My wife Christy and I decided to file our own application for Christy’s permanent residence and work permit.  I wish that we had come to see Jennifer before we put in our application.  After our application was rejected two times by CIC, we went to Jennifer after searching on Google.  When we did come to see her, we had problems with our file because we hadn’t done everything correctly.  At our first consultation with Jennifer, I was impressed that she was very helpful and even stayed as long as she needed to ensure we had all of the information that we needed.

Jennifer was very efficient and very patient.  She would even answer emails on her holidays if necessary for us.  We were so stressed and anxious but Jennifer and her team helped to calm us down and give us a plan on how to proceed.  What impressed us the most was that we constantly received updates and reminders of our file from her team.  We never had to worry about our application, as we knew it had been monitored and taken care of.  She was honest when she said in her first consultation ‘I wish you’d come to see me two years ago – you’d have your PR by now’ – and I’m convinced she was right.

We live out of town but they tried to make everything as convenient as possible – even allowing us to pay over the phone rather than having to make a trip to Kitchener.  Her fees are fair and her account is very detailed and transparent which I appreciated.

When my wife faced some health challenges, Jennifer was the first one we turned to.  She was able to take care of the immigration details and now my wife is a permanent resident and we are enjoying life with our family.

Thank you Jennifer and team.  You’ve helped us to be able to live the life together that we’ve dreamed of. -Andy and Christy