Believe it or not, the number one reason for your labour market impact assessment is incomplete application. In fact, your application will be “returned” without even getting a file number. You don’t even get your application returned, but shredded. It is critical to make sure that your application is completed.

The second common reason for refusal is your recruitment procedure – have you done all the detailed efforts made for finding qualified Canadian workers.

The third common reason for refusal is the compensation – meeting a median salary level. This wage level constantly changes with market condition! You much check and update your advertisement to match this wage, especially when there is a major change – a median wage for Ontario was changed on April 30, 2022 from $24.04 to $26.06. As a result, some high-wage labour market impact assessment may become low wage application, which requires higher due diligence for recruitment.

We recommend for getting your eligibility assessment in advance and keeping your eyes on your pending applications with constant care for your success!