Jennifer and her team feel like my family nowI originally found Jennifer’s office when I was exploring what options existed for me to obtain my permanent residence. My employer had worked with Jennifer’s office in the past and directed me to her to find out more information about permanent residence, and my eligibility for it.

I knew Jennifer’s office was the one for me because I felt safe. I continued to feel safe through the entire process. The care with which they worked on my file, requested information from me and filed my application showed how much they cared about me. My involvement in the process simultaneously gave me control in assisting them with my application, but also made me feel taken care of, as I knew they would handle any issues or complications properly.

I had no issues with Jennifer’s office and I found the each member of her staff was great and welcoming. I felt connected to both the process and the people helping me with it, and I feel like I formed a genuine relationship with Jennifer and her staff. Any time I’m in Kitchener I make sure to stop by and say hello, as I feel like not only a client but like a friend.

Jennifer and her team were a blessing to me and I recommend her office to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. She is wonderful and blessed, and I could feel God’s presence in all the work her office did for me. To those looking for a recommendation, I would tell them that they will pay for her services, but it will pay off, as she is great at getting results.

Jennifer’s office was great from start to finish – the only issue I found was that the processing took a long time on Immigration’s side of things, so I recommend that people have patience throughout the waiting time. Knowing Jennifer’s office would handle things for me gave me peace, and my patience came easily knowing everything would be handled for me.

Jennifer and her team feel like my family now after so many years of working with them. I continue to pray for Jennifer, her staff and her family, and I know we will maintain a strong relationship throughout the years to come.

Thank you and God bless you Jennifer!