LawyerI’ve been working as a farm supervisor here in Canada for a long time. I first came on the 8 month Agricultural worker program for several years, and then was able to switch to being able to work for a couple of years at a time. A few years ago it was time to see about my options to become a permanent resident. I really missed my kids back home and wanted to give them the opportunities I saw around me here in Canada. I spoke to my employer and we decided we needed to find an immigration lawyer to help us.

My employer searched online and found Jennifer. She looked like she had a lot of good recommendations and so my employer called. We initially started working with another lawyer at Jennifer’s office but, after she left Jennifer took over my file. She recommended that we go through the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, and I was glad that my employer was so supportive of me. I tell anyone I know who has any concerns about immigration to go and see Jennifer.

I couldn’t do this on my own. I don’t have the time or the skills to make sure the paperwork gets done properly and on time. The office was able to work with my employer and my daughter back home to sort out all the details so that I can now bring my family here to Canada. The way they were always on top of things, getting back to them right away; I knew that they would always be there for me.

Any time I’m in the office, I take some business cards. I never have one left for me. I’ve told lots of people to go and see Jennifer. I tell them I have a good lawyer – they got me great results. They’re the people who can do it – go see them.

This morning, I’m a happy man. After working here for almost 18 years, today I became a permanent resident. Now I can bring my kids here to finish their education, to have better opportunities, and a better life. I’m so looking forward to booking their flights for them to join me. Now I can own my own home here in Canada. I’ll soon have a place for my family; our own, safe place to be together.

Thanks Jennifer for all you’ve done. I can’t wait for you to meet my kids in person. I’ll be back to become a citizen as soon as I can.