered all my questions – some before I thought of them!

We made the decision to hire Jennifer and her team for several reasons. I’m big on a team environment and both Ivonne and I liked the fact that Jennifer and her staff work as a team – each person doing their part of our application. For our whole time as clients with Jennifer, we felt like we were part of a family. Their office culture is beyond professional.  It is accepting, easy and informal. Our meetings felt like coming to a home, not an office.

The value that both Ivonne and I saw in hiring Jennifer and her team was the confidence and security that we felt.  I never felt nervous about the outcome of our file – and I’m a pessimist by nature. I like the fact that Jennifer has a lot of referrals from other professionals in the community. We’ve already referred people to her.  We told them that customers don’t get lost with their office. They know the system and will create a plan for you to follow. Your job as a client is to follow the plan and you’ll be successful. I don’t have time to become an expert in areas outside of my business.  I hire professionals that are experts in their field.  Jennifer is an expert in immigration. Even if you choose not to hire Jennifer, I recommend that you should invest in a consultation. You will learn a lot and be more informed as to the options you have in front of you. 

Both Ivonne and I would like to say that Jennifer and her team are amazing. My wife can now freely travel to Canada with me only a little over six months since filing our application. We look forward to coming back to see Jennifer and her team when Ivonne is eligible to be a Canadian citizen.

Thank you

— Jordan and Ivonne

I met my partner at the trucking company where we both worked at the time. I was on a work permit as a long haul trucker and my partner Penny worked in the main office.  I fell in love with her and her family and soon we were looking for ways to have me stay here permanently. As I was on the road a lot, the burden was really on Penny to be on top of all this.  We knew that we didn’t want to do this on our own. We wanted to leave it to the professionals and get it done right the first time. Penny found Jennifer online and we called for a consultation. Both of us walked out from that meeting with 100% confidence that this was the person that we wanted to work with. It just felt right.

I told Jennifer that, knowing what I know now, that I would absolutely hire Jennifer again in a heartbeat. I told her if she doubled her fee, I’d still do it. We had a few hiccups in our file – from the government end and having Jennifer on our side was invaluable. The staff is friendly and welcoming and very helpful. They were wonderfully patient and understanding with our questions and concerns.

As I was on the road a lot, having Jennifer’s team handle everything was worth its weight in gold. They knew what needed to be done and it was done when it was supposed to be done. It was invaluable to have Jennifer in our corner when there was a glitch from Immigration Canada. We would have been lost if we had received our package back and had nowhere to turn.

I have recommended others to go and see Jennifer because the extra touches go above and beyond normal service. I had been trying to figure out a business plan and needed a corporate lawyer but hadn’t been able to get anywhere. I mentioned my frustrations to Jennifer in passing while we were in the office for another reason. We knew that was not her area, or we would have come to her for that as well. Without even asking, she set me up with her own personal lawyer – that’s the kind of person that she is.

Everyone we dealt with in the office, and each person is an expert in their part of the application, was super fantastic. The professionalism and respect from everyone was amazing. Even with hiccups in our file, we completed our In-Canada application well short of the posted processing time.

Neither Penny nor I could imagine using another firm for any immigration work we have in the future. Jennifer and team, thank you for your amazing work on our behalf. Now we are able to move forward with our lives without travel restrictions and worries about our future.

— Darren & Penny

I met my husband while on vacation in Northern Ireland.  We fell in love and he came to Canada as a visitor. We did a couple of applications – for International Experience Canada and to extend his visitor visa on our own. We thought we were doing well until we hit a snag and were refused. We came to Jennifer because we were worried about some trouble in my husband’s past. We left our first meeting with Jennifer with hope. Both of us now wish that
we had come to her right from the start.

It has been a long journey for us – through a common-law application, a refusal, criminal rehab for a drinking charge several years ago in Northern Ireland, the second application after our wedding, the birth of our son… Jennifer and her team have been with us for it all. The team is very friendly and they certainly got to know us as people, not just clients. There were a lot of bumps in our road to get here but every time we hit a bump, Jennifer had a next step or a new path to take. We became a bit used to the ‘ok, here’s what happened… now we’re going to do this’ meeting. We learned to take the ‘good news’ phone calls with a bit of caution – especially if we’d gotten this far before. We truly felt that the team at the JRLaw was going through this journey with us. They were just as happy as we were with any good news and they felt the losses as deeply as we did.

When we received the call that Immigration had completed our file and my husband was going to become a permanent resident, I burst into tears. I was so glad that the father of my child would now have the weight of waiting
lifted off his shoulders.

We couldn’t have done this process on our own. When we recommend Jennifer and her team we tell them they are tried and tested. We’ve got the results to prove it – my husband is now a permanent resident and we can now begin our dreams for a home for our family.

Thank you, Jennifer and team, for always being on our side to make this happen.

— A & W

I came to Jennifer while I was an international student in Waterloo, ON.  I felt my situation was bleak and hopeless but I wanted someone to help me know my options upfront. I looked online for help in the Waterloo area.  Jennifer’s website popped up and I read all the testimonials.  I booked a consultation and found someone that I could trust to show me a path to where I wanted to go.

I felt more informed and hopeful after meeting with Jennifer.  It was still a bit of a long shot but she gave me a fighting chance to make Canada my permanent home.  She guided me to new options that gave me at least a chance to qualify for economic immigration.  I would never have been able to think of the path she gave me on my own.

The staff is friendly and extremely helpful.  They gave me far more than I expected, including a very detailed walk through of what needed to be done.  Although I am returning to my home country, for now, I am in a better spot than when I hired Jennifer and her team.  Now I am feeling more clarity on my situation and I know all the possible ways to move forward.  Jennifer and her team went beyond what I expected and even when I was leaving, they gave me more information and help to make sure that my path to returning to Canada will be as worry-free as possible.

I would, and have, recommended their office to anyone with an immigration question.  Jennifer is very good at what she does and is backed up by a great team.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

— Ravi

I am from India and wanted to continue my post graduate education in Canada. I was seriously considering the University of Waterloo at the time and it made sense to see if there was an immigration lawyer in that area who could help me.  I searched on Google and found Jennifer Roggemann’s Google+ page. I saw the law office reviews  (4.8 out of 5) and this got me to contact her offices via their website. They very quickly replied to my email and set up a skype consultation that fit my busy schedule.

I liked the thoroughness of the consultation. Jennifer was honest with me throughout our interactions. She always played the ‘devil’s advocate’ and showed me the way by addressing all my issues and concerns. I am glad that I decided to hire her and her team to apply for my study permit. With her, every penny spent was worth its value. 

I have already referred many friends and acquaintances to Jennifer and her team.  I tell them that the office reflects professionalism and honesty. I told them that Jennifer is the right person to give you a new perspective on your situation. Her staff is thorough, organized and prompt in their response to any questions. I appreciated that I could see them over skype and feel more connected to the process.

I received my study permit faster than I was expecting and I am now ready to start my Master’s program this fall at the University of Waterloo. When I arrived at their Canadian office in person for the first time, I was warmly greeted and welcomed.

When I am eligible, I am definitely going to use Jennifer and her team to help me with any further immigration matters.

Thanks again,

— Angad

My partner and I had a long relationship which began when we were both working in the US – she as a Canadian and myself as an American.  Our plan was always to return to Corliss’ country of Canada when we retired.  We had a couple of referrals to Jennifer and we were glad that we called and made an appointment.  When we initially came to see Jennifer, we were feeling very confident that we just needed some confirmation that we had satisfactorily completed the paperwork which we were ready to file. To our surprise, there were a number of pitfalls we had not anticipated, including new application forms issued a week earlier. Had we filed on our own, we would have had to begin the process all over again on the new forms, and we would still be in limbo. Both of us are well-educated people, working in professional careers before retirement, but we were nevertheless somewhat overwhelmed by the bureaucracy and the process.  We decided to hire Jennifer because we were impressed by her expertise and were stunned by the potential complications of doing this process incorrectly.

When asked to describe our experience with Jennifer and her team, the first thing that comes to mind is their thoroughness in outlining what we needed to do. They also kept tabs on us as we went along, monitoring our progress as we dug deeply into various files to provide documentation.  However, they were also jovial and there is a real sense of caring that underpins their work.  It really comes across that you matter to them, not just as a client but as a person. Any questions that we had were comprehensively answered and we both appreciated the detailed instructions for important submissions. They made sure that we were clear on details and that we were up-to-date on what they were doing on our behalf.  This gave us a lot of confidence in their work.  Their advice on border crossings while our Overseas Application was in process was very helpful.

Both Corliss and I would recommend Jennifer and her staff to others who are contemplating this process.  They saved us a lot of aggravation. The peace of mind that our application was done properly and that we were in good hands was invaluable. Every person that we dealt with from beginning to end was great.  The phone call from the office to say that we had gotten my permanent resident landing papers less than 100 days after we filed was certainly a highlight for both of us.

Now Corliss and I can focus on our time together and build our community here in Canada. Jennifer and team, thank you for all your hard work.  We are grateful for your guidance and expertise.

— Doug and Corliss

My husband and I are originally from India but grew up in North America. Therefore, we have a blend of both cultures.  We knew that we wanted to spend our life together with my husband’s family in Canada.  We are both
competent people but the rules in immigration change so quickly.  We knew we needed someone whose business it was to keep on top of all those changes. We chose to come to speak with Jennifer in part because she was closer to us than going to a Toronto lawyer.  Her website presented well and we knew we wanted a lawyer to assist us.  We liked the fact that Jennifer was an immigrant herself and she had an in-depth understanding of the legalities and the emotional roller coaster that is associated with the process.

We liked several things about our relationship with Jennifer and her team. They were very professional, thoughtful and caring.  They were good at anticipating the next milestone we were approaching and coaching us on how to prepare for it.  They presented options and consequences for those options and allowed us to make the decisions that worked best for our situation.  It wasn’t a cold-blooded relationship that most people expect from a law firm.  It is a long investment and there are always some hiccups along the way.  However, they were successful in getting me my permanent residency and so I appreciate the service that they provided.

Jennifer and her team were always accommodating and I would recommend them to my friends and family.  I would tell them that they know their business. If you want to submit a complete application the first time so that there is nothing that needs to be requested by the government later, then Jennifer is your lawyer.

My husband and I are now able to travel the world knowing that Canada is our home.  Thanks to Jennifer and her team.

— Sharan and Satnam

I came to a presentation that Jennifer made at Conestoga College and found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  My husband and I decided that we would go to her for a personal consultation and we were pleasantly surprised that she took extra time to answer our questions.  We knew that our file was not straightforward.

We are glad that we decided to hire Jennifer as our lawyer to represent us with Immigration Canada.  Jennifer and her team were very helpful and explained what they needed clearly.  Having a plan to collect information and documents that we needed was great and they always responded to our questions within 24 hours.  As painful as the process was to gather documents at the beginning, it was nice to be able to pass off things to the team and leave it with them.  It was great to have someone to direct our questions too, rather than have to do all the research ourselves.

We had peace of mind after we filed our application because we knew it was so thorough that there was no question left unanswered.   They passed information along to us as they received it from Immigration Canada as we went along, and we always felt like we were in the loop with our file.  Our application was successful and we got my permanent residency earlier than we were expecting.

Thank you Jennifer

— Czeryll and Brett

I came to Jennifer’s office very nervous about my status in Canada. I had gone to school here and finished my degree. I’d made a very simple mistake of not signing my application for my Post Graduate Work Permit before I sent it in. Also, my study permit expired at that moment. I was in a time crunch to be able to start my career here in Canada. I had met with someone else whose information just didn’t seem right to me and so I decided to look online and found Jennifer. I asked a family friend who works in the industry what they thought of Jennifer and she highly recommended her. I’m glad that I followed her advice to come and have a consultation with Jennifer.

Jennifer is very sharp and knows what she’s doing. I felt comfortable with her and the proposal she outlined made sense. For the first time, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and knew that there were options for me. This was my first real experience with a lawyer and I’ve heard others who had a bad experience with a lawyer but I would hire Jennifer again. She and her team are friendly and welcoming and yet very professional. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I trusted them.

When it was time for me to apply for my permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class, they were well prepared and gave me a list of what I needed to do. They were always responsive when I asked them a question and I felt like they outlined the options for me and informed me but the decision and control always rested with me. I felt empowered that I was making good decisions for my future based on solid advice. Throughout the process, they were on top of my file and making sure that I was kept in the loop. My work permit was expiring in a few months and Jennifer made sure to have a meeting with me to discuss my options and plan out what we needed to do so I could keep working while we waited for the paperwork. Thankfully, none of that was needed because I received my permanent residency before my status was expired.

Would I recommend Jennifer and her team to others? I already have. I definitely got the service I expected. Yes, lawyers cost money, but they saved me time and I didn’t have to worry all the time. I received timely email updates from the staff and answers to my questions were prompt and well informed. I appreciated that I got a personally signed Christmas card from everyone I had worked with in the office. It meant a lot to me that they took the time to write a personal note in a busy time of year.

I am now a permanent resident and I can look forward to having my family come and visit me in my new home here in Canada. Thank you Jennifer and your team for all your hard work on my behalf.

— Lei

I was recommended to come to see Jennifer when I wanted to sponsor my husband to come to Canada.  I knew that there were some challenges in my situation and I wanted to have a lawyer representing me to make sure things went correctly.  I looked her up online and read through her website to get a sense of who she was before I made a call to come and see her.   She has a good reputation in the community and it is well deserved.  She only does immigration law and she’s an expert. 

When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted warmly and I really got a sense that this was a team, almost a family.  During my initial consultation with Jennifer, I got an impression that this was a serious business woman who knew her stuff.  She has a commitment to the law and to her team.  She also makes sure that she has a commitment from her potential clients that they know what they are getting into.  After that first meeting, I felt comfortable to move forward with Jennifer and her team behind me. 

I love the team environment that they have – everyone working on the part of the file that is their strength.  I felt very empowered as part of the process and yet relaxed that I wasn’t on my own.  I knew I could trust them.  Whether it was a team member speaking in Spanish to my husband so that he could be clear on what he had to do, to getting a list of documents that we had to pull together, we knew that help or guidance was always there if we needed it.  I would caution you that this is a business and there are costs involved but at least with Jennifer and her team, you do get what you pay for!

Jennifer is in the right niche for her and she has pulled the right team together to make things happen.  She’s done what a true business person should do – she’s very direct and confident and knows her stuff.  She brings her family into her business and she manages her team well.  It’s obvious that she cares about not only her clients but her team as well.  The team members that I dealt with were passionate about what they do and very good at their jobs.  They were able to walk me through a very difficult process and ground me and keep me on track.  Even their Christmas card reflects their team atmosphere and  I enjoyed the personal messages from the team.

Jennifer didn’t give me false expectations but she did do a fabulous job for me.  Thank you and I wish each one of them all the best as they continue to serve future clients as well as they have served me.

My partner and I had many complications to our story – not the least of which was we had tried to apply for my Permanent Residency on our own and had been denied.  We had a lot of hurdles to overcome but we knew that we
wanted to be together here in Canada as Becky’s children are here.

We knew we needed help and we looked to Google for direction.  Jennifer being on the first page of the Google rankings was a good indicator for us that this was a reputable firm.  We then looked over her website and read
some of her client’s testimonials.   They seemed compassionate and understanding from the bio on their website and so we gave them a call.  We were nervous to come in and meet with a lawyer as we hadn’t done that a lot
before.  It was really daunting because this was important.  If we were rejected again, the entire direction of our lives could change.

When we came to the office we were greeted warmly but professionally.  By the end of our consultation with Jennifer, we knew that this was the place that could give us some peace of mind.  We had a lot of things against us, but they didn’t overwhelm or discourage Jennifer.  She told us she could help and suddenly our worries didn’t seem so insurmountable.  We liked that the office was friendly and not your typical glass and marble law firm.  We didn’t feel looked down on and we were treated with respect as equals.

They are very thorough and it was a tough meeting when we had to share our relationship with the team.  However, when we were finished, it was almost cathartic.  They handled our story with sensitivity and professionalism and when we had told them everything, it felt like the hard part was over and
now it was up to them to advocate for us.

I’m not the type of person to micromanage someone and so it was a relief to have someone give us a plan to follow and it didn’t matter so much how long the process took as long, as they were looking after it.  They made it easy
to calm my partner’s fears.  We don’t even know all of what they did for us behind the scenes.  We took the ‘no news is good news’ approach and trusted that they had our back – and they did.

They are not cheap, but there is no way I would try to do this without Jennifer or recommend anyone to do this process on their own.  This time, our In-Canada application was approved in about 15 months.   I am now a permanent resident here in Canada and I will be coming back to Jennifer in a few years to apply for my Canadian Citizenship.

Ardin and Becky

I am a US Citizen who had been working in Canada for a few years.  I wanted to apply for permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class in 2014.  It was important to me to get a licensed professional to make sure everything was done correctly. I searched the internet for immigration lawyers in the area.  My search led me to the office of Jennifer Roggemann.

When we met, I found Jennifer to be very knowledgeable and straight-forward about the process, the timing and the chances for positive outcome.  Advised of likely success, we agreed to move forward and I retained her services for the completion of my PR application.  During the process, I was always kept abreast of progress and my questions were always answered quickly and decisively.  Along the way, Jennifer also helped me to obtain a Bridging Work Permit which awarded me with the ability to stay and work in Canada while my PR application was under review by the government.

With the changes in how Economic applications are being processed, my file took longer than originally anticipated. However, I was kept informed on changes as they occurred.

It was never difficult to get an appointment and communication was always easy and swift.  The staff at Roggemann’s is friendly and everything was processed accurately.  I am happy to report that my VISA has been approved. I would recommend the Roggemann Law Office to others who are looking for assistance with their immigration to Canada.  As a bonus, if you like supporting professional women like I do, Jennifer’s office is an all-female office dedicated to superior service!!

I am grateful for the expert advice and assistance that the Roggemann Law Office was able to provide.  


My wife and I needed assistance for her permanent residency application.  We really appreciated that Jennifer spoke Korean so that she could speak with my wife during our first consultation.  As we were not local to the Kitchener area, we liked that the majority of our interactions with the office could be done remotely via skype, phone and email.  Our first meeting with Jennifer instilled a lot of confidence in her abilities and it made it an easy decision to hire her as our lawyer.  We didn’t want any margin of error on our application and we trusted her.

That trust has been well deserved by Jennifer and her team.  Everyone has been organized and efficient from beginning to end.  There was a plan and they kept us on track and followed the plan.  For me, the comfort of mind was invaluable.  Even if I had been able or willing to do this on my own, I know I would have missed something.  I appreciate Jennifer’s team and the way they work as a team, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

The process took longer than we anticipated, but that was not in Jennifer’s control.  We would recommend them to others as they are professional and very friendly.  They have the knowledge and expertise behind the process.  They earned our trust and never lost it.  Although telling them all about our relationship was hard, when we left the office that day, both my wife and I felt our application was in good hands.

My work moved us to Alberta part way through this process and they made the changes with Immigration so that my wife could land last week in Calgary.  My work has me move often and I am glad that my wife can now accompany me on the next stage of our journey together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your hard work for us.  

 P.C. and S.J.

Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for responding to my email regarding travelling with a work permit.  Your answer was well-informed and clear.  And, on top of a perfect answer, you did it without me being a currently-paying client!  That was remarkable.  Getting a clear answer, when I felt that I had exhausted all my sources was incredibly calming.  Thank you so much!

I hope you have a relaxing and fun holiday with your family and loved one.   Wishing you all the best in 2016, “Client”

p.s. I will certainly be in touch for my PR application!!

I came across JR Law Office after having already visited with another lawyer, and coming away disheartened – I did not feel like he understood our situation and just wanted to get us out the door. We were at a point where we really didn’t know what else to do.

Jennifer instantly made us feel hope when she said “I just wish you had come to see me this time last year!”.

We knew at that point we had eventually found the right person to help us with our situation. It took a couple months, and many appointments, but the whole process of applying for John to stay in Canada with me was made so much easier. We have now submitted our application and can enjoy spending time with each other, and not having to worry about deadlines, paperwork, phone calls, etc. It’s been fantastic having John back with me where he belongs. He has been making dinner, meeting me after work, joining me at the gym, and spending lots of well needed time doing the things we love to do – most importantly, we can do it together, without having to rely on an Internet connection. They have made 2016 the best year yet by making it the start to many years that we have to spent together.

Jennifer and her team are the most kind, loving, and committed people I’ve ever met. I would highly recommend people to visit with her office – you’ll wish (like us) that you had done it sooner!

Forever thankful for everything you have done for us so far!

— Louise and John

My husband and I needed some help getting my immigration status solidified.  Both Tea and I are originally from China, where we met in high school.  Tea came to Canada with his family and is now a Canadian citizen.  I followed him to North America and eventually we got married here with a big celebration back in China.  We knew that we needed some help getting all the paperwork figured out.  We went online and googled immigration lawyers.  We looked at Jennifer’s website and really liked her story and the photo of her blended family and so we booked a consultation.  We thought she was very credible, professional and she answered our questions in a way that we understood.  As a result, we agreed to hire her and follow the plan she developed for us.

Both of us really felt like she had our best interests at heart.  Whenever I had a question, I would email the office and get a reply quite quickly and efficiently.  If it was a more complicated answer, we would go in for a chat in the office.  She was a good judge of what could be handled over email and what was better discussed in person.

Jennifer and her team provided a lot of value for us.  They allowed us to live in the present, while they took care of our future.  I would recommend them to others in a similar situation.  Do not think about doing this yourself.  Things will be clearer and easier if you ask for help.

During our time as a client with Jennifer, we welcomed our daughter into our family.  I was so glad to be able to concentrate on being a new mom and not worrying about Immigration Canada.  The office was very supportive of both of us while we adjusted to being parents.  We both appreciated their care and concern for our family.

While they are expensive, they are fair in their fees and I feel like we got good value for our money.  I am now a permanent resident of Canada and am looking forward to living here with my Canadian husband and daughter.  Thank you.

— Mary and Tea

It is very difficult for Honduran citizens to obtain a visitor’s visa to Canada mainly because Honduras is a poor country and Canadian officials are concerned that applicants will not return to their home country. My girlfriend Bernie had already been turned down on a previous application to visit her brother and his family in Winnipeg for this very reason. This time around, we decided to obtain legal assistance for her recent application and Jennifer Roggeman came highly recommended.

Jennifer and her capable staff explained the process and provided us with necessary information to assist in making a successful application. It was a lot of work documenting our relationship, Bernie’s work and educational history, and providing information about her family in Honduras, the US and Canada. Jennifer’s staff assisted us in answering all relevant questions and helped us put together a professional package that led to Bernie receiving her visitor’s visa to Canada. She spent 10 weeks this past fall in Canada including a week with her brother and his family in Winnipeg and another week visiting other relatives in Edmonton. She loves Canada, found Canadians to be “so nice and so polite”, and will be back next summer.

The application was uploaded online and Bernie received word that her request had been successful within two days! During the process, Jennifer and her staff were always helpful and optimistic. I enjoyed coming into her office and dealing with staff that were friendly, considerate, thorough, and professional. Bernie also visited the office when she arrived and expressed her gratitude to all the ladies who make up Jennifer’s team.

— Fred and Bernie.

I had some trouble renewing my permanent residence card and I didn’t know who to call for help. My daughter and son-in-law called around and eventually we were referred to Jennifer and her team and I’m so glad that we came in to talk to her. Right from the first time we met with her, I felt a lot better. I had been quite depressed and down about my situation but Jennifer told me not to worry – that that’s what she was here for. She gave me hope and, although she never promised a guarantee, she provided a lot of comfort.

Jennifer’s office is like a sampling of Canada. Everyone in the office came here from somewhere else and I love that they could relate to my story and it gave me hope that if they could do it, so could I. I felt so welcome and everyone was so nice and it felt like we’d known each other for a long time.

Jennifer and her team were on top of my situation and made sure that we met all the deadlines and they communicated so quickly and clearly with me – whether via email or over the phone.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone who needs help. I’d tell them to go for a consultation and see what you think. Jennifer was very upfront with the costs and they asked us to provide a lot of things but they knew what we needed and it wasn’t something that I could fix on my own. I now have my new permanent resident card and have moved all of my belongings into my new house near my daughter and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life continuing the strong roots of family and friends that I’ve made here in Canada.

A big Thank you Jennifer and everyone in the office. You made me feel welcome and not alone as I went through a scary process. Words alone can’t tell you how much I appreciate your assistanc

— Gisela

I met my now wife at a music festival in the U.S. and we decided that it made more sense for her to come here rather than me move to the US. We looked into the process of how to have Nancy come here legally and realized that it was not a straightforward process. We did some research online and eventually I asked my lawyer in Waterloo if she could recommend someone that we could talk to about this process. She recommended Jennifer and so we looked through her website and read the testimonials of past clients.

We went for a consultation and although we were still somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the process, we decided that an expert was the way to go and so we decided to hire Jennifer and her team. We felt like they knew what they were doing and seemed on top of the constantly changing regulations. We were impressed with her experience and competence and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

Shortly into the process we realized we could not have done it on our own. Having someone to navigate through the bureaucracy was invaluable, especially since the rules and regulations seemed to be changing all the time, depending on legislation.

This process also gets into a lot of personal information and we appreciated the sensitivity with which our story was handled. It seems odd that our lawyer knows things that even some of our close friends aren’t privy to but they gained our trust and never lost it.

There is a strong sense of teamwork at Jennifer’s office and even if we were talking to a new person, they were familiar with our case and it was gratifying to work with people who are experts in what they do.

Today Nancy is a permanent resident and we are looking forward to travelling and visiting her family in the U.S. as we enjoy the rest of our lives together.

Thank you Jennifer and team for all your hard work.

— Ernst and Nancy

I met my Canadian husband while we were both in New Zealand on a mission trip.  When we decided it was time for us to look into how to legally have me join Dave in Canada, we looked for help and Jennifer’s office was the first one to respond to our email inquiry.  There were a couple of factors that really sold Jennifer for us.  First, we could do a skype consultation while Dave was visiting me in the US and most importantly, we were relieved that there was a faith connection that allowed us to relate to Jennifer and her team on a different level.

Would we make the same decision today, definitely!  It was daunting to think about doing this process on our own but one thing that Jennifer said in our first meeting that really stuck with both of us.  Our first year of marriage wasn’t spent worrying about immigration.  We were able to focus on our relationship and leave the paperwork in very trusted and capable hands.  That doesn’t come without cost but having someone rallying for you and being on your side with Immigration Canada is well worth every penny.  Jennifer researched the options available to us, made recommendations and we trusted her opinion.  We’re glad we did.

In just over a year since we put our application in, my husband received a call from the office to say that my landing papers had come in.  Our last meeting with Jennifer’s office to go over what to do once I’ve landed bookmarks our time with the office with two high points – the consultation where we really connected and felt that this was the office for us, and the confirmation that we had completed the process and they had delivered on what they set out to do.

I had actually forgotten about immigration for a few months as we trusted Jennifer that no news was good news – and we were right.  We didn’t need to keep following up with them because we trusted that they would keep us in the loop. Thank you guys, we really appreciate you very much.

— Sarah and Dave

I’m a snowbird who spends his winter in Florida.  I found a lovely lady who wanted to fly north with me for the summers and we fell in love and got married.  With us being back and forth between our home in Florida and Joan’s home in Vermont as well as my place in Ontario, it made sense for us to seek professional help to make sure the process of getting Joan her permanent residency in Canada went smoothly.

We were recommended by another immigration lawyer who does corporate work to go and see Jennifer and boy are we glad that we did! From the first time we came to the office everyone has been very friendly and professional.  They treat us like family – maybe even their grandparents!  Whenever we called on the phone, they got back to us quickly and took the time to explain things to us until we understood – even if it meant repeating themselves. Did Jennifer and her team provide value for us?  Definitely.  Joan got her residency in a timely manner (under a year!) and whenever we had trouble, we knew that we had someone to call who would help us out.  From the first time we met Jennifer and she saw how upset and nervous Joan was about this whole process she said “I’m the lawyer, I do the worrying for you” and that allowed us to leave things in her capable hands.  Jennifer always made time to speak with us – even if she didn’t really have the time.

Everyone we worked with was excellent and we would heartily recommend them.  They are easy to work with and how often do you actually like coming into your lawyer’s office? Joan got her permanent residency just before we were leaving to fly south again for the winter and we couldn’t be happier to have the process behind us.  We are now able to fully concentrate on enjoying our lives together.  Thank you Jennifer and team.

— Bob and Joan

I met my wife while playing video games online.  I was in California and I found out later she lived in Ontario.  We played online together for a while and eventually we met and fell in love.  Our original plan was for Jackie to join me in the US but that plan fell through and so we decided that our future was in Canada.  Jackie didn’t want us to screw up the paperwork for our application and so we decided to hire a local law firm.  There isn’t a lot of choice in the Kitchener area and Jennifer’s office was very convenient for Jackie and so she had a consultation.  When we were asked if we would make the same decision to hire Jennifer and her team today, we said we would.  They succeeded and I’m here.  Everyone was really friendly to my wife and I and they took the time to explain things clearly to us so that we knew what we had to do next.

I was glad that I was able to communicate over skype with them from California, and in person when I was visiting Jackie.  We would recommend them to people in the same situation as we were.  They knew what to do to help us and they are really nice and friendly.  We liked the fact that they treated us like people, that it wasn’t all about business and money.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada and am looking forward to living life with my wife here.  I am very thankful to Jennifer and her team for  helping to make that happen.

— Henry & Jackie

I met my wife when we were both at the same resort in Mexico. I followed her home to Canada back when Mexicans did not need a visa to come to Canada. I didn’t want to leave my spouse and even when I overstayed my permit, I couldn’t return to Mexico alone. We knew we needed help and loved the fact that we could speak Spanish with Cecilia during our consultation with Jennifer’s office. Her background and understanding and not judging of our situation went a long way to reduce the fear and anxiety that both of us lived with on a daily basis.

After leaving their office, we felt a sense of relief that although our situation hadn’t changed, we were no longer alone. We knew we had a difficult case and wanted to make sure we had the best advice possible. If I had to describe the office, I would reduce it down to people helping people.

The peace of mind that Jennifer and her team provide is invaluable. Every time we were contacted by the office, or came in for an appointment, we were greeted by name and, coming from someone in the service industry, their level of service was always amazing – which was something I didn’t expect from a law firm.

They worked with us to be as efficient and as cost saving as possible and were very human when dealing with finances. When asked by someone if they know a good lawyer, I tell them that ‘my lawyer is the best’. They gave us a plan to follow and gave us hope. They guarded our privacy and I knew we could trust them with the difficult parts of our story.

I am now a permanent resident here in Canada and I’m looking forward to having my family come to visit me and my wife in our home. Our application went faster than we expected and I have only good things to say about Jennifer and her team. We knew we didn’t have the knowledge or resources to do this on our own and now I don’t recommend that anyone try to do it without seeking help.

They really do save people’s lives. We wanted to raise our family in Canada and now we have a chance to do just that.

Muchas gracias to all of you.

— Sal and Sam

I met my Canadian husband while he was working out of the country in my home town.  We fell in love and knew that we wanted to be together forever.  We knew that my husband would eventually be returning to Canada to take over the family business and so we looked into how to get me to come to Canada. As we were both in Texas at the time, the fact that Jennifer’s office was able to consult with us over skype made a big difference.  We felt more comfortable with a tech savvy firm, especially since my husband is in the IT world.  We liked the fact that they were exclusively immigration law and liked their tag line ‘we’re here to help’ – and that is exactly what they did for us.

We knew that with us being out of the country, it would be much easier to be able to upload all of our documents online and to communicate via the web. We didn’t realize when we started this process, how detailed and involved it
is.  I don’t know that we could have done this on our own – especially with some of the life challenges that we faced during the processing of our application.  We had a planned return date to Canada but then my husband’s father became ill and we had to change our plans.  One thing that we didn’t have to worry about was my immigration paperwork.  Jennifer and her staff were very thoughtful and sensitive during a difficult time and we really felt like they cared for us individually.  We learned that they know what they’re doing and what things are important to highlight and basically how the system works.

When my father-in-law passed away, the entire office sent a really sweet card.  I told them later that ‘y ‘all are personable and really care about us’.  They always had time for us and we never felt like an interruption in their day.

We especially enjoyed the meeting where they got all of our relationship history. Yes, it was a long meeting but it was kind of fun and lighthearted. It was easy to talk to Jennifer’s team and share our quirky sense of humor with them.

Both Hank and I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone looking for assistance in coming to Canada.  They were on top of things and while I know that they don’t have control over processing times with Immigration Canada, I’m convinced that because of how thorough an application they put in for us, our file was processed very quickly (less than 8 months) as there were no questions left to ask. I’m now a permanent resident of Canada and look forward to spending the rest of my life with my husband here on our family farm.

— Lauren & Hank

I am a European university professor who has been living in Canada for many years with my Canadian wife and son.  I first contacted Jennifer in July of 2014, after my wife and I had run into problems with our Spousal application
for my permanent residency.

In our first meeting, Jennifer explained the situation and laid out the available options very clearly.  Whether or not you intend to let her handle your application, I recommend that you consult with Jennifer at least on
I myself decided to entrust Jennifer with handling my application, since my work permit was set to expire soon, and I felt that there was no more margin for error.  We submitted a Canadian Experience Class application at the end of the year, only to be told later by CIC that they had already met their quota for the year by the time of our submission, and moreover that some new rules and regulations had come into effect. This was of course quite
frustrating, but Jennifer and her staff were on the case immediately and promptly refiled the application according to the new regulations. We ended up going through the Express Entry Profile and Online CEC Application
system. Ongoing changes to the system made by CIC meant that the ground kept shifting beneath our feet.

However, Jennifer and her team stayed on top of things. Their replies to our questions, mostly via email or phone, were always prompt and helpful.  On the whole we felt well taken care of. Happily, my PR application was
recently approved. I do not think that I could have managed this alone, particularly not in the available time frame, and I’m happy with my decision to let Jennifer handle my file.

A colleague of mine, who is in a similar situation and whom I have since referred to Jennifer, has also decided to entrust her with his application. I would recommend Jennifer and her team to anyone looking for competent and
efficient help with their immigration issues. Thanks Jennifer.

— Michael

My wife Wendy and I were very nervous and scared when we first came to Jennifer’s office.  We had filed my PR application a few years before and it was stuck.  I had some old criminal charges in the US that I didn’t know how to get taken care of and I didn’t know where to go from here.  We went online and typed in “CIC lawyers” and Jennifer was one of the first ones to come up.  We liked the information that she had on her website and so we decided to give her a call.  I had called another lawyer in a town closer to us but I didn’t like the attitude that they gave over the phone.  It really felt like they’d already judged me as a bad person because of my trouble in the US.

When I called Jennifer’s office the difference was amazing.  From the first phone call they have been nothing but friendly and helpful.  We feel free to call whenever we need something, or have a question and we talk to a friend.

When we first came to meet Jennifer, we knew we’d come to the right place.  She knew everything that had to be done and gave us a plan for how to get ‘unstuck’.  They are efficient and whenever there was an issue, they were on top of it and dealt with it right away.

I felt so much less stress once I had them on my side.  We didn’t have to worry anymore, although I did.  We dealt with my issues and now I am a permanent resident and able to stay here with my wife.  I’m looking forward to travelling and enjoying our grandchildren.

We had reached the end of ourselves and Jennifer and her staff relieved our stress and got things finished.  We couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Thank you.

— Donny & Wendy

My family came to Jennifer several years ago when we wanted my elderly mother to stay with us rather than have to return to her home country all alone.  When we first met with her, we knew that we were in the right place.  We had confidence in her abilities and that she understood us.  We were referred by a friend and we would certainly hire her again.

Our case was pretty risky as my mom was out of status here.  She was professional and knew her stuff.  Whenever something was required by the embassy, her team was on top of it.  When we had some difficulties with job losses etc, she worked with us to make sure things were still on track.

Our biggest worry was that we would lose our mom and now, she can be an active part of her children and grandchildren’s lives.  When asked if Jennifer provided value for her, my mom’s only words were ‘I’m here with my children’.

— Ali

I was nervous when I came to Jennifer’s office. My husband and I had submitted our PR application for me and my work permit was expiring. I had no idea what to do and I knew that we needed to add more to our file but didn’t have any idea how to do so. Jennifer was very helpful in identifying what areas we needed to ‘beef up’ and gave us a very detailed list as to what we needed.

I choose Jennifer because of her google reviews (I guess it’s my turn now to give one!). They are not a huge firm and I liked the individual attention our file received. I felt like they knew me personally and every time I came into the office, I was always greeted by name and with genuine pleasure.

I liked their personal, hands on approach. They are a family–oriented firm and I felt a part of the organization. The staff could understand what we were going through from personal experience and that made a big difference to us.

I really felt I received value from Jennifer and her team. I don’t think I would have been successful if they hadn’t supplemented our file. Giving us information about the process helped to calm our nerves and make the system seem more manageable.

I appreciate that feedback I gave them about various parts of the process has been incorporated into improving their service for other clients and that makes me feel quite good about recommending them to friends and family who are looking for immigration assistance.

I became a permanent resident and now I’m enjoying my life to the fullest here in Canada with my husband. Thank you Jennifer and your team.

— Nikki and Alex

My wife Christy and I decided to file our own application for Christy’s permanent residence and work permit.  I wish that we had come to see Jennifer before we put in our application.  After our application was rejected two times by CIC, we went to Jennifer after searching on Google.  When we did come to see her, we had problems with our file because we hadn’t done everything correctly.  At our first consultation with Jennifer, I was impressed that she was very helpful and even stayed as long as she needed to ensure we had all of the information that we needed.

Jennifer was very efficient and very patient.  She would even answer emails on her holidays if necessary for us.  We were so stressed and anxious but Jennifer and her team helped to calm us down and give us a plan on how to proceed.  What impressed us the most was that we constantly received updates and reminders of our file from her team.  We never had to worry about our application, as we knew it had been monitored and taken care of.  She was honest when she said in her first consultation ‘I wish you’d come to see me two years ago – you’d have your PR by now’ – and I’m convinced she was right.

We live out of town but they tried to make everything as convenient as possible – even allowing us to pay over the phone rather than having to make a trip to Kitchener.  Her fees are fair and her account is very detailed and transparent which I appreciated.

When my wife faced some health challenges, Jennifer was the first one we turned to.  She was able to take care of the immigration details and now my wife is a permanent resident and we are enjoying life with our family.

Thank you Jennifer and team.  You’ve helped us to be able to live the life together that we’ve dreamed of.

— Andy and Christy

I came to Jennifer’s office on the recommendation of a mutual friend.  I wasn’t sure about this whole process and I tried to keep myself informed by being on various chat rooms, and so on, for people who wanted to bring their spouse from Central America.  I had met Fredy when I was in Honduras on a volunteer trip with Habitat for Humanity.  Neither of us realized that trip would change our lives forever.  We fell in love and eventually we tried to have Fredy come to Canada for a visit during the summer.  We put in the application for his visitor visa ourselves, fully expecting him to be able to join me here in Canada.  When we received a refusal letter, we were both shocked and devastated.  We hadn’t even really considered that it wouldn’t be approved.  After speaking with a friend of mine, she recommended Jennifer to my family.  I was leaving to return to Honduras shortly after Christmas in 2013 and so I was Jennifer’s first consultation of 2014.

After meeting with Jennifer, Fredy and I realized that, with both of us being in Honduras for part of the time this was going to be in process, it made sense to have someone who could stay on top of things for us.  Deciding to hire Jennifer and her team took a huge headache from me.  I am an organized person and it was great to receive a detailed list of what we needed to be working on.  It was so much simpler to follow the list rather than have to come up with things on our own. It is a very personal and vulnerable process to let someone into such private areas of your life.

With Jennifer and her team, seeing how close they were to each other, sort of like a family of their own, it made it easier for us to trust them with the details of our lives.

Everyone was very helpful and I do remember some painful moments, like the really long meeting where we go through our relationship with them.  I know it was necessary and I’m sure it helped our file to be processed quickly, but it was hard to share our private moments with others.

When I received a phone call from Jennifer’s team saying that Fredy’s file had been completed and that he needed to send his passport in to get his visa to come to Canada, I was shocked at how quickly our file was processed.  I know that because they were so thorough in preparing our file, there was nothing further for Immigration Canada to ask and so it seemed to go through the process without a glitch.  I am grateful that my husband and I are now making the adjustment to life together in Canada.

I will certainly recommend Jennifer and her team to others in the same situation.  At least get the information to make an informed decision for yourselves. That is the best advice I can give.

— Sara and Fredy

I came to Jennifer at the beginning of my journey to sponsor my wife from Thailand.  I listened to family and friends and decided to do my application on my own.  It seemed that I could do it myself and so I put in my application.  When I received a rejection letter from CIC after waiting 3 years, I was devastated.  I followed the advice of another family friend who recommended that I return to Jennifer to see if she could help me.  I was feeling very vulnerable when I came to her but during our consultation she made me realize that I would be in good hands.  I wish that I had hired her in the first place when I was filling out my original application.

Jennifer was honest in her assessment of our chances with an appeal.  She laid out the options going forward and left the decision to Noi and me.  We decided to go ahead with an appeal and we ended up being successful.  Jennifer was very good in preparing me and helping me go through the process.  It was an overwhelming prospect to head to court, but I knew that with Jennifer and her team behind and beside me, I wasn’t alone.

I remember the interview with Immigration and feeling very nervous when I went in.  Jennifer had worked with me to prepare me for what to expect, but it was still nerve wracking.  Having her there being calm and competent really helped me relax and just focus on telling the truth about our relationship.

There was a lot of work that Jennifer and her staff did on my behalf to prepare my case and when I heard Immigration say that we had been successful in our appeal, I couldn’t process it.  I gave Jennifer a ride back from Toronto and there were a million things running through my mind, but I kept circling back to the one thing that stood out for me – I had good help.

I have recommended Jennifer to others.  The results are clear.  Did she provide value for me? – yes, my wife became a permanent resident last week!  Even though the road may be bumpy and those bumps were my mistake, I knew I was in good hands.  The ladies in the office were always very helpful and I felt like I could be honest with my questions or when I wasn’t sure what to do next.  They made it a safe place to be vulnerable and admit that I was over my head.  I knew that they knew what they were doing and I could trust them with the most important person in my life.

Noi and I are now adapting to being a couple here in Canada and I have Jennifer and her team to thank for that.

— Barry and Noi

When I came to Jennifer’s office, I was very lost and confused. Like many newcomers or foreigners to Canada, I knew nothing about immigration law. I was in danger of losing my status in Canada. I learned the hard way that sometimes the people closest to you do not always give you the best advice.

My life was falling apart and I had nowhere to turn. I didn’t know at the time that turning to Jennifer and her team was to be one of the smartest decisions I had ever made. Jennifer was very professional and rational when I needed stability amidst all the emotional storms I was weathering. I came to see her and her team as an anchor of sanity that I could trust to keep me grounded and on the right path.

I felt very safe in their office – something that you can’t realize how precious it is until you have no safety anywhere. It has been an amazing journey together. They are great, competent people who make a lengthy and complicated process somehow feel smaller and more manageable. They are like family. I have cried with them, shared the joy of the pregnancy and birth of my child with them and through all that; they have gained – and maintained – my trust. Their friendliness and kindness made it possible to share the sensitive things and feel that somehow, even if I couldn’t see it at the time, things would eventually be ok.

Jennifer and her team together are greater than the sum of their parts. Each team member has a vital role to play and they are encouraged to use their individual strengths to serve their clients. Whether it is being the welcoming and friendly face of the office, shepherding and comforting like a mother, or being a kind and objective person, they all are grounded in the solid, firm and dependable rock that is Jennifer. They always responded to my questions or concerns and I have referred friends and family to ‘the Best Law Firm in Canada’ as I call them.

Based on my personal experience, I will always recommend that those who are vulnerable (especially people who are new to this country) to get professional legal advice to know their options and the rights to which they are entitled.

My life is in a very different place today. I am now a permanent resident living here with my loving partner and laughter. When it is time for me to become a citizen of this great country, I know who is going to help me!

Thank you all for becoming part of my extended family.

— Julia (psuedonym)

I met Anna, the love of my life, online a few years ago.  Although we were only a few hours apart, geographically the Canada/US border was between us.  Neither of us had any idea of how to arrange for me to move to Canada and were overwhelmed at the idea, so Anna asked her friends if they could recommend anyone.  Two lawyer friends in the area independently gave us Jennifer’s name and so we arranged a consultation with Jennifer Roggemann’s office.

When we arrived, we had no real expectations of what we would find, but we were pleasantly surprised at how welcome we felt.  After our consultation with Jennifer we were very comfortable and confident that Jennifer and her team knew what they were doing.  We are so glad we made the decision to hire Jennifer to represent us with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Our interactions with Jennifer and her staff were very smooth and they made a very bureaucratic process very pleasant.  They were responsive to our concerns or questions and got back to us very quickly, typically within 24 hours.  There were a few hiccups in our file and one of the things we appreciated most was the communication from Jennifer and her team during what would have otherwise been very hectic moments.  They were always able to match the type of communication needed to the information they had to tell us.  If it was something that we were going to have a lot of questions about, they would speak with us in person, if it was great news, like telling Anna that I could become a permanent resident, they shared the joy with us over the phone.  We really appreciated those personal and thoughtful touches.  Even when there was a problem with our file, we never felt like it was ‘our problem’.  We felt taken care of and that the steps to solve the issue were already underway before we even knew about them.

The most valuable thing that Jennifer and her team gave us through this process was time.  Having them be on top of things allowed Anna and I to focus on our lives and not worry about all the paperwork.  Money comes and goes, but you can’t get back time.  Every dollar spent on Jennifer and her team was money well spent and an investment on us being together permanently. You can’t put a price on that.

Both Anna and I have and will continue to recommend friends to go and see Jennifer.  They’re convinced when we tell them that we felt like we were in capable hands and we were provided guidance for things that we would have otherwise been lost trying to figure out on our own.

A well informed advocate on your side is essential through this process and that is exactly what we had.  When it is time for me to consider Canadian citizenship, Anna and I will be back with Jennifer and her team.

— Joe & Anna

I met my wife online and I wanted her to come and visit me in Canada. I didn’t realize how difficult that was for someone from China and so I did that on my own. Knowing what I know now, I would have come to Jennifer and her team earlier. I travelled to visit Jie in China and eventually we fell in love and got married. We wanted her to join me here in Canada. When I first went to Jennifer’s office I was anxious and not sure if this was even going to be possible – given the refusal we had with a visitor’s visa. After meeting with Jennifer I was struck with two things; One, her sense of optimism about our situation and two, the confidence and professionalism in what they do. I also like that she did not promise or guarantee success which would have raised a red flag for me. My experience with Jennifer and her staff has been both friendly and professional. They are very thorough and were not hesitant to tell me when there was more needed for my application and giving me clear guidance on what I needed to provide. They knew the time frame for things and kept to them. I knew up front the things Jie and I needed to be collecting and there were no last minute surprises. I never felt anxious through this process. I trusted that the people that I hired were the experts and I followed their advice. They gave me valuable insight into Immigration Canada’s perspective and were invaluable in presenting our situation both accurately and positively in our application. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer and her team to others looking for immigration help. I would tell them that if you want the more than meeting the minimum checklist on the Immigration Canada website but rather a complete and sufficient application that really reflects who you are – go and see Jennifer and her team. I was very surprised when I learned that our file was completed both in Canada and overseas in just over 10 months. Jie is now here with me and we are learning how to be the best spouse to each other. She is looking forward to exploring her new home and one day to become a citizen.

— Robert

I had a problem with my previous application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and I needed to find some help. I decided to go to Google and see who popped up. I saw that Jennifer’s office was # 1 on Google and so I decided to see if she could help me. When I came for a consultation, I felt very comfortable and that I had made a good choice. They offered me some options for my case and I felt I was not alone and that my problems could be solved. I decided to hire them as my law firm and would recommend them to friends and family. I eventually made the decision to go a different route for my immigration concerns but I would still recommend Jennifer and her team to those close to me. I would tell them that when they come into the office, they won’t feel like an outsider or awkward. It is a comfortable place to share your struggles. Their ranking on Google was the reason I went there initially and after meeting Jennifer and her staff, I see why they are #1.

 — Evelyn

Jennifer, I’m just writing this letter to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for the boys and I. You have made a lot of sacrifices for us.working-overtime

I am still in a state of euphoria and I can truly see the hands of God extended to us. He is truly an awesome God that loves us very much. The boys are so elated and they really appreciate all that you have done for them.

We thank you for attending the hearing with us especially on a holiday, and it was on family day when you could have been spending time with your family.

Words can never express the magnitude of what you have done for us and the time that you and your staff have put into our case and it is because of the great work that you all have done we were able to achieve this success.

The boys and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They have promised me that they intend to use this opportunity that was given to them to the best of their ability – to become productive members of society.

Because of you they have been given the chance of a lifetime – a home in Canada and great future.

God bless you.

— Kay and the boys

Jennifer’s guidance, experience, and highly-motivated nature helped me to be successful in navigating the legal waters of immigration as a young student. She set deadlines and encouraged me, and her staff was equally helpful and very easy to work with. 5/5 stars

— Megan Honsberger

My husband and I were looking for how to have me come and stay in Canada with him. I had a complicated history and we realized that we should get some advice so we could do things the right way. We did a google search and
found that Jennifer was highly recommended. She was in our city and so we called and booked a consultation.

When we got to the office we were nervous and a little uncomfortable with the whole idea but Jennifer’s office put us at ease fairly quickly. It is not in a big building with lots of people but a comfortable environment where we both felt secure. We had read the testimonials on the website and found them true to our experience with Jennifer and her staff

The staff is very friendly and were able to explain things to us clearly – even the complicated things. They gained our trust and they never lost it. As we were going through the process, we knew that Jennifer and her team were giving us a chance to get on with our lives together. How can I put a value on being able to be with my husband during this process?

I have recommended Jennifer to others telling them that she is a good lawyer and that you can depend on her. She is very knowledgeable but not intimidating. Her staff is humble and treat all their clients with respect. Overall, we had a very good experience with Jennifer and her team.

My favourite memory was when Peter got the call from the office saying that our applications were complete and we were just waiting for the landing details. I am now a permanent resident of Canada and I can’t wait to finally be able to make plans for our future knowing that my status in Canada is secure.

— Sheilla and Peter

My situation was a bit unusual because the main reason I was moving to Canada was to follow my teenage son who was attending University classes. I felt really overwhelmed by the immigration process and had no idea what to do or how to even approach it. I did not even know what questions to ask.

Deciding to consult Jennifer was paramount in helping me establish what to do for my family with Immigration Canada. I am so glad I made that decision early on. The caring and kindness of the entire staff helped me through what would otherwise have been a very confusing process. Their compassion and devotion to the needs of their clients really stood out to me. It was clear that it was not just an immigration case to them, but that they truly cared about each of us as people. Jennifer is genuinely concerned about the families she is serving and takes the time to ensure that her clients are cared for and feel good in a foreign country while learning many new things. One day my car had broken down in her parking lot and I will never forget seeing her come out of her office and grab a pair of jumper cables! That was amazing to me and something that shows how much she truly tries to help and serve her clients even in unexpected ways.

I have shared a lot of laughter and tears in Jennifer’s office. I just felt at home and I think the entire staff try very hard to bring a piece of home to people at a time in their lives when home is needed the most! Jennifer made sure that she addressed anything that would worry me- often taking care of these things before I was even aware of them. If I had to tell someone about her, I would simply say…”Just go there! They will take care of you and you will love them!

— Kristine

Patsy and I met on holiday and we’d been visiting back and forth between her home here in Canada and mine in the UK. I’m retired and so we decided that since Patsy had more roots here than I did back home, we would make Canada our home base (when we’re not off travelling). I’m a laid back kind of guy and my Patsy is more detail oriented – it’s what makes us a good match I think. However, neither of us wanted to spend our time mucking around with our immigration paperwork. I knew I didn’t have enough care about the details needed and I didn’t want to put all that work and pressure on Patsy to do our paperwork while she’s still working a full time demanding job. We decided that hiring Jennifer and her team was the way to make sure it was done right. We would recommend them. It’s not cheap, and it’s still a lot of work, but the pressure to be on top of everything is gone.

The ladies in the office are very friendly and efficient. When we came in for an appointment, we were greeted by our first names and made to feel welcome and known. We weren’t just a faceless client, but someone they cared about. Those sorts of details helped us to be comfortable even though it is a bit nerve-wracking to discuss all your personal bits with a law office. They were very quick to respond to any concerns we had and they earned our trust.

When the office called us to say that my landing papers had come in, we were actually caught off guard. We’re at this point much sooner than we expected and now I don’t have to leave the country as I’m no longer a ‘visitor’ but I’m a permanent resident of Canada. This is my home and Jennifer and her team certainly helped me get here. Thank you.

— Dennis & Patsy

 I met my spouse through work overseas with my company. After we decided that we would make Canada our home together, we decided we didn’t want to do this process on our own. When my then girlfriend came for a visit, we decided to chat with a local immigration lawyer. The office was very friendly over the phone and we booked a consultation with Jennifer. She was very thorough in that meeting but didn’t pressure us to make a decision. She gave us time to decide. We felt comfortable with the office and they quickly gained our trust and confidence.

All our communication with the office was very friendly and prompt. Whether it was to schedule meetings or to have questions answered or learn updates on our file from Immigration Canada, emails and phone calls were very professional and yet friendly and personal. The entire office staff completed the work very promptly, as promised. That efficiency comes at a cost but it was worth it. They were always able to answer our questions with patience until we were clear what to do next. One of the reasons we had decided on a lawyer was that we were overwhelmed with the application process. They simplified the process for us and we were confident that this is their business and they knew what they were doing.

Our file was processed in less time than the average posted by Immigration Canada and my wife and I were able to focus on preparing for the birth of our son rather than immigration paperwork. That value cannot be calculated in dollars and cents. My wife and my Canadian son are here with me making our lives in Canada and we are very thankful that we trusted someone who knows their stuff. We would recommend seeking the advice of a professional to help you get it done right the first time.

 — Mr and Mrs. L

I was working here on my Post Graduate Work Permit and it was due to expire in about the length of time as the posted processing time for CEC applications. I had been procrastinating on my CEC application and I was starting to panic because I went to a couple of law firms and they were not confident that I could get my application processed in time. I found Jennifer on Google, and because I’m in the IT industry, I could tell that her reputation was gained organically – she did not buy ads to boost her ratings. It impressed me that she was the first one on so many pages.

When I went to my consultation with Jennifer, I was not very confident but Jennifer was confident enough for the both of us. She reminded me that the processing time is an average and was confident that with a complete, clear application, we should be able to get it processed in my timeframe. She presented a plan, which I followed and she delivered. For an IT guy, it doesn’t get simpler than that.

The entire office is staffed with genuinely nice people. They are good at communicating – just the right amount. I felt kept in the loop and Erica especially always gave me realistic deadlines and a quick reply back to my questions.

I am now a Permanent Resident of Canada and the process was very smooth and simple. I left the details to the experts, did what they told me to in the timeframe they asked and I got the results I wanted. I would highly recommend them both individually and as a law firm as people are true to their word, deliver what they promise and take care of the details.

Thanks Jennifer and Erica for a job well done. See you in a few years for my citizenship application!

 — Ammar N

Jennifer adds value and expertise to every legal transaction. I found her very easy to work with and she made everything easy to understand.

 — Jennifer

Jennifer is a very intelligent and skillful immigration lawyer. I am so impressed by her tenacity to resolve the issue and her incredible attention to detail. She sincerely cares about her clients and their loved ones. If you are looking for someone to walk you through the ins and outs of immigration and citizenship, then I highly recommend Jennifer. She will help you take action to resolve your concerns. Jennifer is so well respected amongst her peers, she is often recommended by other lawyers throughout Canada! Jennifer takes immigration stress away!

 — Lisa

When we first came to Jennifer’s office in 2011 we didn’t know anything about the procedures to have someone come from the US. We wanted everything done properly and professionally and so we sought out Jennifer. From that first meeting we realized that this was not an ordinary law office. They were very personable and friendly and helpful with all of our questions. By the end of that meeting we were comfortable and very relaxed. Jennifer gave us peace of mind. We had gone online and read a bit about Jennifer and liked what we’d read. She is a bit on the pricey side but she certainly gave us great value. Her entire office works as a team and everyone knows you when you walk in the door. You’re greeted with a friendly smile and made to feel like you’re their only client and certainly more than just a file number.

Jennifer and her team always had the answers for our questions, or if they didn’t know off the top of their heads, they found out quickly and either called us or sent us an email with the answer. We felt like we had someone on our team – if we ever got into trouble, we knew that we could always say “call my lawyer”. It’s a scary process to apply to the government and having Jennifer and her team made us feel more at home. It certainly eased my culture shock to have everything explained so well.

We have recommended Jennifer to others saying that if you want someone to get it done right, and be on your side, you can’t do better than Jennifer. We never left feeling ‘less than’ or silly. We always left feeling like we knew more than when we went in and things were being taken care of on our behalf. They are very thorough and make sure that every i is double dotted and every t is double crossed before they submit your application.

When they called to tell me the good news that my file was completed and they had received the date for my landing ceremony, I felt like a piano had been lifted off my back. I’m now looking forward to spending the rest of my life in my new country. Even when we were finished with Jennifer and her team, they wanted to ask our opinion on how to improve their service in the future and to give us tools to make reapplying for my PR card in a few years easier to manage. We’re getting older and more forgetful so it made a lot of sense for us to have someone else worry about all the details. Thank you Jennifer and team! I still owe you some of my home cooking as a thank you!

 — Robby & Karen

Kirsty and I met in Scotland when she was working there for a short time. We decided that we wanted to be close to Kirsty’s family here in Canada so I came to Canada on a working holiday. While I was here, we met with Jennifer because her office was local for us but that’s not why we decided to hire her. We didn’t really have any idea of how we should go about this process and she offered us a plan right up front – and gave us the deadlines and options for maintaining that plan. It’s not often people can say that a lawyer helped us commit to each other! The uncertainty in the future and how the whole immigration process would work was the biggest stress in our lives. I don’t know if we could have handled doing all the paperwork on top of life – getting married, Kirsty going back to school and both of us working full time.

Having Jennifer in our corner helped us to relax and to trust in the plan. Trust takes time to build – but Jennifer and her staff earned ours. They were very clear about what and when we had to do things and took time to answer our questions. Because they are very friendly and approachable, it was always very easy to call or email with a question and not feel silly.

They presented various options within the overall goal of getting me my permanent residency and allowed us to choose the path that made the most sense for us. We had the peace of mind that experts were looking after things and we didn’t have to worry about keeping on top of all the changes in immigration law that have been coming out in the last year.

I think we could have done this on our own but it would have led to a lot more fights and not nearly as pleasant a first year of marriage. They took away the stress and let us just live our daily lives. Our file was finished faster than we expected (7 months from filing to landing). I am now a permanent resident of Canada and thoroughly enjoying my life here. The trust that Jennifer and her staff are able to build with their clients is a rare thing and I have already recommended their services to others.

Thanks Jennifer.

 — Euan and Kirsty

Vicky and I met while working on cruise ships and after a dating period were soon living as a couple. Working in the cruise industry is not a forever lifestyle and we knew that our stationary life would be near Vicky’s family in Canada if possible. I was here from New Zealand as a visitor and both of us felt very overwhelmed by the whole process of becoming a permanent resident. We hadn’t done much research before meeting with Jennifer – as she was located close by. Thank God for pens and paper as we received a ton of information for us to go home and process at that first meeting. We did a lot of research of Jennifer online once we’d met with her in person and decided that we would be crazy to try this on our own.

Knowing what we know today of the whole process, I’m glad we hired Jennifer and would do so again. She gave us realistic expectations and her staff was very responsive to our questions whether by email or telephone. They were friendly and personable and gave us just the right amount of information when we needed it – didn’t overwhelm us with too much.

I’m now a permanent resident of Canada and without Jennifer and her staff; I probably would have been deported by now. They made the process very easy and relieved our anxieties about the process. I would recommend them to others looking to come to Canada. I would tell them to follow their advice and recommendations, do the work and let them handle the details.

We are planning a trip back to New Zealand as soon as my PR card comes in the mail. Thanks for making that possible.

 — Matthew and Vicky-Lynn

I left my home in Mexico to work in Canada. My employer was very happy with my services and so they prepared my paperwork for becoming a permanent resident of Canada in 2008. I came to realize that having my girlfriend and baby daughter with me was more important than my work here in Canada. I wanted to bring them to be here with me but I faced some challenges with Immigration Canada because of how my application for permanent residency was made.

My girlfriend and daughter came as visitors to Canada when my daughter was a baby and she knew no other life but here with us in Canada. Evelyn and I got married in 2010 and a couple of months later we saw Jennifer and her staff for the first time. No one wanted to touch my case. I had just about given up and decided to return to Mexico. I felt very comfortable as they could speak to me in my own language. They were the first place to treat me and my family like human beings. They didn’t just take money from me and wait and see what happened with my case. They really cared and worked very hard to rescue my mistakes and allow my daughter to stay and go to school and learn how to be a big sister to our second daughter who came along in 2012. In 2013 both Evelyn and my eldest daughter became permanent residents here in Canada and are looking forward to learning more about this great country to become citizens one day.

I’m so thankful to Jennifer and her staff for taking my case when no one else would and fighting for me and my family. We knew that our case would not be easy and they were honest about our chances right from the start. They laid out a plan right from the beginning and there were no surprises along the way.

I would recommend them to others because they see us as people not dollar signs.

 — Mario, Evelyn and family

My parents and I have worked for a development agency for many years in Central America. I met Estela in her remote village in Guatemala. There were many complications along our journey to Canada including assault, intimidation and murder of friends, visa denials and misrepresentation by previous lawyers.

When my family met with Jennifer, I was in Guatemala and we were at our wits end. I had been looking online for help and found Jennifer’s website and felt hope and trust for the first time in quite a while. Most of my interaction with was done via email as I was overseas. It was a real lifeline to be able to talk to someone, even electronically, in Spanish who understood. No one had been willing to take on our case as it was hopeless.

Jennifer’s office was certainly professional and very detailed in working with us but they were also very soothing and motivational. They followed through and did what they said they would. Our first conference call stopped me from giving up. The results are more that we could have hoped for. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Ours was a very complex case and although it was expensive, I have my family with me here in Canada.

How do you truly value having your family safe with you?

 — Tim and Estela

Yetro and I met when we were both working in the cruise line industry. When we decided that we wanted a more stationary lifestyle, we knew that we wanted to be near my family in Canada. When Yetro and I came to Jennifer’s office we were overwhelmed with all we needed to do. Jennifer was very warm and answered a lot of questions. I found Jennifer by Googling “Immigration lawyers” and we’re both glad we chose her office.

Jennifer and her staff were efficient, friendly, warm and approachable. Throughout the process we always had the peace of mind knowing Jennifer had our back and we could just go on with our lives.

Our experiences with cruise ships allowed us to hear horror stories of people attempting this process on their own and missing some sort of deadline and things going horribly off the rails. We felt really taken care of – from the Christmas card with Jennifer sharing her family with us to her staff returning a receipt for warranty purposes, they were very caring and accommodating.

Jennifer and her staff are on top of things so that they can always give you the most up to date recommendation for the next stage of the process. We have friends and family that we will definitely recommend to Jennifer.

 — Libby and Yetro

I met my husband Gordon at college in the US and we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together in Canada. Gordon and I first came to Jennifer’s office together about a month before our wedding. We were both overwhelmed with all planning and knew that Jennifer would steer us in the right direction. Every time we met with Jennifer, she would very clearly explain “this is what I recommend and this is why I recommend going in this direction”. She and her staff were very thorough and took care of details we couldn’t begin to think of. Looking back, it would have been heinous to do this process by ourselves.

Both Gordon and I felt very safe with Jennifer and her team. We could be our real selves without feeling the need to ‘pretend’ or impress anyone. They were very approachable and no question seemed silly to them. We felt supported through the whole process with just the right amount of contact – not overwhelming but not forgotten. Jennifer’s office works as a team and they know what they’re doing and do it well.

We would gladly recommend them to our family and friends. There are many personal touches that you just don’t typically find in a large law firm. We felt at home.

 — Gord and Tammany

I met Marlon when I was teaching English in South Korea. He travels a lot for business from his home base in Germany and we met in a local bar that I visited with my fellow teachers. Marlon’s job takes him all over the world and, as he is not particularly close with his family, I became his home base.

When my contract was up in Korea, I returned home and Marlon came to visit as often as he could. We got married, and now have a beautiful baby boy together. We knew that we wanted Marlon to be able to be based here in Canada rather than Europe so we Googled immigration lawyers in the area. We looked at another lawyer in London but when we called Jennifer, she could accommodate us before Marlon had to leave on his next trip.

That first meeting with Jennifer confirmed to us that she could be trusted. Her family history of immigration to Canada, how she spoke with us and answered our questions all spoke volumes to us. We would certainly make the same choice again. Jennifer and her staff were very helpful and informative. They were also reachable either by phone or email and answered our questions within 24 hours. Jennifer worked hard to be able to coordinate meeting times with Marlon’s visits to Canada so that it was as convenient as possible for us.

Marlon has already recommended Jennifer to one of his colleagues contemplating moving to Canada. We appreciated Jennifer outlining the cost up front and working with us to budget our resources in installments over the course of the process. The cost was worth it to us to have someone else handle the details and have someone to turn to with questions.

Marlon is now a permanent resident and we look forward to enjoying the life we’ve built here in Canada.

 — Natasha and Marlon

My husband Adrian first introduced himself to me in a tea shop while I was in Canada on a study permit. Our relationship is a modern fairytale and we married a few years later. We knew that we wanted to stay in Canada together and knew that it would be a complicated process. We looked up some information online and decided that we had no clue what we were doing. Adrian’s family found Jennifer on Google, we decided to get some help.

When Adrian and I initially came to Jennifer’s office it was like taking a deep breath for the first time. After meeting with her, we decided that it was easier than doing it yourself – she was very professional and would take care of the details. We both found her really trustworthy and reliable. She was on top of things whether it was deadlines with Immigration Canada or meeting times with us. We felt she really provided us with value. Jennifer’s staff spoke to us so nicely and had such great patience in dealing with my bad grammar and poor English. Everyone answered our questions with patience and clarity.

I am now a permanent resident of Canada and I look forward to coming back for some help to become a citizen in a few years.

 — Adrian and Xiaoxi

“Jennifer Roggemann is one of the most approachable and reliable legal professionals this community has! As an immigrant woman herself, Jennifer has a genuine desire in helping other immigrants or agencies like ours which are serving them.”

Former Executive Director – Focus for Ethnic Women

 — Olga George-Cosh, RSSW

Donna and Abed met online while he was in the US on a student visa from Jordan. Soon after meeting Donna, Abed came to Canada on a Temporary Visitors Visa. Their relationship became more serious and Abed wanted to explore how to stay in Canada longer, to be with Donna. Donna and Abed say they decided they needed to hire a lawyer. They were referred to Jennifer and Donna quips, “we got lucky!”.

When Jennifer took their case, Abed was scheduled for a departure hearing with Immigration and he wanted someone on his side who knew the law. He notes “it was amazing to me how different the Immigration officials acted once I had a lawyer sitting beside me”. “With Jennifer” he says, “she didn’t make big promises but she always delivered big results”. Donna adds, “We felt safe with Jennifer”. When asked what she would say to someone today who is where she started seven years ago, Donna responds, “Hire the girl! She’s efficient, friendly, not intimidating and gets the job done”.

Today, not only is Abed a permanent resident, in 2009 he became a Canadian citizen. Donna sums up her advice to others, “If you pay them money and then don’t take their advice, you get what you get”.

 — Donna and Abed

“I chose to work with Jennifer because she answered all the questions I had about my immigration options, whereas two other lawyers could not give me satisfactory answers to my questions”.

 — Laura sponsoring Travis

Grace came to Canada from the Philippines in 2004 as a live-in caregiver, leaving her 8 year old with his father. Two years later, she started the process to become a permanent resident on her own and spent several years trying to navigate the system. She has not seen her son since coming to Canada. He is 16 now and she has not seen him for more than half of his life. Her main comment about her separation from her son; “I owe him time”.

She says that Jennifer “is an answer to my prayers”. After meeting with Jennifer and her staff, she would feel a sense of calm return and hope that this was going to work. “I knew that she was the expert and knew how to work through the system to get me my residency”, she said adding “I could say anything, ask any question and not feel silly, I had confidence in her answers”. Grace says that everyone in the office was very approachable and encouraging and when others would say “she’s so expensive”, Grace would reply “I don’t care about the money, this is my life. Money is nothing”.

When she came to Jennifer in May of 2011, she was in danger of being removed from Canada and barred from this country for 2 years, leaving her new young son in Canada without a mother. 13 months later she is scheduled to attend her Permanent Residency landing ceremony. Today, when asked about travelling to see her son next year, Grace smiles as she replies, “I can now make plans”.

 — Grace

Danielle met Kevin online. Kevin is an American who has some criminal charges in the US. He has been turned back at the border and refused entry into Canada. He states that “I never realized how much the old crap in my life would hold up my future.” He starts to smile, “I never thought I would get married, let alone to a ‘foreigner’”.

Danielle was searching online for immigration lawyers in the area and was attracted by the testimonials she saw on Jennifer’s website. When asked if, knowing what they know now of the immigration process, would they make the decision to hire Jennifer all over again, Kevin is quick to respond “oh, yeah, in a heartbeat; without Jennifer and her staff, I would have given up the fight a long time ago”. “We interviewed two immigration lawyers at the beginning of this; one didn’t want to speak with us until we’d gotten all of our fingerprints, filled out all the forms and given them $2000.00. Jennifer met with us and walked us through the initial steps to getting fingerprints, the forms we needed – basically how to get started. We knew she really cared and it wasn’t about the money with her.”

Danielle and Kevin have already recommended Jennifer to their friends who are thinking about starting the immigration process. When asked what made her want to give that recommendation, Danielle states: “When you start this process and you go to the website [CIC] they tell you to submit these forms and words like “proof that you have a real relationship” – you don’t know what that means or how to go about it” . She relays “when I met with Jennifer, she said ‘ok, here are the documents we need from you and this is why they are needed’. The list was a whole lot longer than what was on the website”. She goes on to say “because we had a full list of documents, our application was processed faster”. “Yes, you’re paying someone for something you could technically do on your own but, you don’t know what you don’t know”. “Going with Jennifer speeds up the process because she knows what you need to do”. Kevin interjects “and it is not such a headache!”; “Why would I stress about this when I can get help from the experts?”

When asked if they thought they had received value for their investment, immediately they both said “Yes!” Kevin added “every penny paid has at least been worth it”. Kevin relates a small example of the value he sees in hiring our office. “Sometime early on in the process, I had to draft a letter to be sent to Immigration. I forwarded it to Jennifer’s staff for her to review to make sure it said all I needed to say. She not only reviewed the letter but she edited it and when I got it back from her I said “OK, THIS is why we hired them!””

When asked to describe in 5 words or less the service they received they replied, “thorough – sometimes to the point of overwhelming in the moment but when you looked back on it, you were glad you had all the information”. “ Responses to phone calls or emails were always prompt and informative, often answering questions before I could remember to ask them”.

Danielle and Kevin are still working through the system, there is still some uncertainty and unknown waters ahead of them. When asked about how they are feeling at the moment, Danielle states; “I feel like things are finally starting to clear up. Whenever I meet with Jennifer she’s positive and upbeat tells me ‘there’s still a reason to keep fighting’”.

 — Danielle and Kevin

Sue came to Canada from Korea in 2007 with her two small children. Dan stopped in to the variety store her family owned in Southwestern Ontario and started a conversation. Their relationship progressed until they wanted to get married. They were told, correctly, that they could fill out all the forms and file applications themselves with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Unfortunately, the applications they filed for Sue and her two minor children were rejected.

When asked if, knowing what he knows now having gone through the system, he would make the same choices, Dan quickly states “No, I would have gotten help much sooner”. “To attempt this yourself…”, Dan retorts “forget it”.

Sue’s family had contact with Jennifer through the broad Korean community in Southwestern Ontario and recommended her as a “good lawyer””. Sue says that with her limited English, especially when they came to Jennifer in 2009, it was incredibly helpful to be able to get information in her native language.

Dan says that in realizing the level of detail that was required for a successful application, it’s no wonder their attempt on their own didn’t succeed. “We had no idea of the process – it’s not something we deal with every day. Why did we assume we were expert enough to navigate the government?” he wonders.

After filing their final applications in 2011, Sue and her two children attended their landing ceremony in June, 2012 and are now officially permanent residents of Canada.

 — Daniel & Sue

I became a widower two years ago, and on a trip to Scotland I met up with a lifelong friend of my late wife`s who was widowed over three years ago. This meeting developed into a relationship and we were married last year and we needed help for my wife to immigrate to Canada.

We googled “immigration lawyers” on the internet and found that Jennifer was relatively close by and had excellent reviews, so we decided to come in for a consultation. We were a bit overwhelmed by the consultation process because Jennifer gave us so much information and we could not believe how much there was to know. Despite feeling overwhelmed, we could tell Jennifer knew what she was talking about and it was impressive how much information she was able to provide us with in the short amount of time.

We had a very pleasant experience with Jennifer and her team. They were always very personable and we felt comfortable that they would treat our case with care and privacy. They were always prompt and efficient in answering our questions, and making sure we were informed of any updates. The process went very smoothly for us and we are happy with the way things turned out.

When Jennifer first laid out the fees for us, we were a bit shocked by the amount, because at the time it seemed like a lot of money. However, after having been through the process with her, the amount of money we spent makes complete sense, after seeing how much time and work went in to our application.

We would recommend Jennifer’s office to others looking for immigration advice. She and her staff are personable, and are willing to help whenever possible.

Thank you to Jennifer and her team for all their hard work!

Margaret and Jim