It is a difficult time for John & Erin Nymann and their family. The Nymanns are residents of Waterloo Region who recently adopted a 6-year-old girl, Favor, from Nigeria 6 months ago. Despite John & Erin’s official legal guardianship, Favor’s immigration application has not yet been processed, meaning the family (who has to return to Canada for work next month), may be separated from their new daughter for an indefinite period of time.

Nymann FamilyIf nothing changes, Favor will have to return to the orphanage she has been raised in until her paperwork is completed, while her newly bonded family returns to Canada without her. The situation has been complicated by the fact that Erin (Favor’s mom) succumbed to malaria on their trip to Nigeria, and had to return home early to seek medical treatment and recovery.

CTV News sought out our very own Jennifer Roggemann for her unique insights on the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nymanns, and we hope to see a resolution come about soon, and the family no longer kept apart from one another.

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