2022-2023 Charity – Grand River Hospital Foundation

Earlier this year, I received an email from the hospital about raising funds for two new MRI machines and associated costs to improve the quality of our lives in KW. At that moment, I was excited because it made me think of my dad again, five years after his passing. I wanted to celebrate his life with a contribution to the GRHF. Our gift could help another family to have even better care and experience than we did.

Our family is grateful for all the dedicated staff at both St. Mary’s hospital and Grand River Hospital (including those at the Freeport Palliative care unit). The janitor who cleaned my father’s room shared comforting words. The radiologist who did my dad’s CT scan was a second-generation Korean who attempted to speak Korean to my dad, who was so scared. The nursing staff worked hard each day and night. The numerous doctors cared for my dad through the six-week journey. And the oncologist came in on her vacation day so that we could make our care decision). We are thankful for all of the hospital staff who have contributed so much to our family over the years.

We thank you for your hard work and appreciate your continuous perseverance throughout the COVID-19 era. We want to walk along with you all.

We ask all our clients, contacts and others to join our walk to improve our healthcare system one step at a time. We thank you for caring for each other graciously and sacrificially.

– Jennifer Roggemann

At Grand River Hospital Foundation, we dedicate ourselves to our great community by working in partnership with people from all walks of life to make every health care experience exceptional. The goal? Rallying our community members from all walks of life to build a world class health system right here. The kind that transforms health care delivery, provides an exceptional experience for all, and works collaboratively to improve the health of our community—the kind where care never stops.

Learn more about the need for an MRI machine and donate today at https://grhf.ca/products/mri-machine or reach out to the GRHF through info@grhf.ca