I Felt It Was Impossible But They Made It HappenI was in Canada on a post graduate work permit and it was expiring soon. I didn’t know where to turn and so I googled “best immigration lawyer in K/W” and Jennifer’s office came up. I looked at their google reviews and decided to give them a call. I ended up booking a consultation and I will always remember how Jennifer was very knowledgeable and confident that what we needed to do could be done. I wanted to be able to keep working while we filed my Spousal PR application. She told me at the time that if I wanted to keep working there was a pilot program that allowed me to do that, however I would have to stay in the country. At the time, I agreed as it was important to my family to be able to provide for them. However, it was hard when I wasn’t able to leave to attend family funerals back home.

It was an expensive process but I was in a time crunch and I was like a lost puppy – there was no way that I could have pulled this off while being a full time chef, wife, and mother to a toddler. They were able to streamline the process and give me good directions in a short time frame. We had to do our part to meet the deadlines they set but we worked together and it happened. The entire office was very professional and yet they were also helpful and friendly. It’s a comfortable environment in the office; very down-to-earth and welcoming.

Overall, we had a really good experience during our time as Jennifer’s clients and I tell anyone who I refer that I felt like my situation was impossible and they made it happen. I’m now a permanent resident here in Canada and my family and I are planning a long-anticipated trip to visit my family soon.

— Arielle & Josh