Hiring them allowed me to sleep better at nightI am from the Bahamas and have been here as a work permit holder in Canada. I had done most of my applications on my own but I ran into some difficulties extending my work permit and dealing with the LMIA process. I decided that I needed to hire a lawyer and so I did a google search and found Jennifer Roggemann Law Office and specifically, her associate, Tiffani Frederick.

What I most appreciated when I met with Tiffani and Jennifer during my meeting to hire them was that Jennifer came in to explain all my options and Tiffani assured me that my case was not the most dire one they had ever worked on – a great relief to me.

Although we didn’t end up doing a lot of things together, they were friendly and reassuring and quite professional. They were very quick to respond to my emails. Hiring them allowed me to sleep better at night. Sometimes, you just need a lawyer to fight for you and get you the right information. Jennifer and her team are the ones to do that for you.

If I had known at the beginning what I know now, I would have hired an immigration lawyer from the start – just for the peace of mind if nothing else. I really enjoyed working with Tiffani and her way of keeping me calm and Jennifer was very knowledgeable and had some suggestions that I had never even thought of.

I am now a permanent resident here and I will definitely use their services again. I want to have my mom and sister join me from Bahamas and the peace of mind is well worth the money. – Dwight