Canadian citizenship Act was enacted in June, 2014, but majority of such act came into enforce on June 11, 2015. Some of major highlights are as follows:


Canadian citizenship Act
1. ‎Residency requirement can only be met by physical residency;
2. Any physical residency in Canada before receiving permanent residency does not count – the time spent as a study permit holder or work permit holder;
3. 183-days per year for at least four years in six qualifying years must be shown – in other words, if you receive your permanent residency after July 2 of the given year you cannot count that years as such qualifying year;
4. Applicants between 14 and 64 years old must take knowledge test and language test – for a family of 4, there may be an incident that a teenager of 15 may not be able to get his own citizenship even if both parents obtain theirs;
5. Applicants must file income tax for at least 4 or more years, even if they have no income, like a staying-home spouse.; and more.


It is important to review your ‎eligibility carefully before applying for your citizenship, AND to plan your 2 years after your filing of your application to demonstrate your intention to reside in Canada.


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