I met my wife online and I wanted her to come and visit me in Canada. I didn’t realize how difficult that was for someone from China and so I did that on my own. Knowing what I know now, I would have come to Jennifer and her team earlier.

I travelled to visit Jie in China and eventually we fell in love and got married. We wanted her to join me here in Canada. When I first went to Jennifer’s office I was anxious and not sure if this was even going to be possible – given the refusal we had with a visitor’s visa.Complete Application

After meeting with Jennifer I was struck with two things; One, her sense of optimism about our situation and two, the confidence and professionalism in what they do. I also like that she did not promise or guarantee success which would have raised a red flag for me.

My experience with Jennifer and her staff has been both friendly and professional. They are very thorough and were not hesitant to tell me when there was more needed for my application and giving me clear guidance on what I needed to provide. They knew the time frame for things and kept to them. I knew up front the things Jie and I needed to be collecting and there were no last minute surprises. I never felt anxious through this process. I trusted that the people that I hired were the experts and I followed their advice. They gave me valuable insight into Immigration Canada’s perspective and were invaluable in presenting our situation both accurately and positively in our application. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer and her team to others looking for immigration help.

I would tell them that if you want the more than meeting the minimum checklist on the Immigration Canada website but rather a complete and sufficient application that really reflects who you are – go and see Jennifer and her team. I was very surprised when I learned that our file was completed both in Canada and overseas in just over 10 months. Jie is now here with me and we are learning how to be the best spouse to each other. She is looking forward to exploring her new home and one day to become a citizen. –Robert Adsett