This post is an excerpt from the article “Canada Border Services Agency moves to ‘substantially’ increase deportations” by Kathleen Harris (CBC News – Oct 30, 2018). To read the full article, click here.

CBC News - Deportation of Failed Refugee Claimants on the Rise Canada’s border agency is stepping up efforts to deport failed refugee claimants and other foreign nationals not welcome in this country, setting a goal of dramatically increasing deportation numbers by up to 35 per cent.

An email from the director of Canada Border Services Agency’s Enforcement and Intelligence Operations Division, sent Oct. 17 and obtained by CBC News, outlines the plan to ramp up removals to 10,000 people a year…

“…This would imply about a 25-35 per cent increase over the last couple years.” [Brad Wozny]

Agency spokesperson Barre Campbell said Canada remains an open and welcoming place for people seeking refuge and will continue to treat them fairly and with compassion while expediting removals…

The directive comes as the Liberals face tough criticism from the opposition Conservatives over border security and the handling of asylum seekers crossing into Canada outside of regular border points. The Conservatives have called the situation a “crisis,” while the Liberals have insisted the government is adequately managing what it calls a “challenge…”

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